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Chimpanzees have been able to plagiarism tools

Chimpanzees are able to watch their comrades use tools, and change their own strategies for their use, if the method of "competitor" is more effective, say anthropologists in an article published in the journal PLoS One. Some animals are able to produce tools and use them to solve specific problems. These include dwarf and normal chimpanzee and "intellectual" leader of the world of birds - the New Caledonian crows. Many skills animal previously considered unique human abilities, but with the new studies list only "people" skills steadily decreasing. Shinya Yamamoto Read more [...]
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Pop singer parrot Makeshev

Many people like to sing in the shower, that's Makeshev parrot sings songs of Soviet times "Belovezhskaya Pushcha", "bird of happiness for tomorrow," "Crocodiles — hippos and green parrot", and he does it much better than her mistress.
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Algae were soundproofed refuge fish

Scientists have found that fish use algae not only to mask its appearance, but also as a refuge, hiding them from the sonar of dolphins. The paper was published in the journal Marine Ecology Progress Series, and its summary results ScienceNow.The researchers then measured how the sound propagation in the algae-covered bottom and empty fields. To do this, the authors used a high frequency sound and sensitive hydrophones. The work was conducted in the waters of the Gulf of Mexico, near the city of Port Aransas.The authors studied the propagation of acoustic waves in two frequency ranges: 100 kHz, Read more [...]
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Forgotten for 30 years in the closet turtle survive without food

Area of expertise of the Brazilian family found his missing sweetheart in 1982 named Manuela in the box, going through old things in the house. Residents of the Brazilian city of Rio de Janeiro were quite amazed when I accidentally found in his home a turtle named Manuela, lost 30 years ago.Family reunited with Almed favorite after finally decided to disassemble the old pantry, which for years piled many unnecessary things. - We have not seen since 1982, Manuel: then we have in the house was renovated and we thought that the turtle escaped when workers left the front door open. Despite the long Read more [...]
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The scientists filmed the dolphins rescued his brother

The first case of a group of dolphins saving the dying adult specimens Korean scientists have recorded during the observation of cetaceans in the south-east coast of South Korea. During monitoring of cetaceans near the south-eastern coast South Korea Scientists have made a surprising discovery - the first documented case of a group of dolphins saving the dying adult individuals, according to RIA Novosti. Scientists are cases where one or two adult dolphin tried to save her baby. However, collective concern for the adult in these mammals is celebrated for the first time. Biologists have Read more [...]
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The cat was 320 km to go home

With her incredible journey cat Holly was a sensation and confound scientists, who can not explain how the cat managed to find their way home once in 320 kilometers from home. During a family trip cat Holly dropped out of the container for transport, and the family has no hope ever to see it. But after two months of road, exhausted and tired she appeared on the doorstep of a house in Florida. Hostess week nursed a cat, because of its long road legs were swollen and cracked pads on them. After Holly little recovered, rescuer took her to the vet to check whether the animal chip, on which we can Read more [...]
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Briton found in the snow mysterious orange frogs

UK resident Steve Atkin clear snow outside his home when he saw a bright object sticking out of the snowbank. Man examined his find better and realized that before him - orange frog."When I saw the orange thing, I thought it was a toy, accidentally dropped by someone of the children. I bent down and held out his hand, when the subject of intense color jumped aside. I had to bend over to make sure - in front of me is a live frog" - says a surprised British.Atkin put amphibian in his pocket and began to scatter snow hands to see if in the snow the other animals. As a result, searching Read more [...]
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Freakish figures living in the skies over Israel

In autumn, millions of starlings are sent to winter in warmer climates. Most of them are going through the cold in the subtropical zone, adjacent to the warm Mediterranean Sea.A flock of starlings near the Israeli town of Netivot. © Amir Cohen | ReutersOne of the popular places of migration is Israel, where in recent days, flocks of starlings are discharged in the sky fanciful shapes. Local residents enjoy watching starlings.A flock of starlings near the Israeli town of Netivot. © Amir Cohen | ReutersSpend the winter in the Holy Land, too, like starlings. Although during Read more [...]
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Who are afraid of white sharks

The researchers found those who prey on the terrible and horrible white sharks - and this was a hunter Brazilian luminous shark, which is much inferior to the white in size, but that is often found in the attacks on animals greatly exceed its size.Brazilian luminous shark - one of the most unique marine predators. If its not too impressive size (length, at best, it reaches half a meter), the Brazilian luminescent shark attack animals much larger than themselves. What is strange: usually small sharks choose small prey. However, with the victims of the heroine notes come in a very peculiar: Read more [...]
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Dung beetles are guided by the stars

