In China, in January 2013 recorded a record low temperature. In Yakutia and Khabarovsk to minus 50.

In China, the winter of 2012/13 has been called the coldest in 30 years. By 11 January at the north-east of the country recorded minus 44 degrees. And it is - warming, said channel "Russia 24". A few days ago, the thermometer showed 48 degrees below zero. Came the cold, even in the southern provinces of the country where such forecasts have not seen before. In cities urgently build a shelter for the homeless. Suffer from the cold hundreds of thousands. Low temperatures resulted in a massive loss of livestock, and freezing rain caused serious damage to agriculture.Source.Yakutia and Read more [...]
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Mysterious tremors land Tennecsi, United States, causing damage to buildings and becomes a puzzle for experts

According to Dig Triad, Tuesday Humble County residents in Morristown called the emergency services to report the earth shake and a loud explosion, which caused damage to buildings. Initially, the U.S. Geological Survey reported that the area was not recorded earthquakes. This prompted local officials of the Office of Emergency Management to investigate other possible causes of the accident. TV station 10News spoke with the Environmental Protection Department of Tennessee, and then blasting in quarries were excluded. Journalists are also connected with the Center for Earthquake Research Read more [...]
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Creepy video skrezhechuschih mystical sounds in Indianapolis, USA

A series of grinding sound in Indianapolis, 12:14 day 07/01/2013. Official authorities say three reps. The man who made the recording on the cell phone, started recording with sirens before the 2nd repetition of sound. The last of the sonic booms were so strong that they have cracked the window.
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At the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean, off the coast of the United States, found underwater Washington Monument

Armed with patience and a program GOOGLE EARTH6, Frank Martin Salish (FM Salichs) found interesting objects on the seabed.Besides the pyramids, Frank identified obelisk resembling the famous Washington Monument, but exceeds the size of religious buildings of the U.S. capital (height Washington Monument is 169 feet). The rounded shape and some details of the base indicate that the needle may be artificial."In the study of the oceans with GOOGLE EARTH6 I found the 640-foot obelisk in the form of a tower. It is located about 120 ml of the coast of New Jersey. Located on a very large plane, Read more [...]
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This strange fireball

Since ancient times, a phenomenon known as ball lightning is still a matter of controversy scientists about their origins. Additional complexity of its study is the fact that in the laboratory so far only able to recreate a copy of only the external energy of the bunch, but this is too little to understand - what is actually ball lightning?Usually there is this ball of fire in stormy weather, but described the cases it appears in the fine days. The first to call attention to the strange ball of light was Bishop Gregory of Tours (XV). Then he described this phenomenon. Since then, it took a Read more [...]
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A strange phenomenon is clearly not a natural character occurred Zelenovsk district of West Kazakhstan region

A strange phenomenon is clearly not a natural character occurred Zelenovsk district of West Kazakhstan region near the village of Rubezhka. During another bypass local ranger found in the Ural River huge wormwood. I must say that the thickness of ice on ponds Urals after Epiphany frosts 40-50 centimeters. But this ice blocks were literally vyvorochennymi and scattered on the edges of the formed fracture. Polynya itself stretches for a distance of about seventy meters. In width it is not the same. But in some places up to several tens of meters, said the publication.According to a senior specialist Read more [...]
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Rumbling sounds and ground shaking recorded in South Carolina and Alaska

Strange sounds are back and very frightened residents. Reports of loud sounds and an explosion shake buildings, came from South Carolina and Alaska.Residents in the city Lexington, January 3 in the morning awakened by loud noises similar to the bombings. The sound was so powerful that many people believe that somewhere nearby there was a crash. "It was horrible - horrible explosion woke us up. It sounded like a plane crash or explosion"Said Lisa Fields. "I also heard the" big crash and a lot of other people also heard. It was like a shot out of a huge cannon and passed Read more [...]
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Strange flash of light in an earthquake in Alaska

At the time of a strong earthquake in Alaska, the magnitude of which reached 7.5 on the Richter scale, the witnesses withdrew strange flashes of light of different colors, which took place somewhere on the horizon. I must say that no damage has not caused an earthquake, so the version with transformer - is excluded.Category: Anomalies Read more [...]
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At the station the lunar surface in Google Moon visible silhouettes humanoids and artificial structures

Lunar geoglyphs or area shooting companion got a giant humanoid or his shadow while walking on the moon? Open the Google Moon near the crater Lambert and see silhouettes men-monsters, and alien-like silhouettes, what they are usually described. Silhouettes are on the same line length of more than 500km, at regular intervals in the 36km. And that's just the ones I found, and most likely there are more of. Silhouettes look in one direction and around the field is a circle or as a thin line. Google Moon gives a detailed picture of the moon is that the surface area through which lined Read more [...]
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The rains of the living beings

