Spring Meeting on Akhtuba

Spring Meeting on Akhtuba

The first to go through a time when beauty Akhtuba wake up from hibernation – always honorable and memorable. One thing — the mud puddle in the already punched someone rut more – to break through the first track of their SUV. I have a thermos of hot tea, spinning and spinning belt, which has everything you need for jig fishing.

In March, it is not necessary to hope for a warm spring weather. Sometimes, of course, that in the morning when you start to catch the frost minus 3, and for dinner the air warms up to 18 and the weather — as a piece of summer. In such a sunny windless day I swerved toward Akhtuba near the village of WENRA. Approaching the sacred place, I recall the familiar smells of the local poultry farms, but not Fuca, wincing, and still gazed at the approaching horizon, which was waiting for me Akhtuba.

Magical place

Turning to the villas, and went out into the forest grader, my heart sang with joy – I am the first!
I quickly rolled down the window, and in the interior of the car pulled the fresh spring air. Interspersed with tweets and peresvistyvaniem forest Ptah by studded tires is still frozen snow crunched friendly to anyone else not disturbed track. The place where I was heading, truly magical. Every time there is some amazing things happen. That good pike caught, my daughter feed the cat perch, and once in the fall, I had seen this deer. What is it this time, I will give a magical place? I’m trying not to make noise, I got out and walked up to the edge… Swans! Wow! Akhtuba mirrored surface, framed by ice fast ice, and in the middle of the three swan swim sedately. Beauty!

First time to collect spinning in the new year – always exciting. Hands remember something! Fast tethered metal leash with foam fish cargo, put on a belt with lures and went on the ice fast ice along the river. No special illusions I do not eat. The water in the Akhtuba still cold, and hope for a bite of the predator is not necessary. I wandered along the shore waiting for a bite, get some fresh air. Yes, too early yet for fishing. Bites, I did not see at this point. But it is a magical place, I really opened the first! Kaif!

I originally planned this fine day «kill» exploration. View on Akhtuba, perhaps to warn friends that still too early to go to «puzotёrkah»… A fish – where she go? All spring ahead. I’m not sorry to say mentally «bye» magical place and its swans and went to look elsewhere, the benefit it was on the way.

There, where the living memories…

Off the asphalt, we reach for someone has punched up the forest track, and continue to see signs of a reversal of some of the machine. Apparently, it even pushed at this time. I immediately turned on the low gear and slowly drove toward the unknown. In principle, a shovel is, the forest range – I have something to put under the wheels, and the tractor to go close, very close to the village. But none of this took. Niva 2131 climbed easily thawed by the old road, and once again I was the first on the coast.

The sun sets, illuminating the majestic ravine. In blue water floating white cakes… It is a pity that the coolest places to me today does not walk. At first – has little time left, and secondly – dangerous because of slipping on wet clay blocks of ice. I do not know, where it will break under your weight, but still afraid of accidentally slipping. Well, the time has come – pomakat porolonki and should be here! Just last year we Hermann Petrovich Veselov were in this place one of the first on Akhtuba where rare biting pike just tore us spinning out of hand. Pickerel were 1.5 – 3 kg. I remember getting out of the mud with the long-awaited pike, which had the same dirty, like my boots above the knees. I remember Herman Petrovich persistently pecked and he stubbornly continued to catch fish in the foam of their own production. As he did not stand on ceremony with pike 2.8, for which I again reached into the dirt. But just the day before yesterday and his son traveled almost a hundred kilometers in the floodplain for four caught only two or three small pike, and then just 20 km from the house into the street which monsters are caught! One monster he had not pulled. He slipped, lost control for a moment, and fish buried in something there for depth and more signs of life are not filed. These are unforgettable moments are always welcome and every spring chase us away from home.

Dance with a stranger

One bite, I still saw! Heart suggests that pike are likely to be located not in the pit, and go to a small place. There, where the water warms up quickly to be. I methodically fired porolonkoy waters slowly shifting upstream. Finally, instead of the 22 seconds, started to drop my load 18 and then 14 seconds. Here, perhaps, is a little delayed… And there is. Porolonka after a contact with the bottom a little longer hangs in the water, and suddenly spinning clear distinction voiced click on the bait. Mechanically I hooked spinning bent and suddenly began to live their lives. Someone stubbornly bent spinning water. I, without thinking twice, quickly adjust the friction brake, which allows the power to stop a strong opponent, but at sharp jerks poison braided line with a breaking load of 10 lb.
— Help? – I suddenly heard behind him.
— Yes… If possible, take a picture of me… — Remove your camera from the neck and including a finger.
The stranger took the camera and said:
— And where the fish will vyvazhivat?
I looked around – Indeed, nowhere vyvazhivat fish, and judging by its size, just pull it out of the water does not come out.
— And here and shoot… If you will not be able to take the fish – so at least the memory will remain.
Big fish a couple of times tore deep and then pressed down for a while. I thought that already took away her strength and nearly dragged the friction brake. It is time to look into the eyes of his opponent! Just to be able to see… But this did not happen. I started spinning pump the fish with a little more effort, and porolonka with some screech escaped from captivity zubastnogo.
— What fell? – with undisguised regret cried the stranger.
— Yes… looks like. Well at least you did a couple of shots?
— Yes, I press the button… I do not know to itself look.
I looked at the torn of the foam fish. Judging by the marks on the lead weight — as though it was the largest of «nazhdachkoy» – clearly she visited the pike’s mouth. It’s a pity that I did not see it, but on this biting, on this day I still have the memory of a single photograph, which turned into a field.

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