Peremagnumnye and perechoknutye

At the time of my youth, the light we ran with their guns for the flesh clinging to the butt of the tree and jealously newspaper compared the accuracy of hits. Woe to him who has a gun, «crumble», he and his gun were exposed to all kinds of ridicule, sometimes bringing up the owner of a nervous breakdown.

Peremagnumnye and perechoknutye

Over time, it is understood that different hunting guns with different needs for different accuracy battle, or at least, different equipment cartridges. However, I am somewhat confused by the increasingly declining level of culture of our hunters.

My observations and my friends show that the hunt to shoot at a distance became prohibitive in general norm. By the way, in the pages «HORN» hunting and other publications written about this a lot. In my opinion, it gradually contributes to the range of ammunition and guns.

It seems that bad that we have on the shelves of half the range of hunting weapons chambered 76 mm ammunition in abundance «Magnum» and «polumagnum». In the spring hunting of geese, autumn migration, these cartridges have proven themselves well, but, as he wrote, in my opinion, in the book by Jean Dorst «Before Nature Dies» «insatiable human eye and the hand of the monkey».

Having been in the hands of a powerful gun with two full or one chokes on semiautomatic, novice hunters are not the poorest of our people believe that they would get flying geese, and a hundred meters, and two hundred. As a result of such ohotnichki themselves and return home empty, and, worst of all, spoil the hunt others.

It is useless to appeal to their conscience, it seems, this notion has died in our country, together with the restructuring.

In the 2nd book «Hunting spaces» 1994 published an article ET Smirnova «Hunting Shooting». Smirnov notes: «better hit the gun, the better must be the shooter». This article was first published in 1901, but enough is relevant today.

If a long time ago, even in some regional companies have stands where hunters could train in skeet shooting to get the hand, at the present time, though, and the stands are quite common, there is shooting far not everyone can afford. In addition, most hunters inaccurately determine the distance to a flying game. Even during the day, not to mention the twilight, to determine the distance to a flying duck or goose, especially to the fast-moving, hard.

Most often in such cases, the definition is as follows: close within a shot away. Determine the 30 meters from the shooter game or 50 — hard. From shooting shot at outrageous distances, mass wounded game.

When shooting with rifles ported chokes up to 25 m hunter misses the moving target due to the high accuracy of the gun battle, and then 35 m – because of the wrong definition of the distance to the game and as a result, an incorrect pre-emption as a result of or podranok or miss.

Interesting findings are published in the journal V. Bologova «Fishing and hunting» Number 11 for 1973

For five years in the late ’60s – early 70-ies were monitoring the entry of hunters shooting at waterfowl, marsh and upland game. Total produced 37,940 shots, produced 9850 pieces of game. The average percentage of destruction game – 26. Hunters were divided into 4 groups, indicators of fire in the table.

Since then, it took more than 30 years, but it seems to me, shoot better, we did not, on the contrary, there was a mass of so-called «Bahal»Who firmly believe that they have a chance to shoot a lot of game for the first time picking up a gun. Once the writer Victor Solovyev in his book «Hunting notebook» divided the owners of rifles, if my memory serves me, in three categories «Bahal». «Farts» and «Poets».

Characteristic «Bahal» was roughly as follows: «Beat everything that moves, preferring kryakovyh ducks around. No mallard, teal beat, rooks, crows, magpies. In a pinch, hit the empty cans and bottles. For them, the important is the process of so-called «unity with nature», Accompanied by a good drink and a decent snack».

From the moment of this writing, for forty years, and what has changed? Nothing, it got worse. When a man is not burdened with a hunting culture, and he pulled his pocket money, it is still lying «hunter» It becomes a barbarian in the grounds.

In this connection, affect the line of the above-mentioned article ET Smirnova: «… In our small circle of success shooting he usually was on a par with others of the same bekasam he fired only when taking a short and easy 10-gauge shotgun, for which his older brother always and invariably scolded him a scoundrel».

In our time, at the right time to create «Society of Friends of proper hunting»And novice hunters to authorize the purchase of thirty-two single-barreled gun Kurkova caliber. Perhaps, then, the order would be in favor of more, and hunters will appreciate every shot.

Alexander Gurev14 July 2014 at 00:00

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