Water situation in Russia on 23 December 2011

According to the territorial bodies and subordinate organizations RosVodResursy in reservoirs, rivers and lakes of Russia water situation is as follows.

Amur BWI

Mode Zeya Reservoir: average — 310.31 m (on 01.12.2011 – 310.87 m), the inflow — 35 cubic meters / s, relief flow — 720 cubic meters / sec.

Upper — Volga BWI

The level in the Rybinsk reservoir per day increased by 2 cm and made up 99.63 m BS in Gorky – 1 cm to the level of 83.84 m.
Taking into account the reduction of power consumption in the pre and holidays, and for the rational use of water reservoirs with a December 21, 2011 Nizhny Novgorod and Rybinsk hydro translated into reduced waste treatment costs 550±150 m³ / s and 900±200 m³ / s, respectively.

Upper — Ob BWI

The average level of the Novosibirsk reservoir is 111.51 m (reduction per day of 2 cm), the influx — 370 cubic m / s, the average daily flow rate through the bleed Novosibirsk hydro — 475 cubic meters / sec.

Dvina — Pechora BWI

By the rivers of the Northern Dvina, Vychegda, Onega and Mezen ongoing processes of ice formation.


By the rivers of water situation is stable.
Mode Tsimlyansk Reservoir: average — 31.76 m (unchanged), the influx — 380 cubic m / s of water releases into the downstream hydroelectric Tsimlyansk — 255 cubic meters / sec.

Yenisey BWI

The edge of the ice on the Yenisey River is located 64-67 km above the s.Nazimovo.
For the past day level in the Sayano-Shushenskoye reservoir decreased by 11 cm to the level of 530.37 m (on 01.12.2011 – 532.84 m), the flow was maintained at a rate of 400 cubic meters / sec, average relief flow through hydroelectric power plant is 1,050 cubic meters / s (set range 700-1400 m³ / s).

West — Caspian BWI

Water flow in the river. Terek: Hydrological Station Mozdok – WB — 165 m3 / s, NB — 165 m3 / s; Kargalinsky waterworks – WB — 200 m3 / s, NB — 200 m3 / s.

Kama BWI

Continuing the gradual drawdown of the Kama Reservoir. The water level dropped to 23.12.2011 to the level of 106.20 m. The level of Votkinsk reservoir varies marks close to 87.0 m.
On December 21, 2011 Kama and Votkinsk hydro operate in a medium-sized waste costs 850±150 m³ / s and 950±150 m³ / s, respectively.

Kuban BWI

On r.Kuban and its tributaries water situation is stable.
The inflow of water in the Krasnodar reservoir per day increased from 140 to 165 cu m / sec, the level increased by 2 cm to the level of 28.67 m, carried out relief flow of 117 cubic meters / sec.

Lena BWI

By the rivers of Yakutia and Magadan region — freezing.

Moscow — Oka BWI

Modes reservoirs Moskvoretskaya water system Vazuzssky Hydraulic Systems and the Moscow Canal operated within the parameters set for the winter.

Neva — Ladoga BWI

By the rivers of ice formation processes are observed.

Lower — Volga BWI

In the second week of December has been a slow filling of the Kuibyshev reservoir. The average level in the period from 19 to 23 December rose by 9 cm and was 49.78 m, lateral inflow amounted to 670-680 cubic meters / sec.
Taking into account the reduction of energy consumption in the pre and holidays for the period from 21.12.2011 to 10.01.2012 the average waste amounts through the Volgograd hydroelectric reduced to 5000±150 cubic meters / sec. Releases in the Lower Volga is partially provided by the accumulated water in the Volgograd reservoir, the water level in which at 23.12.2011 amounts to 14.81 m.

Lower — Ob BWI

By the rivers of ice formation process continues.


By the rivers of the Republic of Buryatia continued increase in the thickness of the ice cover.
The water level in Lake Baikal per day decreased by 1 cm to the level of 456.44 m (on 01.12.2011 – 456.55 m).

December 23, 2011 at 17:04

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