The ethics of hunting for traction

Male or female?

The ethics of hunting for traction

Photo: Rep Jury

For a long time it was believed that if a hunter drawn swooped couple woodcocks, it is best to refrain from firing, in an extreme case, you vytselivat second bird, since it is a male. So we do recommend VE German, VF Ryabov, GE Rachmaninoff, and with them all hunting aids 50–80s. They were very correct advice: better to be safe than to make a mistake and kill the female.

In fact, by no means always a pair of flying woodcocks – is male and female. Most often there are two males, and this flight – only aggressive pursuit of one another. At the same time both birds and often sharply hush without making horkanya. Surprisingly, meet in the spring, in the middle of the span, a pair of males on the ground – The usual thing. After such birds is ca even during the day go «marmosets» – sharply hush and chase each other, but quickly sit down.

 The female is also sometimes involved in the draft. I never saw her in the evening brighter. Normally it is activated in the thick twilight. In the morning you will see most often drawn female. Hearing male valdshnepiha guards, and saw him, silently soars over a small arc, drawing the attention of the elect.

Surprisingly, such an invitation comes not every male flies. Usually, a couple sits down quickly on the ground, but sometimes for a long time male and female flies in the woods. The height of such a flight, usually small, in a half-tree, and the flight is smooth, Social and slower than that of male marmosets. But the main difference is still – vote. Married couple flies or silence, or the male emits a typical horkane and Tsykanov.

Pauses between tribes are not uniform, as in the thrust of a single male, and how-to «torn». That seems to be re-woodcock votes cast in due time period, but it should be a long pause, after which again «Choir Choir». rest assured – the male flies with the female. If the voice suddenly broke approaching woodcock somewhere within a reliable shot, probably a bird sat on the ground.

If your dog will raise a number of woodcock, then until you hear from him horkanya – do not shoot. Perhaps it is a female. In general, for those new to this hunt is best to stick to the old rule: a pair of flying – do not shoot! In case of accidental shooting of a female remaining male will always long to circle over the place shooting, ignoring the slip can not descend to the hunter again.

The ethics of hunting for traction

Photo: Rep Jury

In my many years of hunting practices have been three cases of shooting of females, and always in these cases, the correct behavior of the male is so discouraging that I immediately realized what was happening, refused not only on the shot by circling the male, but also on the future of hunting in the evening .


Impact studies on hunting drawn by the survey, it was found that the rare hunter manages to get out under more than two woodcocks that evening. As the analysis of orders on spring hunting in different hunting grounds is permitted to produce from 2 to 7 woodcocks that evening, and some do not limit production was established. My personal «record» during the spring of gross flight – 5 birds for the tattoo.

In addition, once I witnessed my production partner for hunting woodcock just 6 per night (this was in the Arkhangelsk region, where local hunters do not favor cravings). Do I need to set standards of production? After all, if allowed to, for example, to produce a 3-woodcocks that evening, that means 30 potential goals for the 10-day season. How many of you so much mined? And, nevertheless, I think that the rules must be saved.

Three woodcock during the evening – it’s a good reward hunter, and this must be followed. Suppose that, in some way, particularly chastened gambling shooters. And most importantly, do not forget norms shooting – one of the most powerful arguments against antiohotnichih campaigns. The same concerns and the 10-day period of spring hunting (well, not increase it now!).

But the main regulator of production standards – it’s your conscience. I met in France with one-valdshnepyatnikom hunter, who held three setters. During the autumn-winter season of his dogs worked well with the post more than a hundred woodcock. Each year, the hunter takes only 6 birds for Christmas for the entire 5-month season – such a rule he set himself. After Christmas all goes without a gun, admiring the work of the dogs.

To my question why six, he replied, – by the number of family members for each of woodcock on holiday table. I do not call our hunters to follow suit, but I can understand that the hunter. Maybe because for a long time studying the woodcock, a lot of it on perevidel rods, hunting and running during the surveys, many overexposed in the hands of as bagged and living during banding.

The ethics of hunting for traction

Photo: Sergei Fokin

I have long made it a rule: the hunt for traction – it is, above all, thrust itself rather than shooting. If the hunt was successful, and you felt satisfied, you can in the evening more and not to shoot. When one of his first short stories published in the journal more «Fishing and hunting» in the 80s, I wrote as hitting the gross span, and to shoot on-drawn, put a gun to birch and continued to enjoy the thrust without a gun, a literary critic questioned it, accusing me of craftiness. But it really was a reality, and I was still quite young hunter, did just that.

I often had to stand on a thrust with a video camera, next to the hunter, and as long as it was light enough to shoot the video for yourself. Sometimes, when the shoot has become impossible because of the darkness, I cleaned the camera, grabbed his gun and ran to his seat. And often at the same time «shelled» hero of the film, who fought for the entire traction with a gun. Many will not understand me, but I have my own rules and traditions of hunting in the draft.

For several years now I have let go without a shot of the first flown on a sure shot woodcock (this is my tradition!), I do not shoot in the Annunciation and Easter, do not lift the gun on the uncomfortable flying birds, as well as to those who are going to shot. I really appreciate the hunt for spring migration, can shoot a lot in it. But if it has already passed, and there was only a local woodcock – always its shore, limiting themselves to the extreme.


I believe that the wounded animal out under unacceptable and even failures. After shot and flown away after your hasty doublet woodcock may hurt fraction; in which case it will fly away out of sight and there aimlessly perish. For hunting woodcock, including on-drawn, I have a special Italian gun «Bekaser». It barreled, lightweight but has a magnum cartridge chambers-designed to use cartridges with shot weight ’56 Lower trunk-dispersant has a special rifling a wide dispersion of the fraction.

I usually use «eight» or «nine» (I equip itself ammo) and shoot from that trunk only woodcock flying at a distance of 12 meters. Shots not seen. When I objected, they say «Why shoot a gun on the wheel?»I suggest such hunters to estimate how many grams of shot they send into the air as a result of useless doublets.

The ethics of hunting for traction

Quite often in my favorite place valdshnepinye me come hunting companions and acquaintances. I am always pleased «treat» their good traction. For this we have to not only put them in the best places, but also, once close, always pass all heading in their direction woodcock that pull even and above my head.

You say that I lost interest in this hunt? Not at all. Just look at our table hunting of spring hunting, which for almost thirty years, we are friends. And never in those years no one fired me woodcock.

What can you recommend hunters departing for traction? Love the woodcock, the interests of its habits – and success will not pass you by!

Sergei Fokin12 March 2014 at 00:00

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