Remember youth. Outboard motors breeze

History, theory, exploitation, refining and upgrading.

Remember youth. Outboard motors breeze

In the early ’60s at the Ulyanovsk Motor Plant began to think about the issue, instead of the outdated "Arrows" better outboard motor. Before the designers were tasked to create the engine of the same displacement volume of that of the "Arrows"But deprived of all its shortcomings. In 1964. engine, dubbed "Breeze" It has been prepared for production. With a displacement of 173 cc managed to get power 8 hp The engine has been made on the two-cylinder scheme that combined with spring suspension drastically reduce vibration. Thanks to the pallet, and the motor casing was well protected from the flooding water. "Breeze" It turned out the most "quiet" of domestic engines and remains so to this day. The ignition system was used with standardized "Moscow" magneto ML-C-2, but was set in the flywheel, unlike "Moscow" Three magnet that delivers powerful and easy starting spark. The carburettor was equipped with an air valve and adjustable launcher main nozzles. Coupling idling "Breeze" It was located on the vertical shaft. This made it possible to turn off when you start the whole gearbox with thickened grease, making it easy to launch even more. Cooling water pump located at the bottom of deadwood and had a rubber impeller is interchangeable with "Moscow". Reducer First "Breeze" He had a spur gear. Motor turned out pretty easy for his power — 26 kg.
  Vodnomotorniki almost immediately assessed the reliability "Breeze" and the demand for motor went up sharply. This enabled the plant in 1966. complete production "Arrows" and completely switched to release "Breeze".
  Given the mentality of the Russian people, namely the well-known love of fast driving, Ulyanovsk immediately after the start of a series "Eight" We began to think about creating a new, more powerful motor. In order to simplify the production and operation of the engine, it was decided to unify the next 250 — cc engine with "eight". While creating "Breeze-12" I have been saved Stroke "eighth" model, and the cylinder diameter is increased from 50 to 60 mm. It is possible to use the entire underwater portion with deadwood and suspension unchanged. Since the power head is greater in height, a new casing was applied, a simpler form than "Eight". To transfer the increased power to the gearbox were used helical gears. The new engine has turned weight 27 kg, 3 kg. easier "Moscow". It would seem a bit, but the customer was greeted with gratitude and subsequently played a role in the victory over "Moscow".
  Later it turned out advantageous to install on "Breeze-8" gear housing 12 and the second model, making "Breeze-8" more convenient and more reliable.
"Breeze-8" since that time and to this day, in my opinion, deserved the most reliable domestic outboard motor.

  Unfortunately, this is not the case "Breeze-12". The notorious unification played a negative role. Engine 12 minutes proved to be too short-stroke models. This led to an increase in the load on the upper head of the connecting rod by more than 40%. Bronze bushings with working load exceeding the critical, and their resources do not exceed 100 hours. If "Eight" We worked for decades with no repair of the engine, "Airs-12" They demanded the replacement of the sleeves or rods complete with bushings, 2 ~ 3 years of operation. However, the rapid wear excessively uprated engines, all brands have a true panacea: incomplete "gas". The full power of the engine should only be used for output to plane, and then reset "gas" to medium. Vodnomotorniki Those who have mastered this technique and not "required" from "Breeze-12" more than 10 forces received gratitude from the motor years of trouble free service.

  At the end of the 60s Ulyanovsk attempted to release the cargo and elongated engine modification. Why was this necessary? The fact that the elongated model was calculated transom height 510 mm. and it allows better protect the engine from flooding wave in rough weather. Cargo models have specially reinforced gear unit with a high gear ratio and propeller of larger diameter than the base model, which allows you to display planing heavier boats or more effectively applied "Airs" in heavy displacement vessels. However, in those years, gasoline cost is so cheap that no one wanted to save it, and boats with transom height of 510 mm. simply did not exist. For these reasons, elongated and cargo models are not in demand, and small series have been released and then taken out of production

  Despite the cancellation of reliability "Breeze-8" and relatively high specific parameters "Breeze-12"From a technical point of view, they were not perfect. Outdated already deflector purge system does not allow for further increase power density and improved cost effectiveness. Therefore, immediately after the start of a series of Ulyanovsk set to work on creating a new, more advanced 250-cc engine. The first samples were back-and-loop purge and piston suction control and power output of 14 hp Underwater part of the old engines used. Later it was applied tuned exhaust system that yielded 15 hp without increasing fuel consumption. Weight "Breeze-15" was only 29 kg., the reliability is significantly higher than the 12-th model. Factory athletes repeatedly successfully performed with experimental "Breeze-14" and "-15" competitions Journal "Boats and Yachts"It was a pilot batch of new engines (about 100 pcs.), Which are still running on the Volga. But the plant was given the task to increase the output of engines for army vehicles, and it hurt to let "Breeze-15" in the series.

