In the National Park Bayanaul refurbish Stonehenge and the ancient Turkic hours

As part of the tourism cluster in Bayanaul National Park refurbish Kazakhstan "Stonehenge" and the ancient Turkic hours. "There is a presidential order to develop the tourism industry. In our region, on the basis of Bayanaul National Park create a cluster that provides for the development of tourism destinations. It is a modern leisure facilities, as well as historical, that we restore. One of them - the "brothers" of Stonehenge in Lake Toraigyr. Only two such facilities in the world, we call our "mound with a mustache." By this summer he will be restored, Read more [...]
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In Boguchar granite quarry found buried ancient Alans

Unique burial ancient Alans found on the edge of Bogu granite quarry. Top - no signs of an ancient burial - mound or mounds - not there. The find was hiding right under your feet - one meter depth. Remains of two people, as archaeologists found were located on the top kiln. This unusual burial - the only one in the Voronezh region refers to Salto-Mayaki culture of the ninth century. Her semi people inhabited the Don and Azov Sea. Burial found while digging trenches for drainage. Under the tractor bucket suddenly felt something white. Alexander Grigorevskii, mine foreman, "Bones! Lay Read more [...]
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In Kirovograd found an ancient temple

Scientists who previously faced only with residential facilities Trypillian, near the village in Kirovohrad Nebelevki suddenly managed to find religious building - the temple. And it became a sensation. Finding confirmed that fifteen hundred years before Stonehenge and a thousand years before the publication of the pyramids in Egypt, here we prayed, archaeologists believe. Professor Videyko draws what kind of had the ancient temple has ever been found on the territory of Ukraine, and says: here praying for a thousand years before the pyramids of Egypt and fifteen hundred - to Stonehenge.    Read more [...]
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In Egypt, a new statue of the pharaoh found

A group of French archaeologists discovered a statue of Pharaoh Egypt unknown period of the New Kingdom. The find was made during excavations Montu temple northeast of the temple of Karnak in Luxor.The statue was 125 cm It was made of black granite. The figure of the pharaoh, who could not be identified, will be sent to the repository Egyptian Ministry of Antiquities, where it will be restored, according to Ahram Online.Temple of MontuCategory: Archaeology Read more [...]
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SFU archaeologists found traces of an ancient civilization

When laying lines from Boguchanskaya HPP in Kezhemsky area had traces of ancient civilization. Six thousand years ago in Siberia already existed factory producing ceramic products, the scientists said SFU. Only now, archaeologists revealed the results of laboratory SFU most extensive boundary expedition. The excavation lasted three months - from July to September. The total area of archaeological autopsies was 13 thousand square meters. After processing artifacts scientists said: near a creek Itomiura Kezhemsky district of the region there are ancient, temporary settlements. Found artifacts, Read more [...]
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Scientists have found the skull of an ancient rhinoceros in volcanic rock

Although the volcano has a devastating impact on the landscape, sometimes it's a disaster helps preserve traces of the past. An example of such a "conservation" is the skull of a prehistoric rhinoceros, which was kept in the thick volcanic rock about 9,2 ± 0,1 million years.In an article published in the journal PLOS ONE, a team of scientists from Belgium, France and Turkey, reports that found in Cappadocia skull belonged to individuals Ceratotherium neumayri. This extinct species of rhinos lived in the Miocene, the heyday of placental mammals, and is notable for what is considered Read more [...]
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Italian archaeologists have found an ancient tomb in Pakistan

Italian archaeologists have discovered in the Swat Valley in Pakistan, an ancient cemetery. A total of 30 graves discovered. Burials are pretty tight, some of which overlap. Age cemetery is about three thousand years - it concerns dobuddistskomu period (it started in the first millennium BC and ended in the sixth century), the region's development. Scientists say the new burial demonstrate the presence of complex funeral rites have dwelt at that time in the Swat valley civilization. All the remains were buried in tombs with stone or adobe walls.In addition, during the excavations were Read more [...]
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In China, there are the remains of turtles Jurassic

"Bones on bones! We could not believe my eyes, "- says Oliver Wings, paleontologist and fellow Museum fur Naturkunde in Berlin. He described the spectacular fossil finds of green turtles (Mesa Chelonia) Jurassic, which was found in the north-western Chinese province of Xinjiang, according Researcher University of Tübingen (University of Tubingen), Dr. Walter Joyce works with Chinese paleontologists since 2008. The results of their further work in 2009 and 2011 have just been published in the German journal Naturwissenschaften."The place where we found a large number Read more [...]
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After 121 years of research uncovered a mystery, Tomb Raider

