Most mysterious sea on the planet

Blue sea from distant times seemed hostile to man and hazardous environments. As on land, there is in it, and their anomalous zones. In addition to all the long and well-known Bermuda Triangle and the Mariana Trench, in all the oceans of the world found a lot of places with strange and mysterious natural properties, sometimes fatal to all life ... Sea Devil - is the portion of the Pacific Ocean, located to the south-east of Japan. He is a triangle with vertices on the islands of Honshu, Luzon, and Guam. In the area of the Sea Devil there are various anomalies. In particular, there are no marine Read more [...]
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Bigfoot filmed in the U.S.


The great mystery of the ancient temples Bakshaev

Vitaly Fedorov took a deep breath - If I knew that this place has such unusual properties - in his eyes flashed sorrow - that would never have uttered those words, which have played a cruel joke with me. I just miraculously survived ... On a magical effect on people's lives of the old temples and colleague says Vitali Kimovich Yanina Rafikova and archaeologist from St. Petersburg Alex Lingaliu. According to them, by visiting the New Bayramgulovskogo settlement expeditions, some participants changed their place of work, residence, found their soul mate, free from physical and spiritual ailments. Read more [...]
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Chupacabra wreaking havoc in Puerto Rico

In the town of San Lorenzo farmer and his family personally witnessed the attack of a mysterious nocturnal visitor. Mysterious beast destroyed about 10 animals on a farm in the Puerto Rican town of San Lorenzo. Around the yard scattered carcasses of ducks, chickens and goats. On the bodies of unfortunate animals found holes the size of a quarter. The farmer and his family witnessed the attack "white beast length of about 2 feet (60 cm)." They are of the animals attacked by none other than the chupacabra. We know that this predator does not eat his victims, and makes an incision Read more [...]
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A bright flash of light startled residents of Winnipeg in Canada

A bright flash of light startled residents of Winnipeg in Canada. The cause is still unknown.
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In Okinawa, a strange substance from a crashed UFO caused the death of millions of fish

A man goes to a ford across the sea of dead fish, dead from a chemical leaked from a crashed UFO. Okinawa, Japan is the first sign of the troubled UFO crash off the coast of Okinawa, has finally arrived. Millions of dead fish, weighing more than fifty tons were washed away along the coast of Japan. Some of the dead fish showed signs of severe burns and bleeding from the eyes. Former Prime Minister of Japan, Yoshihiko Noda, has signed a decree to limit the coverage of Japanese media UFO crash. Several local agencies quietly filed numerous objections to the office of Prime Minister. But he Read more [...]
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The attacks of goblins in Zimbabwe have closed hospital

Employee of the clinic in Zimbabwe refused to return to work because they were afraid of goblins, who allegedly attacked them, writes local newspaper NewsDay. The incident with the mystical creatures in hospital occurred in late 2012, and local residents claim that the clinic is free.According to a local resident Mheleti Moyo, the clinic was made "sweep" of the goblins. "We wanted to prove it by the nurses, but they do not want to go because they are afraid that once again attacked," - said the source publication.Currently, medical facility, was closed because of maintenance Read more [...]
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Wonderful rain

In our life, there is always a miracle that some of the miracles are most likely to be explained by natural factors, but some ... and remain forever unsolved mysteries. The cases of the unknown, especially in far away times, scared people and forced them to turn to a higher power for help. Miraculous rain just out of this series. "Devonshire Satan"Devon in 1855 was attacked by Lucifer claimed peasants. He was able to overcome the overnight distance of 150 kilometers, leaving a fear in the hearts of local residents. Footprints in the snow were in the shape of horses' hooves, and Read more [...]
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Chupacabra pohozyaynichat in Teikovo

Chupacabra, the Teikovo (Ivanovo region) 15/01/13 Survey was conducted mistress in the first day after the activity chupacabra. Killed two rabbits.
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Observers from the parallel world

Observers here, and whether we like it or not, they are working on our past, present and future. There is an assumption that the observers - are beings from another dimension. Sometimes they get into our world only to them driven reasons, arising as fleeting shadows, vaporous effects or strange glowing orbs. Observers recorded at numerous events and places in time and space. History is replete with their presence. They were observed during the war, presidential inaugurations, in the daily life of ordinary people. And, who knows, maybe our website at this very moment ...But why would they come Read more [...]
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Extreme Events: Events — from 7 to 14 January 2013

Extreme weather events in 2013. Earthquakes, floods, strange sounds and buzz, new record-high and low temperatures — and all this for the past week. This video shows only a part of it …
Category: Anomalies
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Yeti lair in the U.S.