dnako, despite the difficulties, the employees of the Ulyanovsk plant with their usual care of the person continued to improve their engines produced. In 1978. "Airs" We received an contactless ignition system. This immediately dramatically improved motor starting. Happy owners of new "Breeze-8E" and "-12E" You could forget that a cleaning breakers, and that is to pull the engine 3 times. Now a cold engine, as a rule, start with two cable runs, one of which "on the suckling". A warm motor was sufficient and one jerk. And the new ignition system was completely interchangeable with the old, and did not need to change the flywheel. Owners of older "Breeze" We had the opportunity to equip their engines ECZ buying magdino separately. At the same time heavy steel casings of engines, which were hopelessly rusted and unsightly, have been replaced with light and beautiful plastic. Along the way, such an exchange has allowed to maintain or even slightly reduce the weight of the engines, in spite of the fact that the addition of two high-voltage ignition bobbins.

  Meanwhile, all over the Soviet Union already vodnomotornikami clouds are gathering. In the same 1978. It was held the first increase in gasoline prices by 2 times. Initially, this fact was even on hand to manufacturers "Breeze": Among fans increased interest in light mini — motorboats, designed just for motors 8 ~ 12 hp But in the black 1981 on 15 September. was the second increase in gasoline prices in 2 times more, and the simultaneous increase in prices for all boats and motors 1.5 times under the banner of the struggle for a cleaner environment. In addition, across the country, a wave of unjustified restrictions to operate motor boats. It was a hard blow from which the domestic industry still can not recover. As a result, demand has fallen sharply on all boats and motors, were taken off the market many models of boats and outboard motors, stopped construction work in this area. Do not avoid the sad fate and "Breeze-12E".

From 1984 to 1993 it produced only "Eight" very small series. To the credit of Ulyanovsk, they are at this difficult time continued modernization of their offspring. In 1987. It was launched in the production of upgraded engine "Breeze-8M". The most significant difference from the previous model was the presence of the needle bearing in the top head of a rod. The designers explained the decision to increase the service life of desire site. But since "Eight" this node and bronze bushing working longer than all the rest, all those who could think vodnomotornikam it became clear that the plant workers have plans to resume production "Breeze-12". This immediately raised morale in our thinning ranks second essential difference :-) upgraded model was the new electronic ignition OIE-3. The fact that the old ignition OIE-1 no-no, and denied due to insufficient reliable breakdown of thyristors KU202M. Although the details of the scheme were not potted, like "Vortices", Repair the electronics can not everyone. The new electronic magdino applied more robust thyristors and diodes provide refrigeration circuit components airflow applied more reliable, high-voltage transformers, 2112. As a result of the ignition "Breeze" It was virtually infallible. Since gasoline A-72, which was calculated in 1964 the motor., Is no longer produced, the compression ratio of the engine has been enhanced, capacity increased by 0.2 ~ 0.3 hp, fuel consumption decreased by 0.25 ~ 0.3 l / h. Motor became equipped with two propellers — speed and freight. There have been some minor improvements: modified form of the tiller, form the anti-cavitation plate, lightened pistons, slightly upgraded carburetor. In half a kilogram decreased weight — now "Eight" It weighed 24.5 kg. I am happy user "Breeze-8M" 1993. I can confirm the release — the motor that is necessary! I pull out of many scrapes.

  In 1993. It was resumed release "Breeze-12"Of course, with the needle bearing in the top head of a rod. But just in case, to improve the compression ratio designers did not. You never know what …
  In addition, Ulyanovsk decided to take one more sector of the market. The fact is that back in 1964. in developing "Breeze" It was obvious his application in light motor boats, where the presence of the reverse is optional. In those years, the displacement boats the length of 5 ~ 6 m. A stationary engines Series A and CM. Then, however, the engines were removed from production. So, for use on such boats and yachts, where the presence of a backing is very important, it was arranged production modifications "Breeze" with reverse gear. The gear ratio of the reverse gear was increased to 13:25, which increased the quality of traction motors.

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