On Earth, found traces of ancient life

In the north-western part of Australia's Pilbara region can be found traces of life that existed on the planet about 3.49 billion years ago. According to some reports, there was an old sediment.Such opinion was scientists from Old Dominion University. They found in the local sandstone prints, which are, apparently, the oldest traces of life bacteria planet.Experts said that this is a so-called bacterial communities - cyanobacterial mats. A detailed study of the composition of the stones did not reveal the presence of fats, proteins, and the more the microbes themselves, but something still Read more [...]
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Greek archaeologists discovered more than 300 prehistoric clay figurines

Archaeologists from the University of Southampton in the course of excavations in the center of Neolithic Greece unearthed more than three hundred clay figures.Southampton research team, in collaboration with the Archaeological Service of Greece and the British School at Athens were investigating parking Koutrolo Mogul, located 160 miles from Athens, near the Greek village of Neo Monastir.Koutrolo Mogul was settled in the middle Neolithic period (about 5800-5300 years. BC. E.) Community consisting of several hundred people, which differed in the construction of complex architectural structures Read more [...]
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Italian archaeologists have found in Egyptian tombs older than three thousand years

Italian archaeologists have discovered the tomb in the Egyptian city of Luxor on the east bank of the Nile, the site has not survived to the present day mortuary temple of Amenhotep II, who ruled in 1427-1401 gg. BC. e.Age burials than 3 thousand years.According to the Ministry of Antiquities of Egypt, in the tombs discovered the remains of wooden coffins and human bones, and the amphora depicting the god Horus, which is stored internally dead.According to scientists, archaeologists find proof that the temples of ancient Egypt used not only for prayer, but also for burials.Category: Read more [...]
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Near the cave paintings in Uzbekistan are mounds and sacred places

Uzbekistan has found more than 150 pieces, with petroglyphs in the chronological framework of Uzbekistan's history from the Mesolithic to the late Middle Ages. Most of these sites are concentrated in the Tashkent oasis, the Fergana Valley, Western Tien-Shan. In a lot of petroglyphs found in the mountainous regions of Uzbekistan. They are found in South Chatkal, Beldersay and along Chatkal, Ugam, Pskem, in the upper reaches of Karak-sai, in Khodjikent in Nurata mountains. Near Tashkent, near the recreation Chimgan and Beldersay, is a monument to the prehistoric era - Beldersay petroglyphs. Read more [...]
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Scientists have found a pill that 2000 years

How many pills is your home? 50, or maybe a couple hundred? Now drugs - this is a common thing. But 2,000 years ago, there was a large pharmaceutical companies and device for mass production. Hippocrates himself then had to gather herbs and make them ointments and tinctures. Treated handmade tools was expensive, available only to selected patients.Already so what the researchers found in Pisa and Florence, can be called a small sensation: a sunken ship off the coast of Tuscany, they have raised an ancient medicine.Tin box for more than two millennia guarded six grayish pills expansion. That's Read more [...]
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In Iraq, found a treasure of gold coins

Iraqi archaeologists discovered near Baghdad hoard of 66 gold coins belonging to the Sassanid era. The announcement brings news agency Associated Press. Coins have been found in the town Azziz (Aziziyah) Wasit province, 70 kilometers south-east of Baghdad. About finding journalists told the director of the local management of Antiquities Hassanain Muhammad Ali (Hassanain Mohammed Ali). All the coins are found on one of its sides anthropomorphic image of God or the ruler. Pre-dating showed they belonged, the State of the Sassanids, which existed from the third century BC to the seventh century Read more [...]
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The most important archaeological discoveries in 2012

