Russian hero

Russian hero40 years have passed since that time in Rybinsk rolled off the first snowmobile «Buran» domestic production. Start the assembly line for the production of ATVs PM 500 took place in February this year.

Over the past year, several modifications of the RM 500 is actively tested in a variety of operating conditions. One of the prototypes of the RM 500 I was lucky enough to try out in the middle of last year as part kvadroprobega in Kazakhstan.

The first prototypes of the model RM 500 ATV appeared in the company «Russian mechanics» also in early last year. The frame, suspension design, exterior design, the ergonomics of the driver’s seat — all designed and Rybinsk engineers were counted, as they say, «from clean sheet».

It was then that RM 500 revealed two main so-called «Childhood diseases»Weakness design steering and dangerous vulnerability anther SHRUS rear suspension. Bulky architecture steering drafts not Withstand load — rod bent, welded seams burst.

At maximum actuation rear suspension anthers rear CV joints clamped between the drive shaft on a wheel and lower control arm: one moment — and Bellow vomited as a sheet of paper. Detail some errors, representatives «Russian mechanics» kindly let your correspondent again to test pre-production modifications RM 500. the way forward with words: «Do with the device that you want to we are confident of its reliability on one hundred percent».

Russian hero

Partly Inspectorate alterations resulted in the following: the construction of the steering completely changed, making it easier and reliability; changed the shape of the rear suspension lower rychagav and now they are not CV joints clamped anthers.

Even journalists in run by Kazakhstan noted too close to the exhaust pipe the fuel tank. Exhaust received additional heat­protection, lowering the external temperature of the exhaust pipe more than 100%. Plus unchanged the shape of the fuel filler, which eliminates the occurrence of leaks.

Russian hero

From little things such as changes in steps. They are equipped with more advanced drainage holes and dirt water. Plastic wheel dilators now made of two parts, no luggage platform only become lighter and roomy, and to include their design stamped steel elements are suitable for mounting fasteners.

pay attention to seat at PM 500, this broad and easy «couch» You do not You see no on any other ATV accurately. Dimensions seat snowmobile clearly have roots.

Originally conceived seater ATV, and dimensions and rigidity frame made with Given this, so that later no problem «write» at chassis design with an engine capacity of 800 cm3. In the meantime, I decided to stay on «half-liter» powerplant TGB Taiwanese origin.

Engineers «Russian mechanics» We spent a lot of time and forces, choosing a powerplant preferred. After all, no It’s not secret that modern China, and Taiwan, today there are thousands of businesses Clone set of patterns of Japanese manufacturers of engines, from which is another advantage — they are very cheap, and But with others — Quality and Reliability, as a rule, there are big problems.

Russian hero

The instrument panel provide information on the rich, but it is personal taste «slepovata.» Yes, and the gear shift can be made more clear.

Before the engine TGB «register» on PM 500 specialists «Russian mechanics» extensive tests were carried out and check the power plant at numerous options, ranging from addiction to to overheat level of maintainability of the engine. AT Overall 1-cylinder, 4-stroke engine of 503 cm3 showed excellent survivability the conditions of off-road mayhem.

Russian hero

Admittedly, the total mass of PM 500 is sufficiently high when the unit is compared with the A similar technique of famous brands. However its fair 70 km / h groomed dirt road machine accelerates very briskly. Excellent traction on low revs allows the PM 500 is not to give in to a total lack of roads and confidently take on viscous mud bog. More PM 500 does not afraid of the water. Personally, I not stoked Blocks time and not two almost on the handlebars. Wheels tightly left in silt, but Motor continued to work.

Russian hero

The engine of 503 cm3 capacity of 40.8 hp with a total weight of 350 kg. However, PM 500 confidently stormed slippery slopes and not succumb to serious off-road. Motor dense enough to reach the ground speed of 70-75 km / h.

Clearly, in sports trophy-raids «Russian athlete» it will be difficult to fight for the top places with lighter and more frisky Canadian, American and Japanese cars. However, conditions for civilian use smoothness and soft stroke, comfort and their properties off-road PM 500 is likely to take some kind of intermediate stage between the ATV under the renowned brands and machines purely Chinese origin.

Russian hero

Russian hero

Andrew Shushpanov10 March 2012 at 23:01

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