Year in the North

Volume Two. A trip to the northern rivers. Collections Pavel Gusev.

Year in the North

Illustration from the archives of Peter Zverev

Vidal walrus you live?
 — Where can I see it, old man?
 — AND that guy anywhere. On Picture something there he had you look like the same. Great because he had our lives; orcas only a smaller and all these beluga, seal it, hares, harp seal — all it smaller. One thing to tell you: the fat from it pounds on 15, at 20 drips from a patient. AT sell it and with Tink (fangs) and with haravinoy (skin) rubles At 50 Silver count. Here it is! Services that ugly so clumsy, and all the red top membrane such mesh with the hair — alaperoy call (with a beaten remove it, and such easy!); golovischa big on bristle face planted that mustache cat, thick neck, as if swallowed log in wide shoulders, but a busty — athlete that won in tales to tell, and everyone is here. That such things a fucking monster even worse than it seems like you have it in you look muzzle: eye (a little let him), so everything bloodshot, as if out of drunkenness at whose dashing man; a can not see anything, did not He sees through the eyes of these — blind, then! Nose-then He and small and strung up, and in water nostrils, holding and high throws and Look-to what he nose something fierce, if at wind go. So We strive to approach when the wind pulls away. On breast He Cathars, like two legs, Korotenko so thick, and from his mouth something to It is followed by Tinky — them he afraid of us. Here it is! No wonder the sea monster nicknamed.

They go from ages herds — Yurov such skins call and increasingly, where the spirit of a Human is less. On Kolguev to Example. Samoyed family habitation in recent time we left, and now less than a beast walks; at us mouth on Timan coast where housing guide a lot, do not walrus hear anything, does that really Bludyan when all his Yurove slaughtered, and something rare. They go more on The uterus and go on Yes hollow spring water. Then it is difficult to produce by: They hit him in the summers water. Eats at that time the skin it kovshaki — worms, those in the end of the finger — so thick! Then he climbs Beach kostlivy — itch. Lay up thunderstorm: thunder will strike — not loves it now fraternized in water. By Autumn on walrus floes coming and Cossack with a bear kazachihoy, kuchitsya, steam — Young output means. Dushina they the time allowed, such that fix your nose and the run to the end of the world; They stink, they hurt, and because are each the friend — they say everything one word — more than four weeks, seen as ours! On the time we here at spirit-and We know where they’re at the bank of a haul his make — is to autumn. A in the summer it is known: exhibi it out of the water, grabbed the shore, the edge of the ice floe alibi Tink, sat up, crawled on Coast — and lie here at the water, and sleeping. Another vystanet nearby, also lie down again, third, fourth … And exhibi that yes sees that the other lay down here too, it is not We’ll see in other place go and Yes and take Tink and postpone he will be on the his place. Commercials something nakladut they haul out such that that first exhibi, mile and a half from the shore find himself alone. This good years! Walrus sleeps soundly helluva lot of hard, because knows that the guard (they also have that geese, always guard) its not will give: hear spirit chelovchy — Now his voice say: «Close de guys, save yourself!» It was only gurgling count; pochnut topple to the bottom, then closer to the and the edge go to sleep. A not sleep when idleness fun plotting: potter, prick each other Tink and No of Tinka on which would not nicks ponadelat was: always this much. AND Whether sleeping, not Whether sleeping walrus — roaring bull voice at It is the first case, already not it happens. All howls, roars, behold, because once again we learn of the roar of a this where they made naleditsu where a lot of them, I mean. A Hearing the spirit of theirs, the roar of an alibi, but Especially when the wind from them, here we are, you know, not We give fluff: here is exactly what we a great holiday, and fun. You’ll have time to lopatinku yourself, what comes to hand, to put on, and on obnaryad not I am thinking not wondering for a long time. Spihnem boat at Strelna water, taking a kutilo, and morzhovku bezogmenno sail to the ice whether to shore, where only uchuesh beast.

We go more than two: one is rowing back on himself to make a noise less water, not I woke up to the beast. I zavsegda stand with revelers ready, because I love this fun. Here naglyadka First veselschik learn to you as to bring the beast to all, he was lying in front of you on palm, just him you could see. They came, for example, have deceived the guard (this is known, all the watches: commercials lowered his head, thinking — slumbers; watch — again raised, and listen again); to We drove up to the beast. I see him asleep, curled up on his custom. I know revelers so it is not take: slip least some acute sock between the wrinkles. His skin — known skin: it is thicker and the world is it? Miss — shame; in my opinion, even if it misses a small child, not our brother. I out on a century on his hand for the second hundred armed a walrus think. That’s because, as you drove up, wake walrus shibche shout as urine enough, as Horse: Whoa, they say, whoa! He does not cry love is now frightened, shake, wake up, straighten, then folds in body, and here you are just eye blinks, take walrus — Throw him nape needle. Beast is now a coward to celebrate: their heels! Here throwers have time to throw a rope in plastic bottles the direction in which the walrus has fallen; a veselschik time to know how to bounce, otgresti boat and the fall beast Sudenko — good enough.

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