Editors remarkable journal Archaeology sum up the year. They have chosen the opening cover 50 thousand years of history and encouraged to reflect on the eternal question: how much like us old people? Why Scottish Bronze Age bones were collected and buried them in a swamp? What did you mean our ancestors, scratching on stone circles and lines?In the Maya city of El Soc (Guatemala) found stucco masks and a half meters in height, which adorned the temple on top of the pyramid of El Diablo in honor of the founder of a local dynasty. Masks created in 350-400 years, were painted bright red and Read more [...]
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Chinese archaeologists have dug up 3.5 tons of ancient coins

Archaeologists have discovered about 3.5 tons of ancient coins in Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region in northern China.This was on Sunday reported Xinhua news agency."The coins weighing about 3.5 million kilograms, were found in the city of Ordos Holochayden three pits dug by nearly a thousand years ago, after police uncovered three cases of theft" - leads the agency words Lien Jilin, a researcher of the Institute of Regional cultural heritage and archeology.Most of the coins were in use during the reign of the Han dynasty (202-220 gg.). Along with them were found to form otlivaniya money Read more [...]
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Scientists have recreated the image of the first residents

In the regional capital of the second stage of exploration work on the study of archaeological sites located within the city. Scientists worked from May to November, the last two years, and told about the unique artifacts found, including in excavations in? Barbashinskom cemetery - the largest monument of the Golden Horde period in the Middle Volga region, where they found 10 tombs dated back to XIV century.And here, perhaps the most interesting for the present-day inhabitants province news first time scientists have to restore the appearance of the ancient "Samarans"! For the resulting Read more [...]
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Near Jerusalem, archaeologists have unearthed an ancient temple

Archaeologists have discovered the remains of the rare ritual objects, and 3,000-year-old church in the time of the excavations that were conducted before the renovation highway Tel Aviv - Jerusalem. Reported byIsrael Antiquities Authority.Significant expansion of the highway from Sha'ar Ha-Gai to Jerusalem allowed to make many important archaeological finds in Tel Moza, including the ruins of a Neolithic structures and a huge underground water tank, preserved from the reign of the Crusaders. One of the new discoveries of the First Temple period - it is a great building with thick Read more [...]
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Image astronaut rock art in Australia

In the North-West Kimberley, Western Australia. Drawings on stone Bradshaw, art stones Bradshaw Bradshaw figures, or simply Bradshaw, are terms used to describe one of the two largest regional traditions of rock art. Found an ancient painting in the north-west Kimberley region in Western Australia. First discovered and described rancher Joseph Bradshaw in 1891, after whom was named.But it is not only an extraordinary painting, it is also a testimony - and the world is multiplied support this assertion - that ancient astronauts visited the planet, when it was still in its infancy. When you Read more [...]
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Aluminum rod age 300 million years found in Primorye

Dalnegorsk known ufologist Valery Brier recently won an interesting - and, as he himself says - sensational - finds. Vladivostok resident Dmitry bought 3 tons of coal from Khakassia, south central Siberia, where the Kansk-Achinsk coal area of 400 square meters. km. In one of the pieces of coal sticking out, he found a strange rod-like piece of twig black and white. He brought the find in Dalnegorsk, researcher of anomalous phenomena Valery Brier. "We sawed the rod, which is extracted from coal Dmitry - said Brier. - The half I cleared from coal - and saw an aluminum rack is 7.5 cm long. Read more [...]
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Scientists have calculated the age of the oldest wooden structure in the world

Research team from the Institute of forest growth at the University of Freiburg in Germany to precisely determine the age of four wells found in the Greater Leipzig. According to a report published in the scientific journal «PLoS ONE», structures were created by representatives first Central European agricultural civilization and are the oldest known wooden structures in the world. As established specialists, four wells since the early Neolithic built of oak. At the site have also been found from the bark of the vessels, the cords of bast fibers, and many ornate ceramic pots. Artifacts came Read more [...]
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In the Stone Age did not sentimental