The video was filmed back in 2010, but only recently made public
Category: Anomalies

Abnormal elevation of the distant mountains, the mountains misty …

Desolate, forbidding mountains keep many secrets. And many legends associated with these natural objects excite the minds of people. The strange disappearance of single travelers and groups, collective visual and auditory hallucinations, flying over mountain ranges UFOs - all inexplicably scared and that's why so attractive. Thousands of fans travel to the mountains every year flock to the most inaccessible areas of the rocks, and many paid with their lives. However, the number of those who learn the secrets of the mountains were not reduced, and who knows, maybe one day people will be able Read more [...]
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Gone nowhere. Holes in time

Among the mysterious pages of our special place in the world history of sudden appearance or disappearance of people. The number of such events is rather high and it is possible that some of the stories about the disappearance of people just glossed over mysticism, but what about those of certificates that have been repeated tests, and at times were kept secret in order not to confuse the minds of his contemporaries. Representatives of the ancient civilizations also pay attention to the sudden disappearance of the tribesmen, as in the description of the battle in ancient Greece, the mention of Read more [...]
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The woman did not sleep for three years because of the obsessive songs

A pensioner from England lost sleep over normal song that always sounds in her head. Doctors believe the rare form of musical hallucinations.The last three years of life have turned to 63-year-old Susan Ruth real torture. In her head stuck popular hit 50's How much is that Doggie in the Window, which she heard day and night.Doctors believe that a woman suffers from a rare form of musical hallucinations.Pensioner also terrorize such tunes as the anthem of Great Britain and congratulatory song Happy birthday.- It started three years ago. Since then, in my mind - a radio that can not Read more [...]
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In the footage, NASA sent probes to the moon, were the ruins of a building

Two research vehicles before crashing into our natural satellite at the end of December 2012, did an amazing video. NASA released footage taken by the camera, which were installed on the twin satellites Ebb and Flow. Agency broke the surface of the moon for research purposes. Shooting took place on December 14 - three days before the planned disaster. One camera filmed the picture in front - in the course of the flight, the other - behind. Surface features of the moon appeared from a height of less than 10 kilometers. Spectacle - in itself exciting.The twin probes studied lunar gravity Read more [...]
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An explosive sound continues to scare people in the U.S.

Residents in the area said they heard a strange loud sound that was like a huge explosion. It was not an earthquake, because monitoring USGS has no reports of earthquakes in this area.
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A man died in California from spontaneous combustion

Police believe the man died of spontaneous combustion after experts examined his body burned. The man was burned, but the fire did not cause any more damage to anything in the other house. No traces of flammable substances also were found. Authorities Sequoyah County, conducted an investigation into the death of 65-year-old Danny Vandzanta after his charred remains were found yesterday in his home. Police and firefighters brought the neighbors who saw smoke coming from the house.Category: Anomalies Read more [...]
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People-puzzle: a computer in his head

We all know that some people have the ability to instantly produce in the mind of operations with very large numbers, sometimes faster than the calculator or computer. Usually they are not able to explain how they do it. Many of them use their talent at all in mathematics, and in variety shows. Frenchman Jacques Inaudi (born in 1867) from seven years to earn a living by producing the eyes of the venerable public computing speed available, perhaps the only modern computers. Two seconds he read one 21-digit number from another, extracting the fifth root, etc. This kid is always something muttered Read more [...]
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Plane crashed in the sun?

You can see for yourself
Category: Anomalies

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