Where are you, the ethics of hunting?

What the man holding the gun? Of his own power, that he can do everything and that he possesses? That he is the breadwinner? Yes, they probably are. One way or another, but in man the hunter awakens an ancient, and sometimes not understood him the most passion – bring home the booty. That’s okay! But… And this but – liability and hunting conscience.

Where are you, the ethics of hunting?

What it is and how to nurture, not to be sorry and hurt for all hunting tribe? How much abuse and negativity sometimes have to listen to his address, and just because you’re a hunter. Why? Why is this happening? What is behind this? Why hunters are in a relationship with the living world often become extreme? And those who criticize them, almost turning a blind eye to all the negativity in relation to nature, which exists independently of hunting and hunters.

What responsible hunters? How to get to Turgenev phrase: «Hunter – so good man!». And over the years, in my opinion, the culture in human society should grow, and not Vice versa. So what happens with hunter in the twenty-first century?

Once in conversation one wonderful, my dear man, a fine artist-animal painter was expressed by this phrase: «Someday hunters will be terrified of what they are doing». It was said harshly, accusingly to all hunters, including me.

I did not persuade his friend – simple phrases are not to convince. In the soul lurking resentment – resentment of the bitter, unkind word to the brothers of passion. What can I say? Be justified by a phrase that I don’t like this, it’s those other, beat anywhere, if only the target was alive. And try, prove it! I’m also a hunter.

Of course, the confrontation between hunters and antibiotikov – the song is old. Last scolding hunting enthusiasts everything, sometimes, what white light is, and in General not thinking about the fact that after a verbal abuse in the address hunters quietly go to the stores and to the markets to buy meat,  trying to choose a piece better, absolutely not thinking of how horrible this piece of meat on the counter. Or go to the store to purchase fur coats or hats made from real fur. Faux-fur does not make to buy!

Human carelessness towards nature crossed the edge of the permissible, beyond which it lost all common sense. Look, as today is the felling of the forest; forest enterprises are operating, carrying out the plan for sanitary cleaning, and what then remains; as given at the mercy of investors of land for construction of risky in environmental terms companies, etc., etc., And when wildlife is destroyed or simply pushed aside, for some reason start to blame the hunters. Ridiculous! Stupid!

So what is to blame hunters? The attacks on hunting – it is a sincere arguments antibiotikov, guardians of the careful attitude to the nature or deceitful hypocrisy, with absolute conviction: «I do not get this meat and don’t want to dissect skins!» What is the reason that the number antibiotikov in Russia, and all over the world is not decreasing but rather increasing? What is the negative side of the relationship to hunting in General and what contributes to this?

Once, it was twenty years ago, I was invited to visit a large poultry farm in the suburbs. Invited me just for my curiosity, knowing that I am a hunter, to show how the slaughter of poultry. I agreed, but then very, very sorry.

To describe this nightmare, I had to see with my own eyes, I certainly will not. And now after many years «the day of that meeting» when you see on the shelves of stores and markets chicken carcasses, inadvertently think of that «chicken execution». Add – humanism in what he saw was little! The downhole process and the hunt even near difficult. Hunting in relation to the – flowers!

When I hear the criticisms of hunter type stupid and cynical: «And bird do not mind?», I’d like to answer: «And you, dear fighters against hunting, ever seen how the slaughter at meat processing plants; how to perform your «selfish» plan of the farms?

And finally, have you seen how cut his pig farmer, the pig, who nurtured, raised, coast from cold and diseases and one day… killed? Yes, it is killed, because to say hunting got – the language is not rotated. And as the soup gets into the cock, you know, Lord, chastising hunting and hunters? Or that you shouldnít care? And I sincerely doubt that most of those who criticise the hunt – vegetarians. I doubt very much!

To scold the hunter shot, to put it mildly, just unwise. Yes, and those who regards hunting as the only reason for the extraction game, badly mistaken, or simply do not wish to understand otherwise. I am sure that if the hunt had been only one basis – to get the game, the ranks of hunters would be drastically reduced. The game you can buy!

What compromises the hunter? What is the negative grain that grows in a hunting environment? I can say – no hunting culture, ethics, that’s why we cling so zealously by those who want to blame the hunter of all mortal sins.

Ethics of hunting – this is the same «Golden skate» on which to build the relationship between the hunter and nature. It is something without which it is unthinkable to engage in hunting. Hunting ethics – this unwritten norm of conscience, which should be fostered in every hunter. After all, no wonder people noticed: «A hunter must be born!» In our present age of permissiveness morality as though faded into the background, become not relevant, not needed. Wild market that sweeps away everything in its path, dictates the terms. Object?

