As a chameleon changes its color?

Chameleon - a small lizard of not more than 25-30 centimeters. There is another amazing chameleon ability - change color from bright green to gray-black or yellow. It is believed that it does so in order to disguise the color of the environment. There is even a completely unfounded opinion that the chameleon can not only change the color of the body, but also to reproduce any image of the surrounding background, until the black and white squares of the chessboard. However, it is not. The fact that the chameleon has a very transparent skin, under which there are cells in red, black and yellow. Read more [...]
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In the Mekong Delta found walking catfish

Mekong in Indochina continues to make numerous discoveries of scientists. Biologists compare it to the Amazon in South America, the variety of species, and journalists have referred to as "the lost world."Only in 1997, the Mekong valley were discovered more than 1.7 thousand new plants and animals, including 13 previously unknown to science of fish, 21 species of reptiles, five amphibians and five species of mammals. Only in 2011, it discovered 126 new species. Many are unusual appearance and abilities.Among the new discoveries, which writes LiveScience, for example, is "walking Read more [...]
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Scientists have discovered an extinct species of dwarf whale

Ha odnom of beregov Novoy Zelandii was obnaruzhen karlikovy whale kotorogo uchenye cchitayut vymershim mnogo let nazad.Takaya nahodka yavlyaetcya krayne vazhnym cobytiem nauki in mire, Lo IT'S pozvolit bolee detalno iccledovat zhivotnoe, o kotorom uchenye znayut ochen malo. In chactnocti, teper ctanet yacno, pochemu these morckie zhiteli otlichayutcya From octalnyh morckih mlekopitayuschih.Uchenye predpolagayut, chto vybroshenny kit - IT'S pocledny predctavitel dannogo roda. Karlikovye whales otnocitelno nebolshie: their dlina coctavlyaet vcego 6.5 metrov. Obitayut they are normally Read more [...]
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German complained molested her pigeon

A resident of the German city of Darmstadt, has complained to the police on a dove, which is already a few weeks following her, writes The Local According to her, the bird is always looking for the opportunity to talk with her, walks in the yard of her home, walking on the terrace and even a few times to fly into the living room, reports "". As told to a German, a "strange dove" is willing to be friends with her for nearly three weeks. She noted that the behavior of a dove gray indicates the seriousness of his intentions - it seems that he is interested in "family Read more [...]
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Died dog-diver

Vladivostok dog died, famed for his unusual hobby for a dog, he was involved in diving. According to preliminary data, the animal died from poisoning.Cable dachshund Boniface was perfectly healthy, and, most of all, just ate something on the street while walking. "Veterinarians are, unfortunately, not able to save the dog. We are all very sorry "- shared with the newspaper" Interfax "the owner of the legendary dachshund - diver, biologist and head of the training center divers Sergei Gorbunov.Along with the pet they dive in the pool and on the sea. Special suit vest reminiscent Read more [...]
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Do not wake a sleeping crocodile

"Do not go to the children walk to Africa, Africa, sharks, gorillas in Africa, Africa big crocodiles" :)
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Discovered three new species of slow loris

Poisonous primate with two languages does not seem to find the best pet store, but the slow loris (Nycticebus sp.) With big eyes and affectionate attractive face is the main goal poachers in South-East Asia and adjacent islands. Researchers from Missouri have identified three new species of slow loris, which previously ranked as one species. New species come from the Indonesian island of Borneo. The scientists noticed that some animals differ in size, density and hair colors. By studying the animals, museum exhibits and photographs, the researchers were able to identify four species, once considered Read more [...]
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Sea lion, born in the Okhotsk Sea, found at the rookery in the Pacific

Scientists Commander Reserve on Kamchatka found on winter rookery in Avacha bay male sea lion, which was marked by still young in the hundreds of kilometers away from this place on Yamskie Islands in the north of the Okhotsk Sea, told RIA Novosti on Tuesday, Deputy Director of the Reserve "Magadan" Irina Utekhina."Information about the sea lions on the reserve labeled" Magadan ", came to our colleagues from the Commander of the reserve. They noticed a label on it, performed on him in 2004. For us, this is the first known case of sea lions, born in the north of the Sea of Read more [...]
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15 Most small animal planet

1. The Philippine tarsier, about 10 cm2. Seahorse Hippocampus denise, about 16 mm. 3. Pygmy marmosets, 11-15 cm 4. Tambelina - the smallest horse, height - about 45 cm 5. The smallest hamster named Puig, 2.5 cm 6. The smallest dog Duckie, growth - 12.4 cm. 7. The smallest cat named Mr. Pibblz, 15.5 cm in height 8. Pink armadillo body length up to 15 cm 9. Mouse lemur, length - up to 27 cm 10. Frog Monte Iberia Eleuth, 9mm. 11. Uzkorotaya Barbados snake, up to 10 cm in length 12. Hummingbird-bee, up to 5 cm 13. The smallest fish Paedocypris Carp, Read more [...]
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Bear — cannibal terrorizes Irkutsk Region

In the Irkutsk region one of the local villages besieged by wild animals. Because of the rather hungry, some bears do not have time to accumulate enough fat and formed into hibernation. Now rods terrorize the neighborhood of the village. And unarmed people try in the woods no longer go, because somewhere out there wandering bear eater.Category: Animals Read more [...]
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Male homosexuality was a means of attracting females

