Year in the North

Starting at the coastal sands of the river Mezen and flabby, but still high and thick bushes framing the wooded banks of the river town of Mezen higher, tundra, named for these rivers and the city besprivetnoy desert stretches to the far shores of the Pechora.

Year in the North

Illustration from the archives of Peter Zverev

Too thousand miles lay on it fondly, and five hundred marched from the places where begins the boundless plain of the Arctic Sea, chained in granite shore up the dense forests, which have acquired the southern half of the county and Mezensky And Pinezheskogo which are known under the name Taybola — and bottom top.

Starting on north sea naked granite, reached out to the tundra south with a huge swamp all its characteristics: almost continuous marshy ground, sometimes from an excess of rusty iron ores, sometimes white with a huge number of growing on It yagil (white reindeer moss). Here and there on the flash Quagmirran that those cherniny — in the native language, those water sources — simply that always love to furnish themselves (under the general laws of nature) entire groves of trees, and even if scarce and squat, as this time.

These rivers, streams, creeks, lakes and huge Simple kaltusy (bogs topped with water), formed mainly on places where tundra — This black mud, with half sand and rotten roots algae, through the plentiful moisture prohvachennaya — not could keep water itself, and especially in the bud its surface something living and vegetate.

Where smooth tundra as it is depleted in reliance and ceases abundantly recovered from the water itself, are bumps, as if remnants of the old wood stumps on considerable space for summers close almost studded with bushes and succulent large cloudberry, watery and voronitsy only in the southern parts of the tundra — raspberries. These bumps — spindles — almost the only dry place for across the tundra, which are still able to keep the pace of human and Wolf, though it is not are in Me so nutritious juices to bud something beautiful and above slanki— this ugly, kolnchatogo, ivy creeping juniper in 1/4 yard of its height. AND on all this desolate space right to the exclusive domination belongs only to the wolf, but the deer, but the small animals of the forest; People here — vremennnoy guest and then by winters. In summer, when heated by sunlight depart tundra melted on 5/4 yard in depth, and covered, even in places with greenery, are clouds of mosquitoes and gadflies, especially where it sparkles on the sun and the greenery where there is near a cool, deep lakes and released clear rivers tundra.

With the approach of dark, rich autumn fogs it all disappear without a trace; the top layer of tundra bogs, thawed in summer months and begins to freeze in late January, it becomes a solid mass of ice that could hold on the surface of his deep, dazzling white snow. Only the most liquid and not very unsteady marshes freeze in During the winter, continuing to devote themselves from the abundant hydrogen sulfide gas vapors. AND such a lot of tundra, and all of it with January is already constrained in a dense mass of ice, presenting the same vast plain, in the summer, but This time the snow and, therefore, more besprivetnuyu, more lifeless, although significantly more likely to visit the person. It is true that (almost all winter) in not a rare week disturb the snow strong tundra sorts of weather: Pad — fur, large, snow flakes, dims the light of God; ponosuha — when one only disposes of the wind already trained honeydew ready snow, bringing with it huge armfuls one places on and other from this to third, fourth and etc .; Khivus — exclusive feature and polar coastal countries — the same abundant honeydew, but in strong winds and zameteli when snowing at the top and It carries with it sides and Lower; ryanda — the same thick snow, but falling in warm weather wet; chidegi — very small, but Frequent rains in the dense fog and mainly at the mountain winds, and etc.

But in another time when you do not Weather and these rises scary, polar cold delayed for a long time, there are weekly, and another no more was indignant winds — at the north side of the beautiful bright sky play flashes (northern lights). In the light of them, and Moon almost a fortnight of walking starry sky, going on a different life, a kind, but full of interest and practical significance for temporary visitors tundra. Ego is particularly expensive and time for the Samoyed, the host of the ages of the tundra, and for Russian, in the recent deportees places it where he spent fishing river and its estuary where he meets the granite to which appends mezenets their fragile izbenku.

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