< ![endif]-->Despite the rapid development of technology and human intelligence, our planet still affects people of their secrets and mysterious phenomena, which since ancient times and still have not been solved. These rather strange events include loss of unusual "Rain", which consist mainly of medium-sized animals.The first mention of this mysterious phenomenon can be found on papyrus from ancient Egypt, depicting birds and fish falling from the sky. It is not known what is the reason, but in the Middle Ages are so strange, "draft" were quite frequent, and people even Read more [...]
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Showed up again in the Carpathian Chupacabra

Chupacabra again reminded of itself. Mysterious beast in the village today pohozyaynichat Golyn is Ivano-Frankivsk region. Night were brutally strangled a dozen rabbits. Owners do not doubt: it was operating Chupacabra. All the more so in the Carpathian - this is not the first case. Olga Vyhovanskaya continue. Olga Vyhovanskaya correspondent: - The village Golyn the mystical creature that destroys the animals heard except on TV. But today an unprecedented animal deprived of all living creatures is not enough that the owners of the yard. Rabbits family Paraschak spreads for several years. Read more [...]
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300 birds fell dead from the sky in Tennessee

Residents in the afternoon on Sunday, saw a strange scene — hundreds dead birds lying on the road and surrounding fields. They just fell dead from the sky.

Sgt. Robert Stoffild from county sheriff's department said that calls from frightened residents began arriving at about 1:15 pm.

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They exist! At least so they think in Taiwan

Well, that such and such. The Chinese then lucky to stumble on a plate, and now in Taiwan humanoid filmed around the city and not somehow Taytung what, but with the head mantis and even at 3 feet tall. Oh no good all of this - not good. Look out the window, maybe under your windows is the same goes :)Category: Anomalies Read more [...]
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Invasion of jellyfish in the Balaklava Bay

January 1, 2013. In Balaklava bay bottom can not be seen - the mass of jellyfish form a real "protective" layer, covering a large part of the coastal zone. - Jellyfish brings wind or general course - says the phenomenon of plankton at the Department of the Institute of Biology of the Southern Seas, Sergei ailments. - This happens about twice a year. By the way, an unusual phenomenon caused excitement as guests of Balaklava, and among its inhabitants. Jellyfish are so numerous that they resemble a thin crust of ice on the surface of water. Arguments of the Week-CrimeaCategory: Read more [...]
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The project is saving the Dead Sea.

Dead Sea is today an area of 810 There is an urgent need to raise sea level by at least 20 meters. The fact that around the Dead Sea began to form numerous failures of soil, large and small. Their number exceeded 1400 on both sides of the sea. The main reason for this phenomenon is the collapse of the caverns. These cavities are formed by the movement of ground water in the horizontal plane and in the vertical. Horizontal flow of water increases the size of the caves in the cross-section and a vertical - making stalactites and stalagmites, weakens a set of caves, causing it to collapse. Read more [...]
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Tornado of sardines …

In coastal waters of the Philippine island of Pescador, near the island of Cebu, there have been a strange phenomenon: here sailed huge shoal sardines, small bony fish genus Sardinops. Five million of Pacific sardine staged crazy dancing in the water. Crater 30 meters moved along the coast of the Philippines. It is known that strays into large sardine shoals during spawning, but near the Philippines this has never been observed, moreover, these clusters are seasonal, and the fish-stage, Pescador not only not disappeared, but it continues to grow each year.The tremendous weight of the fish closes Read more [...]
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Chupacabra is rampant in the southern Urals

Late at night, the city of Nicholas Kusy (South Urals), passing through the city past the metal boxes, suddenly felt the eyes. Turned - and saw a strange-looking animal that is clearly interested passersby. The man was carrying a gun, he walked from the hunt. Nicholas was about to shoot, but the chupacabra, sensing danger, fled. Yuzhnouralets had to consider the beast.- The animal is very similar to a dog, but still somewhat larger. He has a bald face and large claws, long tail. More details have not had time to consider. They say the animal seen in the spring during fire fighting in the Read more [...]
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Solar light pole in Moscow

Solar light pole was observed in Moscow on December 19 2012.
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American city attacked millions of birds, eclipsing the sun

For the inhabitants of the town of Hopkinsville in Kentucky plot fi thriller Alfred Hitchcock's "The Birds" has become a reality. Huge flocks of birds that suddenly flooded the city, do not attack people, but had already scared to death of animals, droppings pollute the landscape, and their very stay in the city residents face disease, reports Reuters."When the birds take to the sky, they obstruct is all sunlight. I think millions of them here," - shared his observations of local resident William Turner. Most likely, the birds decided to spend the winter in the end Read more [...]
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Half the world has suffered from weather events

In southern China have grown icy forest in Baghdad — is not easy, and tornado footage from the U.S. look worse than any Hollywood disaster movies.
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