In Arkhangelsk pink snow fell

In the Arkhangelsk region found pink snow. The unusual phenomenon was seriously frightened residents of northern villages. Alexander lives in the village Pillars Korban Shenkursky district. It was at his house last week suddenly snow was colored pink. Man frightened in earnest. He immediately brought the unusual precipitation and went to Archangel in his own car. And this is the way, 350 kilometers. Coat color in the fall? - Last week, the thaw began, - says Alexander. - From the roofs of houses began to melt water, began to appear icicles. This is normal, we are confronted with it regularly. Read more [...]
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Bogorodsk area residents tell of meetings with snowman

Nizhny Novgorod ufologists in a forest area Bogorodsky found traces of Bigfoot. Although because of the thick vegetation outlines stop Bigfoot could not be found, the experts drew attention to the strange intertwining trees, which are usually in their place stands leaves snowman.Never caughtFirst started talking about the snow man in the early 1950s. Then in many American magazines contained articles about meetings climbers with a mysterious creature Bigfoot in the remote Himalayan mountains. Then it began to meet in the mountains of the former Soviet Union. In 1954, British newspaper The Daily Read more [...]
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Unsolved Mysteries of the Moon

NASA, the U.S. space agency, put on your site is small - two-minute film, made by space probes, more than a year working for the lunar orbit. Around the middle of recording before the eyes of the lunar landscape, and indeed there is something very similar to the ruins ... large and if the man-made structures: walls plotted like a ruler, joined at right angles. A second aspect that has attracted attention for thousands of people, was something like a huge hole in the lunar soil. Call her entrance into the interior of the moon. About lunar mysteries we asked Don reputable astrophysicist, Doctor Read more [...]
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Mind games — a girl of 16 years of zero out memory

Looking at old family photos, Taylor Smart thinks she looks into the lives of others. Now she is 18, and two years ago with the fall of the girl forgot all about myself. However, after the accident, she still found their home, but had to re-examine his life story. "I did not recognize my friends house and dogs. I again showed how to use cutlery, tying shoelaces and even write letters, "- says Taylor. "I felt as if he came here from another planet." The girl Ehlers-Danlos syndrome, known as "giperelastichnost skin", which is fraught with danger easily dislocated Read more [...]
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Pyrokinesis — burned alive

Since time immemorial, there are cases where people turned into a handful of ashes in just a couple of seconds from the fire suddenly broke out, which was of unknown origin. It was found that the flame temperature at the time of human spontaneous combustion as three thousand degrees. But interestingly, located next to the likes of flammable items such as paper, linen, wool and so on, the flame is not affected. A case where a man, lying in bed, started blazing flame, but the blanket and sheet remained intact. That happened in 1992 with Ron Praystom, who lived in Sydney and worked as a firefighter Read more [...]
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Teleportation stranger in Brazil

Video is not new and not the fact that it is an alien, but still very interesting.

Category: Anomalies

In Crimea, 15 and flowered snowdrops

Sevastopol has been a real spring. Green circle, and even bloom snowdrops. Usually primroses bloom here in early March, but the abnormally warm weather has accelerated the process. In the last few days in the Crimea was +15. Unexpected surprise inhabitants of the Crimea cyclone brought from Africa, reports TV Star.
Category: Anomalies
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Winter storm in Kemerovo

Unusual natural phenomenon observed residents Yashkinskogo district of Kuzbass. The night sky zavyuzhennom they saw lightning.The phenomenon, which meteorologists call "snow storm", Saturday night saw people Yashkino. The appearance of lightning - a common occurrence in the spring or summer storm, but extremely rare in winter, especially in the Kuzbass, reports portal Vse42. "With the snow, or snow, thunder storm rain falls instead of rain snow, freezing rain or ice pellets. Quite often this weather phenomenon is observed in the cold, the residents of the coastal towns near the Read more [...]
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In China, the century-old grandmother alive 16 hours after the death

January 19 at the county Lianjiao Zhanjiang city, Guangdong Province 101-year-old grandmother suddenly "died." Her family did not find it any signs of life and began to prepare for the funeral. But the next day, being the 16 hours of "dead", the old woman suddenly miraculously revived, told local newspaper "Southern District". The village Shenshuytun County Lianjiao city of Zhanjiang, Guangdong Province live 101-year-old woman Peng Xiuhu. She has two daughters who are married and live far away, they were 70-year-old grandmother. Peng looked after my mother for Read more [...]
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A group of more than 100,000 dolphins seen off the coast of San Diego

A group of more than 100 000 (one hundred thousand) See dolphins off the coast of San Diego and the sight shocked witnesses. "They went from all sides, it got so far as the eye can see!" - Says Joe Dutra. Where they gathered in such numbers? San Andreas fault activated and waiting for the promised California scientists mega-earthquake? Joe's boat captain, arranging tour boat trips. During such trips he and the men on board his vessel witnessed incredible procession of hundreds of thousands of dolphins, 7 km from the coast. The captain said that the area occupied by floating dolphins Read more [...]
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Polish anomalous zone — Glienicke