Neolithic skull pierced by Denmark and Sweden suggest that women in those hard years spared. Killed everyone who comes their way.Stone Age farmers lived in an atmosphere of constant violence, and even women could not escape the sad demise.Every sixth Neolithic skull from Scandinavia has traces of very unpleasant injury. Female skull in this respect no different from men's.Photo David Hunt, North Carolina State University.Mass graves in Thalheim Oylau and in Germany, where, apparently, were fierce battles, led scientists to assume that the women took care of the Neolithic - probably Read more [...]
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In Dagestan, the oldest traces of Russians who lived two million years ago

Amazing archaeological discovery made by scientists during the excavations in the Caucasus. They found the ancient sites of people Homo erectus, who lived in these places two million years ago.Parking lot, found in central Dagestan, are named Aynikab, 1 and 2, Muhkay, 1 and 2, Gegalashur, 1-3. They belong to the earliest era of human history - oldovanu. Earlier this era in Russia was not even provided with any findings. Thus, it is the most ancient human settlement on the territory of Russia, told the "Moskovsky Komsomolets" Russian archaeologist Hizri Amirkhanov.Parking ancestors Read more [...]
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Cambridge is on the internet ancient biblical manuscript

Cambridge University has published in its digital library a copy of the Nash Papyrus - the second oldest known science of biblical manuscripts. Manuscript, digitized in high resolution, features ten commandments of the Old Testament and part of the prayer "Shema Yisrael" ("Hear, O Israel").Nash Papyrus, which dates from the second century before the Christian era, in 1898, was discovered in Egypt, the first description of the manuscript was published in 1903. He was considered the most ancient Jewish manuscript until the opening in 1947, The Dead Sea Scrolls, also known as Read more [...]
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In Peru, found the ancient Temple of Fire

Primitive structure of the burnt offering age of five thousand years was located in the right wing of the main pyramid of El Paraiso.Peru reported the discovery of a temple in El Paraiso, near Lima. A rectangular structure with a narrow entrance was built, estimated to be about 5 thousand years ago. Traces of a hearth in the center allude to the burning of offerings.El Paraiso - one of the largest archaeological sites in central Peru. Construction of size 6.82 to 8.04 meters and is located in the right wing of the main pyramid. From the walls of 2.5 m high have only 70 cmImage AFP.Experts Read more [...]
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In Germany, discovered the oldest wooden structures in the world

The oldest wooden buildings in the world were discovered by German archaeologists from the University of Freiburg. The excavations near Leipzig, Saxony, were found wooden oak represent wells, the oldest in Europe. Researchers believe that the wells were constructed in the period from 5206 - 5098's. BCTotal found four wells that reached the depth of 7 m Buildings used to supply water to a small settlement. Finding is contrary to popular opinion among historians, that man at that time he could not make the design of the tree, as had not been invented instruments of metal.pr.uni-freiburg.de Read more [...]
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Mexican archaeologists have found the tomb of the Zapotec

Mexican archaeologists have discovered in the state of Oaxaca in southern Mexico tomb built Zapotec Indians of about 1.2 thousand years, According to INAH. In the tomb were found the remains of two people. This is the fourth tomb discovered in the ancient Zapotec city Atzompa. In early 2012, there was found a complex of three tombs were inside the building.According to archaeologist Laura Mendoza Escobar recently discovered tomb was built in the same way as other Zapotec tomb. She was under the floor of the main room of the house.Category: Archaeology Read more [...]
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Jaws megapirani stronger than Tyrannosaurus

Although the ancient fish was more than a hundred times smaller than the king of the dinosaurs, bit it only three times weaker.Megapiranha paranensis (photo Steve Huskey).Ancient relative of modern piranhas biting harder than alligators, sharks and even the mighty Tyrannosaurus rex.This is the conclusion reached by researchers diamond piranha (Serrasalmus rhombeus) - the largest representative of the carnivorous clan. Sample of mass 1.1 kg is almost 37 cm in length, was clutching the test equipment with a force of more than about 30 times its own weight - an unrivaled figure among vertebrates.Extrapolating Read more [...]
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