In the Kuzbass taiga found strange structures

Yesterday, studying satellite images Google Earth, an employee of Kuzbass Power Company Volodin Paul came across unusual circles in the forest, located near the village of Konovalov Belovo district. According Sibdepo, photo furor by "Kuzbassenergosvyaz." After studying the images, in which the circles depicted in the winter time, employees have learned the same region in the application of Yandex, and saw the same circles in the summer. True, in the summer under the canopy of trees they are almost invisible. "The diameter of the great circle of about 300 meters, - says one of the Read more [...]
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Strange flashes in the sky around the world, UFOs in the air and on the NASA observation station at the South Pole.

It is reported that the strange flash in the sky and flashes occur around the world - the appearance of a UFO recorded from Russia to Chile. And at a research station in the Antarctic Neumayer suspect alien abduction. Video includes surveillance of U.S. marines strange flashes of light in Iraq, during a live NASA object breaks the clouds, and strange fibers falling from the sky. Anomalous nature of outbreaks in the sky becomes more bizarre, and therefore more and more frequently around the world are asking: what is the source of all of these unusual events, and that they may represent? Read more [...]
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Magnetic anomalies and anomalous zones

If you look at the world map, in some areas you can see the Earth's magnetic field distortion or magnetic anomalies. They are formed by deposits of various breeds with magnetizable property, under the surface of the crust. This is primarily iron minerals. The study of Earth's geomagnetic field anomalies can find places deposits of valuable ores. But it is often associated with a number of different areas scary and fun. A lot of people lost in the anomalous zones, trying to uncover their secrets.Kursk Magnetic AnomalyThe most famous of the magnetic anomalous zone of Russia is the Kursk Read more [...]
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Coma change a person?

For a long time, doctors were confident that in the phase of brain comatose patient is asleep, and he was not able to understand what's going on. Remember, there's a story by Ray Bradbury, "Dolly", the hero of which, after the coma gains the ability to fly? Of course, this fantasy fiction, but the idea is not too far from the truth. After coma - one of the most mysterious human conditions.The inner life Coma has traditionally been something intermediate between life and death: the patient's brain does not respond to external stimuli, the mind dies, leaving only a simple Read more [...]
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Lair of Bigfoot found in the U.S.

In the south-western U.S. state of Arizona in the forest was found the den, hidden branches of trees and grass. Presumably, this is the lair of the legendary Bigfoot or Yeti. Researcher and expert on the study of Bigfoot Mitch Waite and his wife found out and videotaped allegedly abandoned lair of the Yeti. The small entrance to the den, leaving the ground, was found in the Tonto National Forest, in the valley of Mogollon, which stretches for 320 km south of Arizona. Presumably this is the lair of the legendary humanoid creature with giant feet, living in these forests - Mogollonskogo monster. Read more [...]
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Barbie Girl Valery Lukyanov: I’m from the Pleiades, fly in the astral plane and in general I Queen Maya

She became famous as a living Barbie. As a child, Valerie Lukyanova from Odessa had more than 50 of these dolls, and she gradually she became like her - a pretty face, long hair, slim waist, large breasts, short dresses in ryushah. To be completely similar to Barbie, Leroy decided to completely abandon the food ... Many doubt whether all in good health at this beauty? At a meeting with me to an Indian restaurant "Kamasutra" Leroy did not come alone, but with the personal designer Domenico. Looking at the girls are amazed how much makeup on their faces! Confused and a lifeless look Read more [...]
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In Argentina, after the earthquake, there was dust that changes colors

According to the publication eltribuno, neighbors place Ditch, located in the hills surrounding Kvebrada de Eskoipe, very concerned. Since last Tuesday, a series of 22 natural events disrupt normal life. Day and night, they felt a strong earthquake, which was accompanied by a drone. On Wednesday 23, at dawn, they heard a loud explosion, and the next morning blue cloud covered the area. Some complained that the dust stung their eyes. The next day the color of the cloud changed to red. The first visitors to the explosion, an enormous land subsidence, which cover an area of 20 hectares. Although Read more [...]
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What do hominoids?

