ASN-233-115 “Tiger”: a test drive of the armored car “polite people”

ASN-233-115 "Tiger": a test drive of the armored car "polite people"

Meeting with «Tiger»


In this case, it is not enough to make sure that you can’t make it. Sand pit, forest roads, overcoming the ford… Up to thirty kilometers on the highway. Therefore, the scene first came out «Tiger» accompanied «Ural» with evil guys with guns. I left it a bit later, so I flashed across the track. «Say too: flashed», – incredulous skeptics will grin. Patience and calm: what can get up «Tiger» on the road – It can be much more than it seems. Predator after all.

Outside the city we meet with an armored car. It is a huge iron mountain. «Dry» machine weight – 6.4 tons, some seventy kilograms are missing. It’s time to transfer to «Tiger», but bye – for the passenger seat, it is extremely undesirable. Warn me: armored door weight «Tigra» – pounds 60, so after opening it, you must make sure that it is fixed fuse. Careless movement – and no legs. Or hands, which is simpler, but not better.

ASN-233-115 "Tiger": a test drive of the armored car "polite people"

Under the wheels «Tigra» winding tape highway. The quality of the road surface – at 4. There are no harsh pits, but there are patches, small potholes. «Tiger» It can be used as a road transport vehicle. Moreover, the multi-ton armored vehicle is 160 km / h. How can you manage this – riddle. While we note the main thing: 130 km / h «Tiger» runs on the go. And at the same time – talk to the commander «polite people», from where you can find out.

About surprises

Element of surprise – a good thing when it is directed at the enemy. «Tiger» It is intended for this. There are other executions, for example, the command and control vehicle. According to the military, the car copes perfectly. Not only that on the highway «Tiger» off road racing – 80-90 km / h. The commander tells that «Tiger» It has been shown to be used in the field.

On the wheels (which, of course, have a centralized swap system): «Tiger» but it usually doesn’t really come to you. You can hear it perfectly. It is a fact.

Each of them – It is the best possible way to do that. And try to drive on the same KamAZ off road under «weave». Or repulse the head – all at once. In the meantime, we are approaching the training ground, «Tigra».

If you are on the road, you can jump out of it. By and large, there should be no more than six people – laid back in the armored «soul» all-terrain vehicle. But in fact you can jump out. Another surprise for the enemy. It was transported was slightly more than expected. But that’s not all.

Someone needs a car, someone – it is a pleasure to wear it in the cabin. Have «Tigra» there is a hatch too. But it can be used to make it out. «Cliff» or «Cord». The hatch takes a few minutes. In this case, it’s an armorrest for a fighter who is a grenade launcher. It wasn’t a problem. So, leaves the bushes «Tiger»

I will shoot a military play. But it was not there! After appearing on stage – all-terrain vehicle – it takes a few moments to shoot… The fighters settled around «Tigra», their «camouflage» It is not a group.

Interrupt «operation», set another task: you need to get it lively and more dynamic. The commander understood the idea «play police». Namely – pass through the section protected by armor «Tigra». Power, pressure, fear and horror. Of course, it will save you from 5-5 or 7.62 and from fragments. The scene «Not, – say – everything worked out. What in vain people drive». «Yes, these guys just let me run and shoot! They are in joy», – the commander answers cheerfully. Looking at «uncles»discharging aside automata. Maybe, of course, and in joy, but… better not to touch them again. Therefore, it’s not a problem.

ASN-233-115 "Tiger": a test drive of the armored car "polite people"

I wondered if it was good. – I was driving in the front passenger seat. Feel the fighters «Tigra»?

ASN-233-115 "Tiger": a test drive of the armored car "polite people"

What do they feel – they can only say that we cant understand such things. It’s a good deal of autonomy. Everything is provided, clamps for weapons, fire extinguishers, even thermoses. Everyone has his own wire on «mass». It seems to be a trifle, Hatch – installation control unit 902B «Cloud». Outside, in some cases, in the thermal range. Thing just necessary when «Tigra» need to hide.

Honestly, I am now clever about this «A cloud», Then, although I knew about its existence, I wasn’t purely civilian, 902B, everyone has already settled in places, including the branch «polite people»who took their place in «The urals». It seems you can go further, but wait: we came to ride «Tigre», it’s time to get behind the wheel!

In the role of a tamer «Tigra»

I had the great honor, I will tell you in confidence, to steer this car. So just behind the wheel «Tigra» not allowed, but I was incredibly lucky. At first, lucky to give a ride – This is what you wanted. Though, maybe driving the car.

It’s pretty easy to get into the cabin: handles, steps – everything is where they should be. Only difficulty – It is not only in its weight, but in sufficiently tight handles. Reliable door locking system. But when I’m safe, I’ve not been pulled out or dragged out of here.

