In the Stavropol region in December flowered lilac

In winter and summer - full flower. In Stavropol Botanical Garden in early December flowered lilac, and wondering in Nalchik on daisies and dandelions to blow away the parachutes. Experts explain the anomaly of unusually warm weather, which is now established in the North Caucasus. Stavropol lilacs bloomed this year, three times. Spring, fall and now this time - in the winter. Did not flower unless it is in the summer. But experts say, a severe drought in August, and then followed by heat rainfall brought down the plant confused, and the next cold can and does kill lilac.Category: Anomalies Read more [...]
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In Azerbaijan, there was an unusual natural phenomenon

The village Chyudyullyu Gakh region of Azerbaijan was unusual natural phenomenon. In the courtyard of the family in December Mammadovs alychovoe tree suddenly paid off.
According to family Mammadov, the first time they encounter a similar phenomenon. On the tree, in addition to the fruit, even have new buds, which means that the tree will bear fruit in the cold winter months.
Cause unexpected natural phenomenon can be warm.
Category: Anomalies
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The Englishman has bitten his dog after the animal died

Mark Els, 23, a resident of the town of Mansfield, Nottinghamshire, lost his temper when he was bitten in his sleep Staffordshire Bull Terrier named Ellie. Once the dog still shits on the carpet, in a fit of anger, Mark grabbed him by the neck and thrown out of the house. Then he moved away somewhat and decided to atone Ellie. But while swimming again so furious on some occasion, that the dog actually bit off half of his left ear. Els sat terrified and bleeding to death in a cage Ellie. The next morning, the dog died.An autopsy showed the obvious reason for the attack bull terrier - chronic Read more [...]
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A flash of light and the sound of a large explosion in Rhode Island remains a mystery

Rhode Island authorities and representatives of the Coast Guard said that they found nothing after receiving reports of an explosion in Narragansett Bay. People on both sides of the bay in Barrington and Warwick, and even in Somerset, Massachusetts, reported that they heard the sound of a strong explosion and saw a flash of light around 11:30 pm Monday. Police and Coast Guard tried to find the source of the noise and the light on the land and on the water, but officials say nothing was found. What happened remains a mystery ...Category: Anomalies Read more [...]
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Scientists are speculating that the spiders in a Brazilian city built themselves a colony on air power lines.

Last week, residents of the Brazilian city of Santo Antonio da Platina could watch the spectacle of unusual and eerie: dozens, if not hundreds of large spiders literally swept into the sky, building a network of wires on poles and power lines. Of course, a colony of spiders air captured on video, and now everyone can see that he felt, bring him to see something like that. Although we present the spiders as fierce individuals, among them there are species that tend to public zhityu. The fact that it is not an accident, not suddenly fallen rain of spiders building webs indicated: they were carefully Read more [...]
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Vampires exist: museum curator of the Komi-district vampire tooth knocked out

Vampires exist. This is sure a resident of the Komi-district, which says that a proper fist knocked one tooth out of ghouls. Now the certificate to communicate with other life forms stored in the museum as the most mysterious of the exhibit. On that fateful night, recalls the factory museum curator section Pozhva Alexey Panfilov, the sky shone a very bright moon. According to the man, the excavation of the ancient village, he had to meet with a real werewolf, or as he calls him a witness, bloodsucker. Man managed to fight back. As they say, a tooth knocked out his opponent. Now the factory Read more [...]
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Kola Superdeep. The road to hell.

One of the most ambitious projects of the Soviet era was the Kola ultradeep skvazhinaglubinoy 12,262 meters. This record remains unsurpassed to this day. Author of the report talk about the stories for this ambitious scientific experiment, talk to its direct participants, in a popular form explain the results. Viewers will be able to see the condition of the drilling to date.Drilling began in 1970, and up to the mid 80's work was completely sealed. In 1992, drilling was halted due to lack of funding - well and was not brought to a planned depth of 15 kilometers. But with the current depth Read more [...]
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Turkey has caught the vampire assailant at passers

In Turkey, this caught the vampire who attacked passersby, biting and scratching them. Doctors said 23-year-old man committed these acts to quench his thirst.The 23-year-old married a Turk who lived through tragic events in a short period of time, they developed mental disorders: a man began to suffer from bipolar disorder and has an affinity for human blood. At first, the Turks tried to quench their thirst, without violence - cut chest, arms and belly blade, deriving biological fluid collected in a cup and drink. But over time, exhausted "donor" began to look for other ways of making.Assistant Read more [...]
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Sea water on a beach near Sydney's red became siniyu

Last Tuesday, the beaches of the east coast were like "bloody sea." These photos were taken on the same day, but at night. They have not been digitally altered. "In fact - said photographer Dr. David Psaila - water was even more impressive blue than shown in these images.""For this is the body responsible under the name Noctiluca Scintillans, known as" night light. "The name is very apt, because the body fluoresces bright blue when it destroys the wave," - he said. Scientists say that the red algae, which crept along the East Coast last week, contains Read more [...]
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Video doomsday in Veliky Novgorod stirred Internet

Recently in web video has been posted on the "end of the world", filmed in Veliky Novgorod. In social networks, residents began discussing the approaching apocalypse. In Novgorod, November 27, there was a strange incident, which was filmed by witnesses and posted on the Internet. In several areas of the city after a bright flash in the sky, the lights went out. After this strange phenomenon, the city did not work with cable TV, has ceased to catch the radio. According to some users of social networks, no longer taking a mobile phone signal, according to NTV. It should be noted Read more [...]
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Strange flash of light in the sky over Chrysostom led to surges