For many decades, this is one of the most popular mysteries of nature. Different people call it their own way - Bigfoot, Sasquatch, Bigfoot, Captari, Gul biyavan, alamas, snowmen ... Many names, and convincing evidence is still not enough. So this fall, appeared disappointing reports in the media: a study of the next portion of the hair, allegedly belonging to one of living in Russia yeti, found that in reality they have an animal origin.For new material evidence in the case of snowman correspondent "MK" has addressed to the head of the Russian International Center hominology Igor Read more [...]
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Scientists have uncovered one of the secrets of death from age 13-year-olds

Doctors have found evidence that a rare disease - progeria, premature aging, due in some cases, not so much by mutations in the DNA as the inclusion of the wrong genes are needed. Children Progeria, she Hutchinson-Gilford, very rare, doctors know less than one hundred cases of the disease. But it is quite well known among both scientists and the general public - because it is a premature aging. By the age of two to three years, the child begins to age, and life expectancy with progeria is only 13 years old. Atherosclerosis, changes in the joints, liver spots on the skin thinning, increased Read more [...]
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In the Arizona desert discovered a mysterious purple sphere

According to local TV station KGUN-9, thousands of mysterious, translucent purple spheres have recently been found in the Arizona desert. It was a normal Sunday in the town of Wa'il Zheradiny Vargas. Normal, while she and her husband came across something a little strange. Thousands of tiny, purple shade areas appeared out of nowhere.They were watery, some translucent, and a bunch of spheres lying by itself, it did not keep the tracks and it was isolated from the plant. Zheradina was shocked, and she wanted answers. But the origin of these purple spheres remains a mystery.Category: Read more [...]
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Alien intervention — Implants

Of alien implants talked a long time. It is believed that this is a tiny, apparently, control devices, which are introduced into the body, most commonly through the nasal cavity or through other inconspicuous holes on the body of the victim. It happens that suddenly X-ray reveals a man, he said, who visited in the hands of aliens, foreign body - implant. Sometimes doctors and managed to remove the implants.One such story began in 1995, when hypnologist Darrel Sims surgeons showed an X-ray of human legs, once taken aboard a UFO. At first glance, it seemed that the leg was a surgical operation, Read more [...]
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In the Donetsk region hosts the Chupacabra

Local residents said they saw a strange animal in the area in the fall. Sinister and murderous Chupacabra appeared in the Donetsk region. Tonight she strangled rabbits in a private courtyard in the village Dimitrovo Krasnoarmeiskii. Lyubov hostess said they were awakened heart-rending barking dog. When looked out the window - saw an unknown animal. - The husband says that he saw only the tail. I considered - I'm out of the window he runs straight. Black, healthy - said Lyuba. Traces in the snow beast. People claim the animal is strong. For a few seconds he managed to hang on to Read more [...]
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Singing Stones Karelia

The paradoxical conclusion reached by scientists who study the possible existence of parallel forms of life on our planet. According to them, the most ordinary-looking rocks and boulders can be young and old, to inhale and exhale that lasts several weeks and move independently.It is possible that in the next few years, scientists will be able to declare that the rocks possess their own consciousness. After all, the story of "walking the rocks" has long since filled the pages of popular science publications around the world.Truly amazing discovery during a scientific expedition made Read more [...]
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Fetus mysteriously disappeared from the womb of a pregnant woman

19-year-old Brazilian said that doctors maternity kidnapped her baby. Lane Santos, recovering after cesarean section, was told that her pregnancy was a phantom.19-year-old Lane Santos during the pregnancy under medical supervision and are regularly scheduled scans, which listens for the heartbeat of the fetus. "My baby was stolen" - the fruit mysteriously disappeared from the womb of a pregnant womanDuring the last ultrasound Brazilian and her husband 28-year Lorivan Alves know the sex of the child - the doctor said it was a girl weighing 3 kg.Happy couple moved into a spacious house Read more [...]
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Unusual and anomalous phenomena in February 2013

Raging planet

Category: Anomalies

We were looking for Bigfoot in the Pamirs

In the summer of 1991 we went to the Pamirs. I will not hide, in the Ukrainian expedition "Hissar 91" I was quite by accident.The fire in the mountains (author - left) It just so happened that Valery Chepurko - one of the leaders of the expedition - suggested a couple of weeks in the Pamirs, a breath of fresh air and, at the same time, to make a contribution to science. The fact is that even 20 years as a group of Ukrainian enthusiasts headed by outstanding climber of the former Soviet Union Igor Franzevich Tatslom sent annually to the Pamirs, where she was searching for the "Bigfoot".Expedition Read more [...]
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