People pistol

People pistol

10 million edinitsnelegalnogo weapons in Russia is in the hands of criminals. Protection from him at the law-abiding citizens
does not exist.

The past months of 2012 were remembered lovers weapons by two events: the outbreak of acute debate on the resolution of handguns (COP) for ordinary citizens and the amendment to the Law «On Weapons» (ZOO) on antique weapons.

Opofeozom was the first summer conference of Senator and First Deputy Chairman of the Federation Council of the Russian Federation Mr. Torshin presented the report on reforming the weapons law. The editors asked me as a member of the expert group, is preparing a report, and as a professional engaged in the history of ancient weapons, with a request to illuminate the situation in these two issues.

It all started in the spring, when the press, radio and television and in online publications go with a discussion of materials critical topics: right of the people to arms, namely short-, — permit or not. Unlike previous years, dialogues and monologues of the parties were not one-sided and were more tolerant to the idea of ​​legalizing the COP. This was perceived by our citizens as a kind of «Armory Spring». At the beginning of the summer conference it was announced by Mr. Torshin a report on changes in the law «On Weapons»Where the highlight of the program was the right of citizens to short arms. Fuel to the fire poured newspaper article «News»Almost coincided with the Conference, where amendments to the ZOO declared as resolved the issue with the planned timing of the approval by the government. The article was instantly replicated online news resources.

People pistol

Artistically decorated weapons will always be popular. As far as practical, the second question, but such samples COP are in constant demand worldwide.

Subject legalizing handguns will always relevant, it is not officially allowed. This explains the interest of the media to the COP. Interest sincere, without any custom character. Closeness of decision-making in the leadership of the country leads to the flourishing of all conspiracy theories. And ordinary people, journalists and political scientists diligently seek «gray cardinals» and someone «powerful hands» even where they do not exist, and at such a zeal and lack of faith in official statements, of course, find it. So what happened to the position of Senator Alexander Torshin.

There was a strong opinion that without permission from above (the president or prime minister) such statements are impossible. And if Mr. Torshin out this initiative, there is a corresponding sanction. But behind the walls of the Kremlin or the White House has taken a political decision, unless permission of the COP, then at least on the processing of public opinion in the right direction. Alas, while the Kremlin in this matter can not help us, and the actions of Senator dictated by his personal civil position and beliefs.

The politician believes that the issue of personal safety — General Civil and must be addressed. One solution — empowerment of citizens to their available weapons. Note: empowerment as gun rights, as such, we have already, and many kinds of weapons of Russian citizens, if certain statutory requirements, can own. In the hands of the Russian people is several million legal firearms, some of which — very powerful. And nothing we live.

Adding to the existing list of handguns also worsen the crime situation can not, if only because of its performance characteristics, but improving — There is a chance. Parallel to this is to change the law enforcement practice: unfortunately, it still has a bias towards the prosecution to protect his life.

Thus, Mr. Torshin suggests that a comprehensive reform of the existing weapons legislation, but that’s the way, the answer to this question, he leaves open. He created the expert group analyzed the global practice handgun possession and use. The aim of the summer conference with the presentation of the analytical report would trigger a public discussion, to hear opinions and suggestions. With the onset of autumn discussion resumed, but, alas, one-sided.

People pistol

The compact dimensions of weapons for self-defense make it available to carry all categories of the population. But remember, the smaller dimensions of the weapon, the weaker the cartridge for it.

Worryingly both. Opponents of the legalization of the COP began to glue labels his opponents and create a negative cliché in the media appeared menacing specter of the gun lobby and the merchants of death. I note that the author of this article the idea of ​​legalization of the COP is quite calm and neutral, but recent case Awesome private cause rejection and resentment. Our country has recently been a time when the head of state, Gorbachev announced our economy overly militarized, and arms manufacturers devil incarnate and parasites on the body of the people.

And in all the speeches hardly any single argument sounded words anywhere in the world so many people are not employed in the production of weapons, nowhere in the world do not produce as much weapons, etc. etc. I honestly can not imagine a situation that Parliament Belgium or Switzerland introduced a prohibitive tax on the production of chocolate, what in the world are known for these countries, because «nowhere in the world that is not occupied so many people».

Or Swiss would kill his glory — legendary watch industry, guided by the same arguments — «nowhere in the world do not produce as many hours». But the head of the coffin of our armory industry, tearing applause of the West and received another humanitarian awards and honorary citizenship. Interestingly, place the arms market is not empty. Place our gunsmiths immediately engaged by the very peaceful western neighbors, where «military industry employs so many people do not like us» and where «do not produce as much weapons».

Announcing vice advocacy are not traders, not the speculators and manufacturers — incredible! I, as a military historian, well-known periods in the country’s history, when the army was choking from a lack of small arms. The plants were not able to dramatically increase the production of weapons. And what they did in peacetime? Yes, nothing special — simply fighting for its existence.

No government contracts — gunsmiths have no life, because the private market was virtually no weapons. Of course, it can not compete with the volume of public procurement, but it could smooth the drop in demand from the military and, no doubt, stimulate new developments. Every citizen bought weapons, shoot at the shooting range every cartridge mean targeted assistance to firms MIC. Firms producing arms and ammunition for our army.

