The expiration of ammunition and gunpowder

This theme is in my memory in the press is not particularly discussed. It is well known as the inadmissibility of the use of gunpowder with expired shelf life, and filled with patrons. And if the powder is on the bank of the retention limit, then a box of ammunition a year of release.

The expiration of ammunition and gunpowder


For most of the recommendations, the shelf life of a cartridge industrial production is three years. Above that a significant portion of our citizens simply do not think.

Not long ago, the topic of this magazine «Fishing and hunting» devoted several publications. The most meaningful was an article by Professor, master of sports in shooting V. Grekov Odessa.

Author interesting and individual hunter. A special focus of my article did not attracted. Always trying to shoot the gunpowder before the expiration of the repeated term, the same rules established for the purchased cartridges. By rethinking returned by chance. My slave bought a major garage. And out of the garage moved into my drawers with a hunting estate.

Including 800 pieces of ammunition factory, a six-pack «Falcon» and thousands three different primers. Shelf life of powder expired in 1996, patrons of the 12th and 16th calibers released in 1995. Just shake shot, and the rest is thrown away – hand was raised.

Probably due to genetic pledged peasant pragmatism. Give thoughtlessly, in the figurative expression of Igor Suslov, «people in a quilted jacket» Nor could. Beduyuschie village buddies took to shoot the gift without thinking. But in my consciousness, not burdened by knowledge of pirodinamiki were vague fears of the possibility of converting the powder propellant substances in blasting. Yes, and in the absence of such a risk to let maim game because of a possible easing of gunpowder would have been against the rules. From this basis, and appealed to the publication.

Manufacturers fear, repeatedly underestimating real terms, the authors say. Gunpowder in a sealed package and ammunition, equipment in the new liner, do not lose their properties over 3–4 warranty period. He leads the author and examples from his personal experience on the use of old cartridges 15–20-year exposure. In its observations, conclusions, I shared a whole, not exactly agreeing in detail.

In the Service asked the question the computer. It turned out to be interesting not only to me. Someone claimed that successfully shot «Falcon»Dating back to 1983. someone already 1953. Someone allegedly shooting «Falcon» 1930, the expiry date is 50 years old! But even if 50. How many boobs with guns? As low hunting culture! 

Born in the fevered brain of the recipe: the bottom of the sleeve 1 g black, to be separated from the main charge gauze, then charge. Well advised against .. What makes a man is not poor, used dubious ammunition? But one certainty is replicated and is perceived by others. I also wanted to assess the ammunition fresher, but kept in a temperature gradient. Traditionally described signs of unfitness absent.

I decided to check the time of burning of powder in the amount of 0.25 g Assuming that much of a difference in characteristics «Sunar» and «Falcon» in the usual hunting cartridges should not be. Time of burning powder defined in the normal range of 1.8–2.2 s. Other sources – to 2.5.

Given the imperfect measurement, I decided that all the bullets Discard if the burning time is less than 2 and more than 2.5 seconds. All of gunpowder burned in the range of 2.2–2.5 s. Now it would be possible to shoot. Shots were comfortable, gunpowder burned the whole, good accuracy, but only satisfactory sharpness, regardless of the type used powder and wads.

Gunpowder compared the rate of combustion cans, shelf life which is defined 2007 and 1996. The pattern was confirmed. Old Powder burned approximately 0.3. longer fresh. Apparently, gunpowder and packaging, and cartridges still weak.

With peace of mind given away these stocks with the corresponding instructions. Himself also left a hundred rounds of each caliber. Amiss to shoot at close range but the crows will shoot without regret. And I wonder what will be the result in October, when the pull cold?

I referred to the Greeks wrote that twenty cartridges Hubertus extracts showed excellent results, but in November of woodcock steel «spit». And next season, the heat has been successfully shoot.

Ironically case with a cartridge Hubertus was a similar story with the author of these lines. Let digression. My friend, Eugene Orlovsky, serve in the army surrounded the marshal armored troops Babajanyan.

Woo Marshal for the brave sergeant barmaid Valentine and wedding Hannele has presented a 12-gauge – a black object of my jealousy. Hunter is my friend, the land he rest in peace, was bad. And year after year set aside for the use of the Hubertus, sometimes after presenting me a dozen bathhouses. From bounty got me a box with 6 mm buckshot, to save for a special occasion. The case occurred, the cartridge pshiknuli, the trunk is not rolled back, the animal was gone. And there’s something I learned about themselves. Passions subsided, tried again, with the same result. Gunpowder weak and did not want to work in the cold. Replacing gunpowder on «Falcon»With the same pyzhami and sleeve shot that winter with much good.

The expiration of ammunition and gunpowder


My article is not advanced. And for those who have the will of any circumstances or unwittingly uses ammunition repeatedly expired. For people in a quilted jacket. That they sometimes daryatsya, and often true from the floors of these things. A handful of people close to trading in hunting equipment b / y, the villagers came to the city. Here, everything is cheaper. I was once gently reproached, they say, you write for those of «HORN» I not even heard. It is true in part. But recently he told me Vladimir Gurov, he knows the village collective, subscribe to newspapers in the purse and reads it to the hole. They began to appear and letters village hunters. Maybe writing is not in vain. And then my thoughts based on current understanding.

Sought-after interview with the technical director of the plant Roshal. It turns out, officially pass the powder 25 years. But in this case, if it is stored in a sealed box, inserted in a wooden container. The weight of powder in a package – 60 kg. When packaging a conventional packing period shall be six years, the validity of gunpowder ready to chuck this gentleman declares in 18 months. Trying to understand this discrepancy deadlines. As I see it, to powder having a storage perspective, more or less long period of time, and provide the relevant requirements for storage space. And for gunpowder coming retail conditions can not match. This is the first. A second area of ​​speculation.

Perhaps the manufacturer has to have a soak in the open coffer powder and let it in retail. And from that moment he begins the warranty period, resulting from the storage of the guaranteed period.

Theoretically retail can do the powder had lain in the coffer 19 years. Something similar can be assumed with respect to the powder, entered for equipment cartridges. Perhaps all is not as it seems to me, I am simply not found in other logic that spread terms.

In my opinion and experience, the use of ammunition and gunpowder with double shelf life, does not cause problems.

Gunpowder, which is stored beyond this period may be applied to the adjusted sample. How feasible is it to extend this, I do not presume to advise. With bullets more complicated. Unsold chuck sometimes unpredictable. Most often, it is a defective shot from the banal and spit wads stuck in the barrel, up crippled aimlessly game. By the way, who Hannele not bugging me, I was hopelessly flawed because stale cartridge.

It is difficult to predict how to behave when the time capsule and wads. At least bullets after two terms should be checked, you may want to adjust the distance. A hunting-related risk, it is necessary to apply uniquely fresh ammunition.

I admit that my conclusions are not indisputable. And there are experts with more mature recommendations, with the undoubted benefits for those who do not have for yourself clarity on the proposed theme.

Alexander Yarkov, Omsk21 of August 2013 at 22:00

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