12/12/2012 Scientists have found that the small tropical fish males increase their chances of mating, the females showing courtship of other fish. In this case, the floor does not have facilities for courting females values. The paper was published in the journal Biology Letters, and a summary of its results ScienceNow.Scientists working with the tropical fish Poecilia mexicana, which is a close relative of the well-known aquarium guppies. The authors noted that the small males, which usually look bad in the eyes of female sexual partners, are used to attract the attention of the opposite sex Read more [...]
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Buffalo rescued fellow attacking crocodile

It would seem, what case to another buffalo buffalo pace which grabbed a stranglehold huge crocodile and dragged into the water to where the accident would have been waiting for certain death. After all, according to the theory of action by instinct he had to flee from danger, but the buffalo came to the rescue and literally planted a crocodile on the horns and threw up. Crocodile that day is clearly not lucky, unlike his victims. Here's a stupid animals on the assurances of scientists.Category: Animals Read more [...]
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Scientists declassified main weapon cats

Parasite Toxoplasma gondii able to change the behavior of rodents so that they lose their fear and become easy prey for cats. Parasite of cats can already be transmitted to man. Apparently, it affects the victim's immune system, causing it to produce a compound commonly found in the brain.Perhaps the immune system and the brain evolved, using a similar mechanism in order to control behavior, says Antonio Barragan from the Karolinska Institute. So, normally a parasite must absorb dendritic cells. Thus, other immune cells learn to recognize the pathogen. This writes MedDaily. However, the Read more [...]
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Dog waiting for the fourth month in the dead of the flood mistress

10/12/2012 In the Crimean Krasnodar region of Russia lives dog, who every day at the same place waiting for his owner, who died during the summer floods.House on Trinity Street collapsed four months ago, when huge amounts of water flooded the city. Flood down the wall, swivel fence and destroyed the station. The water was lost and the hostess. After the fatal night there was only dog Mukhtar. Four months of dog guarding what was left of the house. According to neighbors, Mukhtar behave calmly at no barking, no snaps, and the limits of their possessions does not leave. The news of the Crimean Read more [...]
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In the Crimean dog five months waiting for the hostess, who died in the flood

Worst flooding that claimed hundreds of lives in Krymsk, has left its mark on the fate of not only people, but animals. In a city affected by the disaster, on the ruins of an old house for a few months waiting for the dead his mistress loyal dog named Mukhtar. Lonely dog noticed neighbors. Mukhtar did not depart from the former home of a step, howled sadly, still not knowing that the owner will never come. First dog habitually even guarding the ruins of strangers: barking, no one did not admit to them. But now, sadly only looks at anyone who approaches him. - At this place there was a two-story Read more [...]
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New Zealand dog learned to drive a car

In New Zealand, three dogs have learned to drive a car, according to SkyNews. Three are in a local shelter dogs - Monty Porter and Ginny - trainers for five weeks were taught to drive in a special layout is a cart with a seat, steering wheel, shifter and pedals. When dogs have mastered the driving simulator, they transplanted to these cars, where they trained for three weeks. According to a professional trainer Mark Vette, who previously had to work with birds, rats and deer, dogs are quite capable to remember the necessary sequence of actions to control the machine. "However, they still Read more [...]
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Birds use in the construction of the nest stubs to control insect pests

Urban birds can use cigarette butts to "smoke out" insect pests out of their nests, scientists have figured out the Mexican. It is known that birds use in the construction of nests plants containing substances that repel pests. Tobacco leaves also contain compounds that repel insects, especially parasitic mites.Environmental specialist at the National Autonomous University of Mexico Montserrat Suarez-Rodriguez and her colleagues decided to find out whether the city birds use against parasites in the form of tobacco and cigarette butts, the publication Nature News.The authors of the Read more [...]
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Died the world's largest crocodile

The biggest crocodile in the world, died in the Philippines. Seven meter reptile lived in the ecological park in the province of Agusan del Sur, British newspaper "Daily Telegraph". Giant named Lulun was caught by Filipino officials in September 2011. 100 people, led by Mayor Edwin Cox Elorde Bunavana, participated in a large-scale operation. Crocodile named in honor of one of the participants in hunting, who died of a heart attack soon after its successful completion.© Stringer | ReutersThe giant reptile was entered in the Guinness Book of Records. Age Luluna scientists estimate Read more [...]
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In Australia, a man-eating crocodile killed a child in front of parents

Reptile grabbed the boy when he was in the company of their parents relax on the banks of the lagoon.Last weekend near the town of Darwin in northern Australia was attacked by a crocodile 12-year-old boy, who was on vacation with friends in a quiet lagoon. In front of a horrified parents reptile grabbed and dragged a child. Intsidet This was the second in the last two weeks.It all happened when the children splashing in the water. There was a loud cry of the boy, who ran on the frightened adults. They tried to hit the child in the animal. Men armed with spears, but they could not do anything, Read more [...]
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Dolphin bitten by a girl …

Entertainment complex, the children are fed dolphins. As it turned out it is very unsafe to do. Dolphin bitten by a girl's hand. The child suffered minor but painful travmy.Etot strange incident occurred at SeaWorld. Orlando. Dolphins never attacked a person, at least until this case. It is hoped that this is just a tragic accident and the dolphin just made a mistake trying to grasp the proffered fish.Category: Animals Read more [...]
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