5 most effective tools for extracting mites

5 most effective tools for extracting mites

It was caused by a tumultuous barrage of discussions and additions. Doctors, doctors, orderlies and Hippocrates personally — do not advise you to get rid of the poor arachnid. It is not a problem. In short — better prepare.


1. Tick Twister

Scrapbooking Tick ​​twister. Pick up a tick, and then — unscrew

2. Tick Key

Farther — Tick ​​key. Tick ​​on our. The design also does not differ in detail from the Kaka-Kola can. The device can also be used for keys, for metrosexuals. Well, you heard them a thousand times. «What are the hell for you, there are no ticks in the city», «It is a stone age», «Why carry a first aid kit — there is an ambulance»… Well, it’s not about the fools. So, Tick Key.

3. Trix Tick Lasso

Trix tick lasso — feel like a tick-borne cowboy. Seriously. You put a loop on the neck — rotate the main thing — Mandatory clockwise. European ticks right thread — if you turn the other way — you can break.

4. Anti Mite

Scientists have been researching for an anti-tick-borne anti-tick-borne orbital-based complex. But, the budgets left after a brutal cut were enough only for such tweezers «Anti mite».

And, I must say, the design turned out quite reasonable.

5. Trixie

5 most effective tools for extracting mites

It looks like there’s something like that from the Inquisition. Although judging by the design — Easy to use.

Finally — We want you to repeat your desire.

5 most effective tools for extracting mites

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