The Frenchman and the beat

French cars have long been a mystery to me. Still would! The «Royal formula» motors Renault to tear to shreds all, and that is best for us — it is the people’s, but a terrible Logan. French presidential ride in luxury Citroen and Peugeot, and advanced to the Moscow audience prudish «Germans» reduces eye.

The Frenchman and the beat

The assertion that the Russians love sedans, I do not says it all: just a normal little hatchbacks seen.

TO Also in head firmly sat on the story stretched gear ratios of the French transmission, hydropneumatic suspension, stories about servismenov difficulties in and servicing Other horror of French cars.

Over the past 20 years background weird marketing policy of the French most notable was a cute 206th «young deer». All the while vacationing in a Citroen shadows «Lion». But once I remembered Sebastien Loeb, who won 9 titles World Championship Rally and I was curious on What he got them? So here originated from I was interested in civilized version of the title C4 cars.

Honestly, I like the French automotive design refinements to Thread dvuhobemnikov and why, when, instead of a nice Hatch­Beck C4 I I got to pass the test sedan a label on the same stern, my first reaction was cheated! But I walked around, looked closely at appearance and machines He resigned. He sat down, customized seat, mirrors, a trip computer and… I go. A a dozen kilometers I caught myself thoughts that feel C4 in old slippers. All at your fingertips, all is clear, much to the the level of intuition. Box — adaptive automatic, the transfer switch without delay if he switched to handle it I would do exactly the same. Configured box without failures and pits. Acceleration is smooth, powerful (as far as we can speak at 150 «horses»And turbines 240 Nm of torque at 1400 rpm). Especially liked the rides modes «sport» and «winter»: Acceleration, switching again acceleration, the engine picks up defiantly, even switching — and Again acceleration. Before hundreds in 9.5 seconds — not bad at all! So much so that, showing a cheerful disposition «Frenchman» colleague on streets holiday village, I I managed to scare his agility of the car. AT Generally, not «Lenten meal» the C4 and with a good share of hot peppers.

The Frenchman and the beat

Sedan perfectly helm, is sensitive to management, but It causes no fear of making a mistake. Suspension was quite working and cope with Moscow road and neighboring areas. A ground clearance 175 mm are not allowed validol swallow, passing between the wheels of a decent-sized stones on country road.
The entire first trip took place in the algorithm «question — answer». A how to go? a as will rulitsya and how to slow down? a how to behave in the Rough (snow, broken and etc.) the road? TO honor engineers involved in creating C4, they coped with task for «excellent». Riding on not for me straining even at night. The turning light, all kinds of rain sensors, light dimming rear-view mirror. In addition, a package of options ABS, ESP, ASR up intelligent systems and traction control anti-skid and traction electronic brake force distribution system, the system of emergency braking assistance — All this makes the ride in any security and comfortable. However, on one condition: driving a car should sit «frostbitten» Amateur Racer — at Otherwise, no «forcemeat» not will help.

If the driver knows what to do, this unit, I was upset at first by their appearance, capable of much. A for the average motorist, inexperienced in such subtleties as «trapping the time of failure of the rear axle of a vehicle with path of movement»It’s a great vehicle for honest money. After all, the price of It starts with 580 000.

I caught myself the thought that he sang a eulogy. Of course, everything is not like it could. The first and most importantly, why the class car (and its owner-townsman) surround the trunk? After all, as well C4 original body looks! Statistics that Russians love sedans, I do not says it all: just a normal little hatchbacks seen. A still a good idea to simplify the algorithm of the built-in navigation, to do something to protect the trousers of dirt on thresholds landing-landing, to resolve the issue with tilting racks so elementary to tighten quality control Plant in Kaluga. AND Only then will convince us that the products of the French car industry Reliability is not Asian and inferior stands on a par with European. A for all of this takes time, normal and Marketing… a pair of league titles.
Yet C4 got me thinking, and Do not buy it for my wife?

Alexander Lisitsin14 April 2014 at 00:00

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