Wayward pressure moody bite

Wayward pressure moody bite

The ice on the reservoir in a protracted thaw has melted and held until recently. Now, after the severe frosts, ice even more stronger and almost to the very lamb makes a sharp bite my ice screws. Snowfalls – also did a good job! Now on the ice large snow drifts, insurmountable for vehicles. Walking on them is difficult. It holds a strong infusion, the legs fail treacherous ankle-deep in snow. It’s nice to remember long-forgotten experience! It is not often indulges Volgograd winter snow!

And the day turned out to be – how to order! Barely perceptible breeze, a cloudless sky and bright morning sun! The people on the ice a little. Someone frightened frost and someone banal Monday.
But Anton and are well aware that such a fair weather – This means a high pressure. On «machine-gun» biting hope not at all. But spend a day in the fresh frosty air to calm the vast reservoir – that, you know, is expensive. A fish – it is beneath us. As we walk and breathe – at the same time trying to deceive her own lures bezmotylnymi.
We usually went almost to the middle of the reservoir, and from there begin to find the fish and decide in which direction to move. You can shift to the Karpovka river that winds in the area Gracheva beams, and you can walk to «Okuneva field»That borders on the old flooded railway. But the first wells drilled us dragged us into an interesting game.

Fish in general, I bite. But the bite so carefully, so reluctantly, that it definitely wanted Dolov. After all, if the fish is still nuzzled bait, then it is not in suspended animation, like a frog primorozhennaya! We are beginning to change the tempo of the wiring and the oscillation frequency. I’m his first roach that day caught on an ordinary slow recovery imp without hesitation! At first it seemed that I had found the key to the capricious fish, but in reality it was more difficult. After 10 holes I have in the standings was only 4 roach. Anton fared about the same. We circled around the challenges of winter camping and fishing and then overheard conversations: «And I have only two bites early in the morning – and fell silent!» So, we are not all that bad!
We divided. Anton decided to lure a few holes and periodically attend the audit. Looking ahead, I will say that he caught that day at 1 kg more than me. I did not lure. First check their old terms of past fishings where decent bream were caught, but there were few bites and small fish. He returned back to the epicenter of our team tents and very successfully drilled the well, probably on the spot where once stood a tent. When drilling screw holes with ice crumbs drew some pellets and grain bait. Bites began immediately and continued throughout the day with small breaks. What was surprising was the fact that in this hole mostly bream and pecked Zaban (bream). Strange! In the adjacent wells from fishermen, and including me, polavlivalas roaches, and it is in this hole – Only bream and gusterki.

We exchanged a few words with Anton while drinking hot tea. It turns out we both had bites on most smooth rocking bait. Long ascent to the gentle rocking and always with a pause at the end of the climb. Dribbling into small fish reacted very reluctantly, and we showed only variety to attract fish from a distance. Due to the slow rocking and protracted climbs frost line was constantly grasping icing, and I had to clean it, not to be confused grazing Frostscale for ice fishing line with a cautious bite. Caught fish had more bright clean in the package until it finally Dubiel in the cold in ridiculous poses. Then this fish does not fit into any container and ruthlessly tearing plastic bags. That is so fun and easy, our continued fishing and fish filled our packages.

At the end of the day, Anton suddenly found his «lethal» wiring. He began to deceive the fish monotonic rise, whom I caught the first afloat in the day. I still bite silver bream and bream, and he is the sixth consecutive roach decent size to hang on the slow ascent without hesitation bait. He admitted that he used to do such a rise only for the sake of diversity, for a change of types of wiring yielded results, but on slow rise he pecked extremely rare. And now this is the rise of roaches liked most. Well, every fishing – it is always some little discovery!

Alexey Kolomiets February 24, 2014 at 00:00

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