In the moonless night, dung beetles, which foraged at night, guided by the stars - but not for everyone, but only by the Milky Way.Not only people and birds can check in the direction of his travels on the stars. Scientists from the University of Lund (Sweden) found that ability in creatures, which, in this sense, one might last, - the dung beetles. According to researchers, this is the only proven case that insects are able to navigate by the stars.Finding, as it were, a lot of waste, dung beetle rolls a ball and roll it off as quickly as possible, so as not to face potential competitors or Read more [...]
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Rescued cat owner in Cape Town

A resident of Claremont, one of the "black" areas of Cape Town, Dennis van den Berg knew immediately that something was wrong when his cat Whisky strange myauknuv jumped on his back and grabbed her claws.It happened around midnight in the private home of Mr. van den Berg, located down the street Ruzenveld. Forty-four men are in a relaxed state, and was ready to depart for the night, when his favorite moustached suddenly made a strange sound and plunged his claws into his back. "The sound was more like a groan than a meow, but once in my back was at least a dozen sharpened claws, Read more [...]
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In the U.S., a horse can now easily open doors

A horse that knows no barriers and before which opens all doors. So the U.S. is now called a mare named Mariska. On his farm, she saw through the secrets of all latches and Latches. Record hit the Internet and became instantly popular. Pet owners, of course, were not very happy that Mariska walks by himself, but then resigned because she did not try to escape.Category: Animals Read more [...]
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Stingrays like birds

Ramps are also trying to fly like a bird.
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Actions doghanterov approve only 9% of Russians, poll

The majority of Russians (72%) did not approve of the doghanterov - people who are on their own kill or poison stray dogs, said Thursday the fund "public opinion." Most people who are against doghanterov, lives in Moscow (84%) and cities with over a million (80%), but also in small towns and villages, more than half of the population adhere to the same view - 67% and 63%, respectively . Only 9% of the population approve of killing or poisoning of stray dogs. According to the poll, in all communities, in addition to Moscow, many stray dogs - so says half of the respondents as a whole. Read more [...]
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Behavior of predators denies rules of natural selection

Evolutionary scientists for a long time deceived the public by claiming that predators choose prey among the sick and debilitated animals. But recent studies debunk this fundamental dogma of natural selection, causing serious udarpo theory of evolution in general. It is not always the predator becomes the prey of a weak or sick animal even easy availability of money. Everyone knows that dogs love to chase after all - from rubber toys to neighborhood cats and cars. The same is true for most predators. They like to hunt and kill. Let me give you a few examples to illustrate this important, Read more [...]
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Sperm whales shelter dolphin disabled

01/21/2013 According to international media reports, the German biologist witnessed a unique event in the Azores, where a group of sperm whales taken in their community dolphin disabled. The animal marked defect of the spine, but it is now does not prevent him from living a full life.Scientists have discovered a group of sperm whales Physeter macrocephalus species near the island of Pico, which is included in the Azores archipelago. The team consisted of a number of adults and their offspring. Suddenly of sperm whales, researchers found adult bottlenose dolphin species Tursiops truncatus. The Read more [...]
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Tigers in the Snow — Video of the English fleet

In the video, a few tigers with pleasure ride in the snow and are very interested in the Park staff fashioned snowman, trying to understand what it is.
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Scientists have discovered why the wolves can not be tamed

Comparing the behavior of pups and pups, the researchers found that they respond differently to the world. This explains why the dog susceptible to tame, and wolves - no. The research, conducted by U.S. biologists from the University of Massachusetts, published in the journal Ethology. Unlike dogs, which are genetically similar, wolves can not live with a man. To understand how this is related to their behavioral characteristics, the researchers observed in the laboratory for the development of 11 pups and 43 pups. It turned out that they have different perceptions of the new information. Read more [...]
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A dog's level of development comparable to the year-old child

The fact that the most loyal four-legged friend of man - a dog, is not deprived of intelligence and understanding, people seem to have always known, but, as recent research in this area, the results exceeded all expectations. According to the statement of one of the famous American psychologist Stanley handlers and Coren, a dog in their mental development is similar to the 2-year old child. The dog can do simple arithmetic, count and learn up to 165 different words. Stanley Coren's statement confirms Joseph Topal, head of a group of Hungarian scientists of the Academy of Sciences. The researchers Read more [...]
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Back to school: feet, tail, telepathy …

For centuries next to the man were his true friends - pets. Hunt was the first human occupation of the main means of his livelihood. Domesticated dog, people got to help not only the fast legs, sharp teeth and a great vision, but also the fact that no money can not buy - selfless devotion, love and friendship. Cats also brought a lot of benefits, eliminating harmful rodents, and for centuries pets have lived side by side with a man, but, nevertheless, continue to amaze us with its mysterious powers. It has long been known that animals can sense natural disasters, and in the event of danger, the Read more [...]
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