Sounds of shots

Probably every one of you, dear readers, pay attention to how different shots are fired, made of different weapons.

Sounds of shots

That broke the silence summer Zorka deaf distant shot echoed ride. But he cracked close doublet. And here it is, my familiar stranger, babahnuvshy somewhere far away, where every sound of the shot will reach my ears. Something quite a while, I did not hear him. What did he shoot? Perhaps punt gun of the 10th, and perhaps even 4-gauge. Or make a magnum of durable IL-18?

Each sound of the shot, produced from a particular model of weapon has its own sound. Unique. In volume, the intensity of the impact and the caliber and barrel length, and the parameters of the cartridge and the choke. But the tone depends mainly on the model weapons.

As the sound of rifle shots! Crackling «Kalashnikov»A bit more solid of «SCS» (if it is firing a bullet, and the idle crackling sounds), stun rifles Mosin and Mauser and flip flops «melkashek». And each with its own timbre.

In one of the local TV series «good guy» He shoots well on who attacked «the bad guys» from KO-44.

It sounds shot, so familiar, native mosinsky. And in the US film about the defense of Stalingrad Mauser rifle sound very natural. And in the first and second examples of this was made possible thanks to modern cinema, which has the ability to transmit sound without distortion.

And in the recent past when dubbing films used some pop gun or, at best, a gun. Fearing damage the microphone, mute the sound almost a pillow.

One more example. In my village, I began to pay attention to the claps, like sounds or .410 caliber or powerful «melkashki». It turned out there was a hunter with a long-barreled IL-27, use imported cartridges, fast-gunpowder.

In this case, the parameters of guns and cartridge significantly changed the sound of the shot, compared with the usual for IL-27. The sound became my calling card of the hunter: I now know where and when he shoots. Hearing the music I have not, but it sounds different.

I turn to the physics of the shot, which will help explain what I said.

As is known, the projectile leaving the barrel, pushed powder gases that overtakes him with the speed of 3–4 times its velocity. The gas cloud at supersonic speed is extended to the sides, and sharply decelerated atmosphere. A shock wave, giving birth to a sound momentum. Impulse has its oscillation spectrum consisting of harmonics. To this are added the sound momentum of the sound waves emitted by the barrel, with its harmonics.

The barrel when a shot standing waves are elastic vibrations, so-called «Vibration barrel». Antinodes of standing waves give rise to sound waves. Just as in the bell. Trunk «sings» unique voice, with its tone, ringing.
Sound waves are absorbed by the atmosphere, and the higher harmonics, the faster it decays, and the tone shot depleted. We hear only the distant hooting basovitye shots, almost without distinguishing them from each other. The closer a shot and the more recognizable it sound.

At the sound of gunfire like the sounds of fireworks, firecrackers, and scourge shepherd. But listen closely, you can tell them apart. It’s just a very loud bang and a small explosion. Despite what these sounds are formed: a supersonic wave or the tip of the whip, or explode gunpowder – They have no voice in the trunk, no soul weapons! Although from a distance, a distance of several kilometers, they can be confused with shots.

I told him about their observations, to be more precise, «Listening». And he remembered the basics of acoustics. And you, dear hunter, can add to what is written?

Sounds of shots

You may recall the spring forest after sunset, when the keen ear through the bird «concert» trying to tune in horkane first woodcock and at this moment sounded the first shot? Link started! And you know who started it!

You may recall how drove to the shooting range, intending to spend my day off for zeroing rifles? And from the shooting range already hear gunshots. And you know who and what shoots!

You may recall how, after sunset in late summer you come out on the porch and hear the guns? Jealous of the soul hunters duck flight, you can see over the river bloom fire flower fireworks. Ugh, how could I confuse! We shot a very different sound – whether louder, or rolling.

Can you give more examples?

Alexander Lebedev8 January 2014 at 00:00

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