At home: a 12-gauge shotgun

At home: a 12-gauge shotgun

The 12 caliber shotgun is an exceptional and universal weapon for self-defense at home, especially if you modify this weapon a little to your preferences.

What features and gun accessories for self-defense shotgun should pay attention?

  • Shotgun “out of the box”
  • 14 inch barrel
  • Flashlight and LCU “in one bottle”
  • Minishell cartridges
  • Adjustable butt + kickback
  • Reliable sight

Anyone familiar with a weapon and able to think logically will agree that the best weapon for self-defense at home is a 12-gauge shotgun. Fans of AR-platforms and pistols will now start loudly cursing – and they cannot be blamed for this. But the truth is she is always alone.

At home: a 12-gauge shotgun

So, you need some kind of additional solution for more accurate shooting. And in this case, a tactical flashlight or LCC will help.

Shine! Shot!

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