Test shot

Sun turns to summer, and the cold winter. Hunter, looking at scurrying tits in the forest and fun chirping of sparrows in the street, smiling: «Spring is coming! Not far off, and the holiday of holidays — Spring hunting! «On the eve of it as something of itself wants to talk about us, hunters, our enthusiasm and the behavior of the hunt — the so-called ethical hunter.

Test shot

Photo: Mikhail Semin

Hunting ethics – is a set of standards of behavior and morality of people engaged in hunting, a kind of code of honor of the hunter. «What kind of rules, what kind of morality! What layer of national culture?» – argue our «half-baked» conservationists.

They «stubbornly» nod to the West, they say, look, how there are fighting for the right to life of birds and animals. And the proof of cause «clever» statements of famous people, such as, for example, Brigitte Bardot: «Hunting – murder», The national doctor of biological sciences, zoology A.Nikolskogo that and tries to kick: «Hunters – aestheticism killer». Like this.

Assassin’s all. Someone who, as much scientist would do well to know which contributed and contribute to the safety of the hunters of animals and birds, to increase their numbers. Ohotonenavistniki one voice ask: «How can picking up a gun and killing of animals and birds, to be moral?»

This question is not answered Turgenev again, A.Nekrasov, Tolstoy and other equally respected our compatriots. I can not pass over in silence saying about hunting and hunters popular writer prirodolyuba Oleg Volkov: «… I mean all those who, like me, not only loves hunting since childhood, accustomed to see it covered with the poetry and rich traditions of the noble occupation, do not drop the dignity and morality of those it selflessly and honestly committed, but who are concerned about and so that the glorious fun hunting in Russia is lacking and people not wearing hunter title, displayed a shape and behavior of your memories of Aksakov and Turgenev, and not those «burning and idlers», Which quickly, but without thorough acquaintance with the subject written especially zealous persecutors hunters».

I just left this capacious definition add: You can be moral, if you follow the rules and standards of behavior developed over many centuries, the concept of hunting traditions and ethics of hunting.

It’s about this hunter Oleg Gusev, K. (editor in chief «Fishing and hunting») Said: «Hunter, if the hunter, not a poacher and a sadist, never, under any circumstances, deprive a living being of life just like that, in vain, for the sake of fun or fun».

Gorbachev’s perestroika and the Yeltsin-Gaidar market reforms plunged the popular, and with it, and hunting in the deep and protracted crisis. They also left their «devilish print» morality in society: «if you can not, but really want, you can». This «can»Like rust, corrodes hunting ethics and leads to the trampling of Russian hunting traditions.

In remarks on hunting ethics of hunters of the older generation: «Here in our time …»Young hunters respond that they do not necessarily go their way. What can you do with us. And we are proud of them. At the beginning of the way we, the youth, absorbed all the things we were taught by our fathers and grandfathers. To be eligible for the shot, you had more than one year to be like the parent of a pupil. By the time when we trusted rifle and a cartridge 2-3, we firmly mastered the simple truths of hunting ethics (though about it and had no idea): do not shoot the duck spring, and Teterka gluharku.

Test shot

Photo: Mikhail Semin

I still remember how, clutching a rifle and a pleasant feeling heaviness bullets in his pocket, he shot repeatedly refrained from hunting in the early days after Petrov. What was it like to see the duck swims in Progal with reeds or hlopuntsami «somersault» Teterka front of the dog’s nose, escapist grouse hiding. It was truly a test shot.

What pride then told his father or his grandfather about his sobriety. And how to fill a child’s soul stingy praise – well done.

In the spring hunting, more than ever, you have to be abstemious and tidy with a shot. Oblivion hunting traditions and ethics is detrimental to animals and birds. Elk, wild boars and hares offspring appeared, birds make their nests, and the hunters roamed the lands create disturbance. I do not accept the thought that the hunter deliberately shot at Teterka, gluharke or duck.

So before you pull the trigger, make sure someone in tselishsya. In dense dusk shot can get a hen on current or duck, run down to the decoy. Opponents of the spring hunting refer to negative its impact on breeding birds.

There is no need to prove that the natural reproduction of birds depends not only on a ten-day duration and the number of hunting bagged grouse, grouse, woodcock and drakes, but on how we hunt and behave in the land.

It seems to be aware of the inadmissibility of the spring shooting in flight (except for woodcock and geese) and aimless wanderings from land. But … this is not fiction scientists and hunters, is the most important requirement of the right of hunting, the observance of which will pay off handsomely rich harvest in the summer-autumn season.

Today more and more popular on the spring hunting of geese. Many hunters think it is easy and affordable. What easier – drove into the land or bushes beside the road, crouched behind a bush frail, including electronic decoy and wait, when the geese will fly. Next to the table is covered with snacks and drinks, for which you can sit down periodically for «brighten» life waiting for the geese. As a consequence of such hunting – a lot of noise, but little help.

Such hunters do not mind that a few hundred meters on the field sitting in these shelters (trench disguised skradok) hunters and stuffed with profiles that outrageous on his shooting distance spoil their hunting, thereby ignoring one of the requirements of proper hunting – Hunt himself, but do not bother to hunt the other, do not call in his address just rebukes and complaints from the brothers of passion.

One spring I was with a friend «entrenched» on the field, we put up profiles and waited for geese. The day was sunny, quiet. As time went by noon, when the car stopped planting. Two hunters cut down some bushes, came out on the field. 150 meters from us povtykali them and sat on chairs. In the sky at high altitude sometimes we passed herds of geese. Our «neighbors» them together «Machine guns». We were not happy about this neighborhood. What can you do, the world is small.

But over the forest seemed a broken line goose jamb. Geese have paid attention to our profiles. I told them «I sent an invitation»And they began to approach. On the side «neighbors» shots rang out. We stood in amazement in their trenches. I went to the hunters.

After greeting them, he began to talk in a mild form of the inadmissibility of such a fire, they are located near us, about ethics recalled. To which one of them replied with a laugh: «You grandparents, so concerned about ethics because the forces themselves remain one puff. As a young man, I suppose, we were pohlesche». Seeing the little guys «used the»I thought it prudent to get out.

O-ho-ho. We live in troubled times, and all the nerves to the limit, the moral brakes weakened. Going on a hunt, each of us hopes, above all, relax your body and soul. But for the sake of European part of Russia to rely on the fact that within a radius of 2 km there will be other hunters, is not necessary. And some fly into a rage because someone took his place, or closely spaced, or worse, fired at the game, swooped down on him. Showdown in such cases end tragically.

In the event of conflict, my old man’s advice – peacefully disperse. It is not cowardice, and common sense. Your counterpart in the hands of weapons, and who knows that he came into our heads. Few of us are killed on the streets. Not enough yet to hunters for ducks or geese were deprived of each other’s lives.

Test shot

Photo: Mikhail Semin

Nowadays, quite often you can hear: «I bought the right of the shot, and did not bother me to exercise this right». Forget here that this right implies also a test shot – «do no harm». His hunting behavior and do not question the reasonableness of the spring hunting. Western Europe is making significant efforts and funds to ban spring hunting in Russia.

Spring hunting – it is our heritage. It carries the healing of our souls tormented, relieve pain and suffering, eliminate the dreary winter of loneliness, awakens the desire to live and fight, teach the ability to enjoy a meeting with feathered messengers of spring and enjoy the beautiful. Therefore, every one of us, engaged in hunting, must attend to, «Nice to hunting in Russia is lacking is not fun».

Victor Gurov10 March 2014 at 00:00

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