In vain! Seen today in a society of hunters? It’s very simple! The main thing – fee. There is no longer characteristics from the place of work or study, and no candidate experience. And for good reason! Probably, someone from readers addressed to say, «Well, took the pedantry, wants to complicate the already complicated life». No, not at all!

Hunting – this is primarily a responsibility, a responsibility that you are with a gun in the living world, and you have power over this world like no other. And thus bear greater responsibility for their actions. And the disregard of hunting ethics is the acute the negative in a hunting environment, supporting thereby the minds of those who want to accuse hunters in their hobby.

Where are you, the ethics of hunting?

Look at what is happening in the land while hunting on the bog-meadow game in the summer-autumn season. What is happening during the infamous corral hunting rabbits or hunting in the spring and ten days, when the hunters simply flood the land, completely ignoring the illegality of their actions. Of course, I’m not saying all, but alas, respecting ethical norms of hunting today is much more, and it’s sad. Try to appeal to the conscience of a hunter. And at best, will hear the answer that everything is paid for. Yes, paid for! But the conscience cannot be bought!

We must pay tribute to the hunting publications, and above all «HORN» for clearly selected position of education in Russia proper, conscientious hunter. It is a difficult, but very, very necessary. And only after reaching a certain positive result, we will be able to speak about a certain culture in the hunt. After all, hunting ethics has a great educational value. Hunter, observing her, in the future I will impart it, and novice. Hunting – it’s not only a gun and a hike in the woods or the swamp, is a special world, nurtured by generations.

One time on the pages «HORN» the topic discussed was about the opening of spring hunting in stages, i.e. depending on the object of hunting. There were supporters and opponents. But the main argument of opponents of such approach was very simple – hunting terms to be observed will not. Hunters need to educate! And they were absolutely right.

To educate? But how? The printed word. Even some fifteen years-twenty years ago in the USSR there was only one periodical – journal «Fishing and hunting» and today publications focus hunting does not count. Don’t read? No, I read, and even very good. So what’s the deal? Why today is deaf to the hunter hunting ethics?

Undoubtedly, the education of hunting ethics should be first, and the first work in this direction should come directly from the primary hunting groups. And this job hunting societies should be clear and focused. And it’s time to stop the insane, for the contribution, the issuance of hunting permits. The right to hunt must be conscience of proven, positive moral qualities of the person obtaining a hunting license. And so I think, I’m sure a lot of true hunters.

Certainly when hunting societies should work clubs – section of the young hunter. And the more clubs the better! Today, the education of hunting ethics is only punitive methods: by prosecuting the erring hunters Yes a call to conscience at the disciplinary commissions of the societies.

But one administration it is not correct! What is needed is a different approach, and it is primarily in judging of the hunting farms. In this work needs to be interested and hunting society, as accepted in society, the hunters will come with guns in this land of hunting, which gave them a lucky ticket into the world of hunting. This depends directly on the condition of the land, and the number of game animals.

And it is well known, and there is no doubt that the real cultural hunter is the first defender of natural resources, and this hunter will care about the fate of his native land, and it will be with a heavy heart to perceive all the negative processes taking place on HIS land. And it is narrow-minded thinking has otkatilsya and left, and there though grass not to grow – will never visit it.

And the more hunters, the better. This will be the most reliable rebuff, not in words but in reality, those who try to denigrate hunting and hunters.

Oleg Trushin


On the topic:

Altai regional public organization Geblerov ecological society has published on its website a selection of photos from social networks "Classmates" one resident of the Altai territory, which recorded the facts of illegal poaching.

A selection of photos is located at: altaigeo.ru/strana-dolzhna-znat-brakonerov-v-lico-18

First, that the photographs — shot the whooper Swan, grey Heron, hares, squirrels, a female elk with its head cut off, three-month-old baby ROE deer, beaver. All jivotnye and birds, according to environmentalists, got by an illegal way.

Moreover, the trophy is not just photographed and photographed with mockery: the corpse of a beaver, for example, adhesive tape attached to a piece of wood with a plastic Cup.

In the photos next to the corpses of animals Pavel Gotovchikov — leader of the Altai regional sport shooting club DOSAAF, trainer on weight lifting, Altai state University, project contractor «Altai sniper» implemented a grant of the Governor of the Altai territory in 2012.

As reported at the Novosibirsk state University, geblerov society, this publication with pictures of poaching Paul Gotovchikov can be considered as an official appeal to the Prosecutor of Altay and GU MVD of Russia for the Altai territory, and to require law enforcement agencies to take measures to bring the poacher to justice.

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