Who, finally, put things in the forest?

Hunting dismantling increasingly moving from local skirmishes to a higher level. The highlight of the year was the scandal around the name of the Deputy of Legislative Assembly of Nizhny Novgorod region Vladimir Bulanov.

Who, finally, put things in the forest?

Vladimir Bulanov

The machinations of the disaffected

Back in March of this year in Nizhny Novgorod media reported that in the forestry near the village of Chernukha in Arzamas district, local hunters E. Makarov and E. [were beaten by the Deputy and his friends. Saying that they really cared about the forest, planted 30 ha of forest and cropland oats came to feed the beast. Next quote: «The outcome of this meeting was a six-hour retention of inhabitants of the village of Chernukha in the woods, and most importantly – after «conversations» Bulanov V. I. Makarov received a concussion and spent a month in hospital. Moreover, affected by the DePuy fists Makarova subsequently tried to accuse of attempted poaching».

In may the court found the MP guilty of violation of rules of hunting (although, according to Bulanova, in this history early to put a dot). Correspondent “MK in the Bottom“ met with Vladimir Bulanov. The conversation was not only about conflict but also about other relevant issues.

— Complaints about me is clowning! – with the threshold cut off the Deputy-the businessman. — As it was. On March 23, my daughter rode on a snowmobile. They called me and said that on the territory of hunting «Provided» preparing hunting with dogs, on skis, with guns… And at this time actually in the forest can not walk!

I dropped the daughter home and went to investigate. Found hunting organizers. To me they stated: «We are preparing the hunt for something… What do you want?». Well, I took one by the collar… we’re men after all… Then I found out that Makarov just bought the hospital for five weeks, and he complained that he was beaten. I have a feeling that the police is working there «in one of the gates». After all, the same day Makarov UAZ actually moved my friend. Thrice wrote a statement to the police, there is a certificate from the emergency room about a concussion, but the criminal case was initiated.

The cause of the conflict with Makarov and Vladimir Linenum Bulanov considers land hunting «Provided».

— It was strong, — says the Deputy-the businessman, — then collapsed — the founders have any problems, and three years ago they stopped doing it. My partner and I wanted to restore the farm, to invest their money. But by law, ohotohozyaystvo can be transferred to another person only through auction. We decided to wait to appoint these auctions, themselves, meanwhile, ploughed up virgin lands and began to rebuild the business. Hired two Rangers.

According to the winter countings of the number of hunting resources, then in «Provided» had zero elk, wild boar and zero a little bird. And then come the animals!

And then to the lands of the hunting grounds showed the interest of local hunters, under the law, once the economy ceased to exist, the lands passed into the lands of common use. Hence, according to Bulanov, and grow the roots of the conflict, as if to revive the hunting ground «Provided» for the opportunity to hunt will need to pay money.

A gentleman need

Sane men in the woods are always able to agree with each other. But often this fails. Who, then, can become an arbitrator? The output is seen in the streamlining of hunting and fishing – strong business and investments. Have come people who will take something the state can’t handle (remember those Soviet times when every large company had their subsistence farming). And we need to create conditions so that the land got serious owners with money and not those who will be indulged and will throw. But as private hunting grounds to build relationships with the local population? Despite the conflict with the natives, Vladimir Bulanov sure that the balance of interests can be achieved.

— It is clear that there will always be squabbles and local conflicts. But already formed a certain culture: large farms offer hunting and for the money, and for local hunters — for «workdays»- said Bulanov. – But there must be a strong hand and order. The same applies to issuing licenses. In strong farms, where we support a number of hoofed animals in 300-400 individuals, problems with permissions usually does not happen. But they can be if a farm borders or with public lands or lands of common use.

— You against «volunteers»?

— They are not eager to invest, and want to shoot everything. Lately I activity «volunteers» skeptical as to the trade unions. All the time puff out my cheeks and trying to decide something. It’s hard to say that they operate something and decide something. I don’t think they are at least boar will be able to feed.

I “public men“ do not bind. Wanted in Arzamas district to buy a ticket to go hunting, and they are on the phone it can do. There have personally come, stand in line, be humiliated in front of them… I’d better to go to a private firm.

— Will there be enough land for all honest traders?

— I am for the partnership between the state and private owners. To ensure every piece of land was the curator, one could ask. I sent the Governor a proposal for the development of hunting areas as a form of inbound ecological tourism. Alas, it did not find understanding. Although in many parts of dream about it: put chopped houses, so that people could come, to stay, to hunt, to fish, to pick berries in the end… Who can do such a project? Public organization? Only owner-driver! For the area it would give more jobs.

— So far have heard only complaints from owners on the new law “About hunting“…

— In my opinion, much ahtopolthe imposed. I’m not talking about the costs and bureaucracy of many procedures. For example, all ahtopolthe obliged to build «point of waste disposal». This means that we must build the furnace, concrete pad, roof to be done…. Wouldn’t it be easier and intestine into the ground to bury? On the amount of forest there are not too many turns? Or requirement to be tested with each of the murdered individuals. Every time they have to be led to the nearest village, where there are the exterminators. But they are not everywhere! Clearly, this is true, when there is an epidemic, and if not, you can take the analysis, for example, every fifth individual.

Source : МК.RU

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