ASN-233-115 "Tiger": a test drive of the armored car "polite people"

Sitting comfortably in a chair that was not too pronounced but tangible lateral support, we become familiar with the devices. You are surprised. Especially KamAZ: Tatar miracle: two devices (tachometer and speedometer) Only stand in reverse: tachometer «Tigre» left and the speedometer – on right. Up to 160 km / h (for most KamAZ – up to 120). The other devices are also not exotic: oil pressure, coolant temperature, fuel level and ammeter. The volume of each of which – 68 liters. There are several modes (it can be used). It is simply impossible to invent.

Manometers are visible on the central panel. It is needed for the pneumatic-hydraulic brake system. There is no danger of flying away from the road (as in the ZIL-131).

Vehicle controls (I specify specifically – you can drive) are also familiar. Steering wheel – parking brake, two others – gearshift lever and «handouts».

ASN-233-115 "Tiger": a test drive of the armored car "polite people"

Despite «thick-thick layer» It is unexpectedly good. Therefore, we are looking for a engine and drive.

ASN-233-115 "Tiger": a test drive of the armored car "polite people"YaMZ-5347-10.

ASN-233-115 "Tiger": a test drive of the armored car "polite people"

Despite the running engine, the cabin is not noisy. It is a release of the clutch pedal and get under way. The gearshift lever will be envied by many «cars»switching themselves – extremely clear (box here «gazovskaya»). The engine doesn’t even raise the tone. Muttering quietly, he wins the car easily. Ahead – climbing the forest road. Have «Tigra» There are 52 degrees that can be overcome. – 30 degrees. We give you a gazku. Remember, I said that I almost flew off the road? Here is how it was.

The car goes very smoothly. She doesn’t care deeply: – I’m finally bolted (i’m not a bumbled) but i’m picking up speed. And the speed «Tiger» gaining easy. It was a reflexively trying to find a wheel. This is not «moose tests».

At the first turn, I felt like she was ready to go into a skid. He released the gas pedal, returning the steering wheel to the straight-ahead position. «Tiger» I thought a little and obediently returned to the course. With a considerable weight. As the however, the reaction is carried out. But if you press the pedal, just hold the steering wheel! In general, after a couple of you get used to it. To manage «Tiger» – It is a pleasure to be friends with your head. You can find fault with – this is a pretty decent turning radius. It affects how it is done. We have the last test ahead – overcoming the ford.

About the river, November and spray

By the way, it seems that north west. He was not only a thicker water bottle. «Tiger» for water Pebbles creaked around their necks. Severe looks drilled in search of the opposite shore. Nothing is visible: where to go? But somehow make sure it is necessary. Nobody will believe me so easily! Here at least a photo is needed… And the commander quickly found a way out.

– So, who is not sorry? – he muttered thoughtfully to himself. – Come here!

On his call ran fighter whom «no pity».

– Put on – commanded by the commander, pointing to something incomprehensible. By this «incomprehensible» turned out to be a semi-overalls light protective suit. Under the fighter dressed in the outfit.

– You will seek a ford, – explained the officer. – See where you can drive «Tiger».

On paper, the depth of 1.2 meters. In life – more. The engine is high, mounted units – closer to the bonnet, theoretically, it was almost infinitely fighter on this river. Time was running out and I wondered what would happen next.

ASN-233-115 "Tiger": a test drive of the armored car "polite people"

The scout wandered through the water and came back. In general, there was a go «Tiger» nowhere. But what about entering the water? Frame something textbook, at least to not come back. But the commander is the commander. The officer released the fighter costume handed me.

– Here you are. Fly away from the shore at 20-30 meters «Tigre». Spray will be a lot. It should work!

Of course, it should. There is no particular desire. However, I was not used to refusing a group of well-armed people. They said to climb – need to climb.

Standing in the water, I waited with trepidation «Tiger» «from running start flies into the water». Seven tons, after all. But a little bit of water, a bit of water, a bit of water.

Why am I telling you this? This car is. The road to the road ahead. But here «Tiger» It will easily go there, where you can not climb on foot. Not for nothing is there «handing out», self-locking cross-axle differentials and wheel gears.

It is a torsion suspension that responds only positively. It will still be good: light, relatively safe. In the cold works «stove»during the heat – air conditioning under the armored bottom: asphalt, dirt, sand, water. He will travel almost everywhere. By the way, it is designed to work at -30°C to +50°C. Not bad, yes?

And finally…

Fuel consumption. But still «Tiger» The amount of 13.5 liters per hundred. And in fact comes out really a bit: 12-16 liters. Power reserve with an average of 600 kilometers.

ASN-233-115 "Tiger": a test drive of the armored car "polite people"

We can’t say what you need to do. This is a fact. The main thing is that «Tigers» always on the go. Is not it?


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