UFO Arkadiusz Myazga is publishing his book on UFO incidents in Poland, many of which were collected by the author himself during his research. On the Internet, a small piece was published, dedicated to a series of mysterious events in one place - the Carpathian village Glienicke, which, perhaps, can claim to be "anomalous zone". We offer you a translation from Polish of the fragment of the book.Rarely happens that a UFO show constant activity in one place for a long time. A similar situation I faced in Carpathian Glienicke, located some 15 km to the south of the Ropczyce. There have Read more [...]
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In the Kyrgyz part of the Tian Shan is located mysterious Ala-Archa

Observed that some abnormal phenomena, such as the appearance of UFOs, often observed in the sparsely populated and rarely visited regions of the people in the mountains, jungles, deserts, in the far north. One of the "anomalous" regions - the mountains of Tien Shan, where the persistent reports of encounters with strange ...In the Kyrgyz part of the Tian Shan is located Ala-Archa, who was once a favorite place for visiting climbers. Few of them have not seen a UFO or is not found signs of Bigfoot. Now visited by climbers here not so often, but not mysterious accidents still can not Read more [...]
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Electric people

For the first time the phenomenon of "electric people" was investigated in 1846 godu.15 January this year a French girl named Angelica koten, who recently turned 14 years old, had to go through a strange state, lasting no more than quire minutes. As she approached an object, they immediately bounced away. Even very heavy furniture from a light touch of her hands and started jumping around the room spinning. The French Academy of Sciences formed a special study group to study the case, and in the February issue of "Journal de Debat" report was published in this group. According Read more [...]
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Chupacabra — a mysterious creature that sucks the blood of animals

Have you ever seen that you can not explain, for example, animals that live outside of nature, as it were? Or, perhaps, have heard stories about these creatures that come out of nowhere, leave strange marks on the ground and look at you with burning red eyes. Such beings are outside the scope of science, have been seen numerous eyewitnesses. Talk about them since ancient times. They are a source of night terrors and the myths and legends around the world. Monsters of the skies, forests and deep waters were part of an alternate history for thousands of years. The appearance of one of these creatures Read more [...]
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27-year-old woman aged 40 years after birth

The face of a young girl from China six months after the birth of the child was covered with wrinkles and sagging. 27-year-old mother has become like an old woman.Chinese woman named Wu struck physicians amazing changes in my appearance that took place shortly after the birth of her second child.Young girl in six months that have passed since the birth of the baby, turned into an elderly person: the skin on her face sagged and was covered with deep wrinkles.According to a married woman, instead of enjoying the joys of motherhood, she is forced to hide themselves from the people. Ambient always Read more [...]
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In the skies over the Bryansk appeared glowing portal, the same as in Turkey

On January 25 Bryansk were reported abnormal phenomenon, such-as in Turkey over Ankara in December 2012. Portals are virtually identical.Information and photos published edition of "Our Bryansk" mentioning the comments of witnesses and that the video was filmed anomaly. Apparently these photos are screenshots from the video, but my attempts to find the original unfortunately not led to nothing. If someone knows or has seen where you can watch the original video - write.One would assume that this is an attempt to raise local journalists a rating or just fake, but the comments that accompany Read more [...]
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Briton found in the snow mysterious orange frogs

UK resident Steve Atkin clear snow outside his home when he saw a bright object sticking out of the snowbank. Man examined his find better and realized that before him - orange frog."When I saw the orange thing, I thought it was a toy, accidentally dropped by someone of the children. I bent down and held out his hand, when the subject of intense color jumped aside. I had to bend over to make sure - in front of me is a live frog" - says a surprised British. Atkin put amphibian in his pocket and began to scatter snow hands to see if in the snow the other animals. As a result, searching Read more [...]
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Lightning smashed to pieces the church, but spared the houses

The faithful people of Plymouth were stunned by the recent incident - the storm that swept over the region on Monday, did not suffer any building except the church. Late in the evening on January 21 in Plymouth raging wild waste: the wind broke off the wire, pouring rain, and there were bright flashes of lightning. Citizens, lurking in their homes, afraid that the hurricane damaged the building, but it did not. Early in the morning the Americans who examined their land in search of faults and malfunctions, drew attention to the absence of one of the four stone towers, located on the roof of Read more [...]
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Underground anomaly! In the thirty-degree frost in the Kurgan region boiling water gushed out of the ground. In St. Petersburg, found a historical document of flying saucers 18th century. Anomalous earthquake in Cheboksary. Seismic safety of residents scared tremors. -Luxury house in the center of Kiev flared up at night, when most residents were asleep. -Vampires exist! This is sure a resident of the Perm region Alexey Panfilov. -Sensation from the island of Taiwan. Local police photographed the three-meter creature unknown to science.Category: Anomalies Read more [...]
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Strange sounds: the U.S. and Argentina

Strange sounds in Georgia, USA - 23.01.2013. 10-minute video of strange vibrating rumbling sound coming at regular intervals. There is a feeling that they are going in all directions of the sky. During the recording was vibrating box. Strange sounds in the sky, Buenos Aires, Argentina - January 2013.Category: Anomalies Read more [...]
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