Anxious backpack for evacuation in case of war

Anxious backpack for evacuation in case of war

It is clear that if you’re like, you’re like, inevitable. And then, unfortunately, no country can get away from this war.

The question arises: as an individual, such as me or YOU, being in an urban setting, it is best to prepare to survive and protect myself assholes of the war itself?

If you are talking about it, you’re not getting more than 100 km away from your city. Then build a house, a house, a barn – as you wish. Dig out and build a shelter under the house. Store as you can of long-life products, fuels (gasoline, kerosene, diesel), medicines.

This is where the opposing sides with each other are. It’s not disdain to bomb settlements. And not like in Iraq.

Therefore, the city doesn’t survive, especially if it’s even or not nearby. Throw rockets on the first day.

Next month 2 shells will end. It will be as if it’s time for the plants, so it’s not.

Then you can get it together. That is, it is the case with the front lines, trenches and positions. We will find in this position.

This is about global action and developments. I’m sure that I’ve thought beforehand. And who cares – soon there will be a new FarCry for the PlayStation 4 … In short, good luck to you)

If we talk about what we can do right now? ”- there is such a thing as“Disturbing suitcase“He is”Disturbing backpack“Or an alarming bag, it is more convenient for someone.) emergency you could grab it and break into distant frontiers, being sure that you needed it.

Disturbing backpack If you’re alone, you can go to In any case, you should always have such a kit!

A significant problem that occurs when preparing an alarm kit is its weight. I want to take as much as you need (as without my favorite knives, multitools and flashlights). It is clear that you need it. Try to simulate situations that can be possible. Really can not do. Gather it all together a lot? By itself. And now we’re thrown away. In short, according to this principle. The result should be an alarming kit weighing up to 20 kg, along with a backpack.

Alarming backpack for evacuation in case of war

1. Transportation of property

Total weight – 3200 g.

#name, manufacturerquantityweight, gr.
BackpackAccept 75 + 10 II (Vaude)2810
Pouches3 pcs.390

2. Means of breeding fire

Total weight – 216 grams.

#manufacturerquantityweight, gr.
Turbo lighterPrimus1 pc.67
LighterCriket1 pc.14
FlintPrimus1 pc.32
Matches in sealed packaging20 pcs.13

3. Signaling tools and orientation

Total weight – 591 grams.

#name, manufacturerquantityweight, gr.
Mobile phoneSamsung GT B27101 pc.123
Map, road atlas1 pc.117
Monocular 8×201 pc.90
TorchFenix ​​LD20 2 baht.AA1 pc.82
Flashlight headlampFenix ​​HP20 1 baht.AA1 pc.68
Electronic watchCasio g-shock1 pc.51
Compass with mirrorSilva1 pc.43
Orange ribbon3mten
Whistle1 pc.7

4. Shelter and bedding

Total weight – 3455 gr.

#name, manufacturerquantityweight, gr.
Sleeping bagAEP -9 0 / -9 / -27 (Sivera)1 pc.1890
TentLightFox (RedFox)1 pc.1045
Travel matTherm-a-rest1 pc.340
Backpack Cover1 pc.115
Tourist seat (podzhopnik)1 pc.65

5. Clothing

total weight – 2806 grams.

#name, manufacturerquantityweight, gr.
Thermal underwearPolartec2 sets810
Waterproof suit membrane1 set760
JacketPolartec Wind Pro1 pc.452
Winter socksTermoLiteTwo pairs220
T-shirtPolartec Power Dry1 pc.137
Summer socksCoolmaxTwo pairs70
Cotton pants1 pc.55
Cotton gloves, rubberized1 pair45
Mosquito net1 pc.35

6. Means for preparing and storing food and water

Total weight – 1073 grams.

#manufacturer, materialquantityweight, gr.
Water filterMSR1 pc.460
Fixed knifeFallkniven1 pc.195
Plastic flask0.65 l1 pc.130
Plates deep and flattitanium2 pcs.125
Mug single-wall 450mltitanium1 pc.70
Collapsible flask 1 lPlatypus2 pcs.63
Spoontitanium1 pc.thirty

7. Power

Total weight – 3453 gr.

#notequantityweight, gr.
Sublimated meat, porridge, etc.,1 set per day5 sets1000
Tea coffeein ger.paketiki120
Salt1 package55
Pepper1 packageeleven

8. First Aid Kit

Total weight – 507 g.

#purpose, applicationquantity
Miramistin, Chlorhexidinewound care1 bottle
Medical patchdressing1 roll
Bactericidal plasterfor minor wounds and abrasions10 pieces
Cotton pads, cotton swabstinder, wound care2×10 pieces
Imodium, loperamidediarrhea (does not cure, only stop)2 tab
Rifaximinfrom intestinal infections10 tab
Fexadinefrom allergies4 tabs
Proktoglivenol candlesfrom some problems …3 pcs
Summamedbroad-spectrum antibiotic3 tab
Ketonalpain reliever20 tab
Enalaprilreduces arter pressure4 tabs
Nurofenon temperature6 tab
Scalpel bladesopen a big boil2 pcs
Napkins hemostatic5 pieces
Aquababswater disinfection30 tab
LaktoFiltrumadsorbent20 tab
Rennieheartburn2 tab
Noshpa, Ditsetelantispasmodics10 tab
Clampclamp and tweezers1 pc
5 ml disposable syringe with needle1 pc
Alcohol wipes5 pieces
Medical fingertips5 pieces
Levomecol ointment1 pc

Traumatic kit

Separated from the main kit

#quantityweight, gram
Hemostatic tourniquet1 pc50
Sterile bandage3 pcs45
Elastic bandage1 pc42

9. Hygiene supplies

Total weight – 305 g.

#quantityweight, gr.
Wet wipes2 pack of 30 pcs.130
Travel toothbrush and toothpaste1 set70
Paper handkerchiefs1 package60
Microfiber towel1 pc.25
Small soap1 pc.20

10. Documents and information

Total weight – 162 grams.

Birth certificateall paper documents in waterproof covers
Paper copies of documentscopies of passport, waters. rights, certificates, pr.dok.
Moneybanknotes of various denominations, currency, jewelry
Flash drive in a secure casecopies of documents, manuals, memos

11. Tools

Total weight – 895 gr.

#manufacturerquantityweight, gr.
AxFiskars1 pc.670
MultitoolLeatherman1 pc.225

12. Repair kit

Total weight – 152 grams.

#name, manufacturerquantityweight, gr.
Grinding bars small (ceramic)Spyderco1 pc.83
Threads green. and black. (kapron) needles1 set21
Scotch reinforced1 roll15
Saw blade for metal1 pc.12
Super glue1 tube9
Small screw2 pcs.7
Tin wire30 cmfive

13. Miscellaneous

Total weight – 781 grams.

#quantityweight, gr.
Spare AA AA Lithium Batteries10 pieces.160
Cord paracord25 m150
Space blanket2 pcs.120
Cord is simple50 m92
Charger for the phone from two AA1 pc.65
Small notebook1 pc.55
Fishing tackle – hooks, braided fishing line1 pack53
Plastic garbage bags2×60 liters51
Ball pen gel pen pencil1 pc.35

For those interested – you can view / download Google Drive

The result was such a good emergency evacuation kit and subsequent survival, packed in a backpack, with a total weight of 17,800 kg.

Pay attention – the kit does not include weapons and ammunition. From this point to each other But it is the general principles of preparation for emergencies, both equipment and weapons, such as those listed above.

In addition, you must have a pre-planned plan! Without it – nowhere!

Anxious backpack for evacuation in case of war

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