Workshop twitching

Workshop twitching

 In the life of every fishing day comes when he is given a chance to learn something new in fishing. I was lucky in this more than others, I have this happens regularly. I want to talk about fishing together with well-known spinning.

Spinning of the ancient capital agreed to come on the condition that our fishing will be used to catch pike and perch will snatch methods and attempt to capture video about it. And where we can drive the pike on lakes? In the Volga-Akhtuba floodplain, of course. I am not without the help of friends found a free house in Kapustin Yar, and agreed that we are in it wait.

Stasovskaya floodplain

Post decided from the famous Lake Shpirinskogo, but the wind was strong and uncomfortable. Cold. We began to scour the floodplain in search «puddles»That the wind was at his back. Most often they run up against small schuryat, which released. Scour the floodplain, they scoured almost lost. We decided to visit an interesting lake where we regularly catch pike in spring. We gave it a name «Pig». This is not because there is next to a pig farm, but because it is full of grass as a pig tail. Commercials curlicues, because of which even can not lead a normal popper. Pike there, a lot of it. It was interesting as a guest from Moscow to fight it?

We arrived. The wind, of course, uncomfortable. Duet side blows on the arc braid terrible, because of which any surface bait after splashdown glides to the shore, as the pebble that is allowed in the calm surface of the water. I, without thinking twice, went to the middle of the lake, where there was a small ledge, and began trying to catch on with ogruzhennym silicone bait hook. Began pike outputs. Contact with the fish I did not feel because of the large arc on the braid, but he saw breakers and mauled leash. Masha hand Constantine and his comrades supposedly go here – pike can not catch. Kuzmin tried to catch on «Croatian egg» — Hang perches and pike ignored. I keep obkidyvat waters. He threw to the wind – caught pike. Then another two exits, feel contacts, the process has begun.

Workshop twitching

The wizard cast

Constantine returns, I ask him to deal with this place. This is where the fun began. More precisely, it is why he came to us. Interesting for spinning a situation where there are pike, but do not take everything. We are all trying to find the key to the fish. My friend starts to catch on the black rubber and immediately pulls out a pike. Then another bite at it, I… I catch another. Jura caught perch, which disappeared in the rubber healthy throat. I never would have thought that bass may well swallow.

Constantine the time to deal with a pike and perch in its own way. It turned out that «Croatian egg» a wave pike reluctant to take. But fishing in the edible gum (forgot the name) brought the fish after fish. And the pike, and perch. It was very interesting to see how after the bite Constantine did not cut down, and waited for 3-4 seconds, and the worm of edible silicone found himself deep into the mouth of pike and perch.

And I started to turn to catch on the rubber. Whether tires began to fidget on the hook easily and pike began to push her during a bite, or a time when the pike to be active, and can become Twitchy correctly. After all, I had only wobblers-minnow Twitchy and rubber simple push on the grass led, and here I specifically pulled and pause. This rubber with ogruzhennym offsetnikom still very low in free fall is an intricate game.

When we splash around this lake – We have traveled around the neighborhood and found the lake, where the pecking perch on each casting, took off on video perch on the edible gum and went towards the house. We arrived at the village not without incident. Zaplutali smallness, looking fords to push the car… In general, impact for the whole day so that I almost fell asleep all the while a second portion of boiled dumplings.

Pologoye Zaymische

In the morning I do not want to get up at all. No one. But you must. We were waiting at the crossing Podstepki! Fast breakfast, domyvaem dishes, collect all their belongings in the car and rushing to the ferry in the canopy.
We arrived at the Akhtuba began dzhigovat. From the first casting was found out that the depth is small. At the coast, and pike nicking sudachok. But we are waiting catching big pike. Petty released. Suddenly Kuzmina emissions is very powerful punch! Hence, there is a crocodile! Excellent! Vadim says that the farther a throw, the better.

Workshop twitching

Jerk fan wiring

I started experimenting. That turntable to put a heavy load, the bulk rubber. Suddenly a gray foam saw a heavy blow! But not far away, and closer, where it is possible to throw the twenty grams! I want to put kastmaster, podzhigovat should try it. Constantine also thought about kastmaster. And we agreed that there would be nice to go flanged accessories. I never for such is not caught in the moment, not even imagine how to build it. Constantine also rarely caught it but easily imagined how.

The first pike «for dvushnik» he caught literally on the second or third cast. Working! Then another, and another! Krupnyakov But we did not wait. Vadim had to return to Ahtubinsk. He showed us the lake, where this winter has been a lot of fish, and we said goodbye to him. We started to fish the lake, which winds through the meadow away. We are on the leeward coast. Very rarely attacked the bait pike and perch. I wanted more fish. Such to itself to detect, but not everything was caught.

When we met with Konstantin has to go further, came the excited policeman showed torn of rubber and told that pike attacked his bait on each posting. We come to this place. Indeed, pike – many times more. The impression is that it concentrates on smaller areas between the pits. And it is interesting that, rushing two to three times the bait, it is no longer interested. Jura took my walker, some toad his otgryzla. I tied rapalovsky Walker black and green coloring, which in and bangs still twitching. This Walker, I still caught a pike! On the other threw it in the lake reeds ripped off somehow, and he flopped down on the water. But I podmotal slack as below pops mouth and slams noisily. I surprise strike – is sitting! Perhaps this is the last outstanding event in this fishing, I myself still believe in the workshop on fishing jerk baits.

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