So reproaching advocates of the legalization of defending the interests of arms manufacturers… absolutely wrong!

To summarize: in the coming years, expect law-abiding citizens of Russia and sane on short arms is not necessary. Opinion of the country’s leadership more negative than positive. Are there any prospects for legalization of the COP? Of course, yes! Firstly, in the public mind is changing — when natural when positive way. And politicians will follow the needs of society.

Second, the policy even in inflexible power system replaced and new people may change. Third, the financial interests are affected. Large domestic arms producers live on the money of state orders, so the role of the gun lobby, they are not suitable. But private traders to this role should be fine. After all, we have the example of trauma­matic weapons. Weapons that can be described briefly: Weapon irresponsible shot. I note that the group of experts torshinovskih were different opinions on different issues, but travmatiki was rare unanimity: it is necessary to ban these weapons.

Nevertheless, these weapons could in time to certify and release the civilian market with a very weak restrictions. Traders pushed traumatic weapons can penetrate and barreled.

Fourth, change the position of leadership of the country. The president wants to build a stable and prosperous state with the support of the middle class? Then he did not avoid contact with supporters of the empowerment of citizens to arms. The fact that supporters of the COP are very conservative part of society. It is their credo can be formulated with the words: God, homeland and family. These people are the backbone of the state, and therefore, dialogue between the government with them is inevitable.

People pistol

The compact self-defense weapon in demand in the Russian Empire, though in practice not issued. Basically it was imported from the West and was available for any groups naseleniya.Angliysky automatic 7-charging pistoletVebley and Scott. Calibre 6.35.

People pistol

English 9-round Webley and Scott. 7.65.

People pistol

American automatic pistol Koltas double fuse. Calibre 6.35.

The second issue of the year is not UMO­visual character as debates on the Constitutional Court and an application — turnover of antique weapons. In May, the parliament received a draft amendment to the Law «On Weapons»Initiated by the presidential administration. The project was prepared in an incredible rush, and as a result, even «raw» it can be called a huge stretch.

In the same month it was passed by the Duma in June and signed by the president. Why is the rush? For those uninformed answer may be unexpected: the anniversary in 1812. Public celebrations of the 200th anniversary of the Second World War included a large-scale reconstruction of the battle in 1812. They were invited not only Russian clubs history buffs, but also foreign reenactors.

To remove guests problem entry and exit from the common abroad old weapons, both original and copies of works of modern and developed amendments to the ZOO. But the rush to no good arguments. The adopted amendment provoked almost unanimous reaction of all stakeholders: the Ministry of Culture, the Interior Ministry, experts and collectors — surprise and shock.

When the Duma introduced a draft amendment, known cultural workers and curators collections of the largest museums of weapons Russia sent an open letter to the heads of state. Unfortunately, they have not been heard…

People pistol

Antique weapons today is a monument of history related to specific events in world history, unique witness of science and technology. Status antique weapons has always supported the conclusions of the Ministry of Culture.

The new amendment introduces the concept of «antique weapons» and it gives the transcript, what is considered as such and on what conditions they can wield. The law narrowed the range of weapons, which can be considered an antique, and that the citizen can be fluent. It is absolutely not considered as being an antique weapons already available at the hands of collectors?

Previously, it was believed antique weapons, recognized by experts of the Ministry of Culture cultural value age over a hundred years. This is fully consistent with international standards. Now, restrictions, such as year, method of loading and design. That is a new amendment directly contradicts the international acts! What do we have coming out?

Tens or hundreds of thousands of old weapons will be outlawed, and their owners will turn into criminals. I spent a blitz poll among Moscow collectors of the future of their collections. Answers varied, but there was one thing: no one was going to hand over weapons to the state. In fact the new law brings into the illegal trade, a great number of antique weapons from private collections. Any art with experience can tell dozens of sad stories about the fate of works of art that were in the hands of the incompetent.

Now it is threatening hundreds of thousands of ancient objects. Given the impossibility of the normal turnover of the fate of the current weapon of antiques in Russia is drawn extremely sad. Particularly difficult situation with Russian weapons. The emergence of domestic collectors of weapons resulted in the overflow of Russian samples from abroad back home. And our collectors have chosen overseas markets very thoroughly.

They not only raised their selling prices, but also Russian made weapons in the West are extremely rare. We can say that the majority of Russian weapons, got fated abroad have returned to Russia. And leaving him in an illegal turn our cultural heritage cause irreparable harm — losses are already nowhere to be filled. We bought Russian weapons everywhere. Unspoiled places almost gone, and the miracle will not happen unless the law is revised.

I note that the new law is not strong, it helped re-enactors: on the Borodino field of the foreign participants were parodies of the wooden rifles, their guns stuck at the border, and all the officers were no guns — antiques now can only be considered long-barreled weapons. Yes… French caused damage to Russian culture, not only in 1812 but in 200 years. More precisely, the Russian incompetent officials. What can you expect in the near future? Only one thing: to review the amendments to the participation of competent persons. Jubilee 1812 has made only a reprieve until 2013. Come soon.

Vladislav Lesnyak20 November 2012 at 00:00

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