Evening of December 2, many residents Chrysostom noted several strange flashes in the dark sky, accompanied by power surges. Some people have suggested that this winter storm, but experts confidently shallow version of the unusual winter thunderstorms. As explained by a leading forecaster Chelyabinsk meteorologist Lydia Popova, meteorologists have no information on the anomalous atmospheric phenomena in the area of mining, in addition, heavy snowfall during a lightning storm, and other phenomena are impossible. Energy suggest that the cause of the mysterious lightning was a short Read more [...]
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Female 46 years old wearing a her child. He became a mummy.

Female 46 years old wearing a her child. He became a mummy. Operation French surgeons removed the mummy and opened it in front of the camera. The woman gave birth to twins. But the doctors did not see another child …
Category: Anomalies
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In Italy, the Church had to double the number of exorcists

The Roman Catholic Church has doubled the number of exorcists in Milan, and has established a hotline to cope with the growing demand for "exorcism" of the possessed. Bishop of the Diocese of Milan and chief exorcist, said that the number of applications has doubled. The number of exorcists in Milan increased from six to 12.12 exorcists each receiving treatment in an exile that United rites. Bishop Angelo Mascheroni talks about his experience of such practices, - "There are young and old, men and women, people of different cultural standards and even children. Usually we call family." Read more [...]
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In Ontario, the naked man nearly killed a dog and drank her blood

Police in Ontario is investigating a strange case of a man who was attacked by a dog on the street in the city center early on Wednesday morning. Male 20 years old, was arrested in accordance with the Law on Mental Health, and taken to hospital. Tanner Komey, the witness of the incident, was driving home through downtown Pembroke around 12:30 am with a friend, when he saw something strange at the intersection of Pembroke Street West and Christie Street: "We drove by and saw a naked man, he was in the middle of the intersection. This was the guy who fell on the dog and bit her. It literally Read more [...]
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Scientists spoke about the strangeness going on with sleeping people

More and more people are engaged in a dream very strange things. According to the British Mental Health Foundation, more than 30% of the UK population suffer from insomnia or other sleep disorders, which can have serious mental and physical consequences. Celebrated rather strange syndrome "exploding head". - People suddenly wake up because of the loud noise, as from an explosion or lightning. With nothing on the outside, which may cause the sensation occurs. Sometimes this is accompanied by bright flashes of light in a dream.Doctors report that some strange effects caused Read more [...]
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On the Ukrainian island of Khortytsya lives Yeti

61-year-old Vladislav Buzzard from Zaporozhye, who has 30 years of searching for Bigfoot claims that Bigfoot lives on the island Khortytsya in Zaporozhye.Vladislav Antonovich calls himself cryptozoology (searches for the legendary animals) and ufologist (believe in UFOs and aliens waiting.) According to the buzzard, he still has not had a chance to see the yeti, but he saw the monster dwelling on Khortitsa. "It happened last winter with us on the island. I got a call rangers and said that they had cast a snowman out of the reserve. I immediately came. Saw the broken bushes and giant footprints Read more [...]
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Chupacabra in Zaporizhia

Unknown, but very strong and ferocious beast has recently hosted on farmsteads Kushugum urban villages in the Zaporizhia region. His victims were rabbits, poultry, dogs were scared, and local residents are now afraid to go out in the evenings. Perhaps the rabbits in the yard Basil Shmygelskogo not the first hit by an unknown animal fangs, but that Vasily tried to warn the townsfolk. The plot of the destroyed cells and lying on the ground bloodless carcasses showed even in national television news. But only culprit night robbery is still not known. - House Shmygelskih is not on the edge and Read more [...]
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In Australia, the water was painted in the color of blood

Australia's Bondi Beach and Clovelly in Sydney were closed for swimming because the water is similar to blood. On assurances of scientists, it is the result of red algae bloom, drifting towards the coast and they can cause skin irritation. However, the bloody water shocked and not a little frightened by the local population, which is quite skeptical of the scientists.Category: Anomalies Read more [...]
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In Brest obscure fish caught

Even while zoologists can not yet determine what kind of look. - I just went fishing in a ditch, in the summer it was. The groove is small, located near the railroad - it goes into the forest, - says a resident of the city of Brest region Malaryta Maxim.- Well, I decided to catch fry for bait, and the fish pulled incomprehensible. Blue are the size of a mobile phone and a great eye. The first time a saw fish.The next day the guy came back with his father. Once again, they caught these incomprehensible fish. Took some photos and keep reminding about the case. Of fish remembered when he met Read more [...]
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U.S.: Strange tremors in New Jersey greatly puzzled residents

Buildings shook, bottles rattled, bells rang, and many of New Jersey shouted "Earthquake!" yesterday morning. However, despite the evidence of more than 60 people, a representative of the U.S. Geological Survey said that none of the seismometers stationed around the state did not register even a hint of a shiver. "This is clearly not an earthquake," said geophysicist John Bellini, speaking at the U.S. Geological Survey office in Colorado. "My guess - more than likely that it was thunder or a sonic boom." However, a representative of the National Weather Service said Read more [...]
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