With buzzer for grouse

Hunting for grouse with a decoy requires from the hunter a special gift and skill. It was the ability to pick up a decoy, and properly attract, and to know the habits and behavior of forest cockerels, their habitats.

With buzzer for grouse

photo: Michael Semin

Nikolay Alexandrovich RUMYANTSEV – simple rustic hunter from Kostroma province. He spent his entire life in his native place. Hunting grouse with buzzer studied thoroughly, and therefore in the hunting season the fowl on the table it is not translated. Today, he shares with readers «HORN» the secrets of his hunting skill.

«HORN»: Nikolay Aleksandrovich, when you started to hunt?

Nikolay Rumyantsev: I first picked up the gun still in the age of 12. From the 5th year of secondary school are regularly hunting. Went to school on foot in 7 km from the village – in the morning there in the second half of the day – back. Remember in the winter, coming home, throwing his briefcase and immediately – skiing into the woods to hunt grouse in the hole. Knew all our Russian hunting and kept hounds and huskies. But in recent years has become the favorite hunting grouse with call.

«HORN»: How many grouse per season you win?

N. R.: About thirty. For example, in the past produced almost all males and once a shot hit the ryabushka.

«HORN»: Probably a decoy – this is half the battle. Do you make them yourselves?

N. R.: And he does, and I bring to mind those that buy in hunting stores. Use different available materials – utilize rolls from room television and radio aerials, from switches, from the apex of the winter fishing rods-lures. Good monkey bone, monkey even made from goose feathers, but they are short-lived and break down. Although the sound is produced is very pure. Need to wear them in a matchbox. Do monkey and regulators the pitch of the sound. Rework and factory monkey, changing the nut and the lumen. Use aluminum wire, which is banished inside the decoy. To decoy is not clogged condensation from warm air in cold weather and not be blocked by saliva, the tube should not be clamped tightly on the back side. Blew – cleared – and decoy is once again ready to work. Interestingly, the house in the woods and decoy can sound different. Sometimes it seems to set up a decoy house – enjoy. And you come to a forest, he’ll listen – complete nonsense. Generally hunting take a whole bunch of mancow. If the grouse is reluctant to decoy one, offer him the voice of another. Monkey kept in a special case, to not get in his dust, dirt and forest litter, and only on the hunt and hang them on the neck.

«HORN»: How do you manite?

N. R.: Only the voice of a male. First, make a long whistle, then short and then very quiet and short trelco. A common mistake novice hunters – they are very sharp and loud whistle, and it should be quiet and gentle.

«HORN»: I agree. I’ve even heard experienced hunters recommend beckon «fearful» the grouse, your whistle should be weaker and quieter the whistle of a hazel grouse with whom you have something in common. Then «weak» the rival male will fly up more likely to drive him away from your site. What is the best month for hunting grouse and what is the tactics of the hunt?

N. R.: September. This month, broods still holding together. About where they live, I know it is still summer. Generally early, especially the quiet and clear morning, they give themselves to the roll call. When he heard the whistle, fit and first, dispersed brood. Having scattered in one, the young grouse after some time begin to overlap and are willing to be a decoy. I especially do not wait long and immediately after scattering the birds begin to beckon. Since the beginning of October broods will not be met, since grouse are grouped in pairs. Well then first to raise a couple. If the birds scatter, then hiding and waiting, begin to attract the male voice. And still flies more often male, does not tolerate rivals.

With buzzer for grouse

photo: Michael Semin

«HORN»: What time of day it is better to use for hunting for the buzzer?

N. R.: Best go grouse on a decoy at dawn and up to 10–11 o’clock in the morning. In the evening, too, is luck, but not always and only a short period before sunset. But in the afternoon to hunt is useless. Even the grouse don’t like windy weather and heavy rain.

«HORN»: What else is the success of the hunt?

N. R.: In selecting a location. Starting to pull, it is necessary not only to take refuge on the background of Christmas trees or leave from the open place, but to occupy a good shooting position. It happens that the response I hear the whistle of a hazel grouse close, it hops from branch to branch, the steps on the ground, and to see the bird can not. This means that incorrectly chosen position. Review of the hunter must be good, and you have to figure out what space and what prisady, convenient for shooting, may get a grouse.

«HORN»: How do you explain that degree of care grouse are very different from one another?

N. R.: I can’t explain it, but some grouse fly up unceremoniously on the whistle immediately, others approach the earth with a voice, others charge or suit is absolutely silent. Finally, there is the grouse that long resonate with you, but don’t come near. Why such differences, for me remains a mystery. One day my friend was attracted on opposite sides of the ravine. Monkey was good, and the tone and manner of filing the voices seemed the same, but the grouse like crazy rained down on me.

«HORN»: Are there any special requirements for the cartridge for grouse?

N. R.: I always hunted with guns 16-gauge (now I have a IZH-27 gauge). Cartridges charge itself. In Papkov sleeve put 1.9 g of powder, then a felt wad, then – plus, which use fibre wad and the projectile shot 28, Shot use only «eight». As shown, it gives the best result.

«HORN» In recent years in many regions of Russia hunting for grouse (upland game) is allowed until December 31. Your attitude to this?

N. R.: September and October – two main months of hunting for grouse. You can get it on a decoy in November, but winter is already up to shoot. Still this is our native Russian bird and winter for her – severe test.

The interview was taken by Sergey FOKIN November 2014 at 00:00

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