Miocene mammal Necrolestes patagonensis appeared in this world, 16 million years ago in Patagonia, Argentina today. Currently Necrolestes refers to those species that were thought to have died shortly after the extinction of large dinosaurs in the late Cretaceous period. Since its discovery in Patagonia in 1891, was a mystery NecrolestesAn international team of researchers, including scientist John Vibl of the Carnegie Museum of Natural History, made the incredible discovery of Necrolestes patagonensis, whose name translates as "Tomb Raider" because of the underground life. This is the Read more [...]
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Archaeologists have found in Taraz another Golden Man

Scientists call sensation is located in one of the mounds in the Zhambyl region. Found there gold jewelry Saka period. They were probably elements of the costume of the leader, according to archaeologists. Finds belong to the 6.4 century BC. Note that the gold ornaments were found in one of the seven mounds complex "Zheti rj Be." The complex, according to scientists, robbed more than once. But one of the burial chambers, at a depth of two meters, remained intact. In it and found the remains of the Saka chief. There were also found bird skeletons. They will soon pass paleozoological Read more [...]
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Huge extinct flightless bird with a huge beak were herbivores

About 50 million years ago, among the sub-tropical forests roamed western North America gigantic feathered monster. It was a flightless bird growth of about two meters, which had a huge powerful beak that it tore the flesh of the victim. About this idea of diatrime is popular today, but in the view of paleontologists from the University of Western Washington (Western Washington University), this is misleading. "Diatrimu often called the bird, which has replaced the dinosaurs in the food chain after their extinction, - said one of the authors of George Musto (George Mustoe). - To be honest, Read more [...]
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In Turkey, a female statue found walled age 2.5 thousand years

Women's statue, whose age is 2.5 thousand years, was discovered by archaeologists in the Turkish city of Izmir in Turkey. The sculpture was found during excavations of the ancient city, which lasted for 22 years with the support of Sabanc? Foundation.According to the head of the archaeological team of Professor Serdar Ainekov devoid head statue was entombed in the city wall. Height figure of a woman, dressed in a robe, was about 2 m According to archaeologists, the statue could represent aristocrat, who played an important role in the management of the city, according to Hurriyet Daily News. Read more [...]
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Under the capital of Chile found the lost city of the Incas

Chilean scientists discovered archaeological sites, maps and historical records that indicate that the Chilean capital of Santiago was founded on the site of the city of the Incas.This theory has been around for decades, but until now there was no evidence to confirm this. Archaeologist Ruben Steberg of the National Museum of Natural History in Chile and researcher at the University of Gonzalo Sotomayor Address Bello could find such confirmation.Scientists have reviewed both known and previously unpublished documents and colonial maps, which provide clear evidence of the existence of an important Read more [...]
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Machu Picchu was photographed with an unprecedented resolution

Sacred Inca city of Machu Picchu has become a 15.9-gigapikselnyh photo. Now you have become much less reason to go there, that is good defenders of this historic site. Yes, this is the picture. Just a little bit in the wrong resolution. Photographer and travel agent Jeff Kramer was the first who took the ruins at this resolution (297 thousand to 87.5 thousand pixels), but there is no magic here. If you wish you could do the same. He needed: Camera Canon 7D DSLR ($ 1,500), 400-mm lens ($ 600), a tripod Gitzo Basalt Explorer ($ 440) and a programmable platform for panoramic shots GigaPan Epic Read more [...]
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In Scotland, found a house built 10,000 years ago

In the north-west of Edinburgh, near Queensferry in the construction of a road bridge over the River Forth contained the remains of a prehistoric house built more than 10,000 years ago. "The construction of the bridge, designed to facilitate the development of Scotland in the future, help to understand its past," - says the opening of Scotland's Transport Minister Keith Brown (Keith Brown). The find appears as an oval pit depth of about two feet and a length of not less than seven meters. Located in a pit pole-holes were designed to strengthen the walls and roof of the structure Read more [...]
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In Mexico, the first found mummified dog

Archaeologists have discovered a cave Candelaria, Coahuila in northern Mexico mummified dog. Age finds is about one thousand years. Animal could be used for hunting, the researchers say. This is the first discovery of its kind in Mexico. Before the mummy dogs found only in Peru and Egypt. The animal, which has undergone a natural mummification exposed hot sun and dry air, it was found along with hundreds of human remains. In a burial were found numerous fragments of fabric, baskets, bows and arrows. The researchers intend to explore in more detail mummified dog to determine its exact age Read more [...]
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Scientists have discovered the oldest human dwelling

Scottish archaeologists say that they have found the remains of the ancient dwelling first inhabitants of these territories. According to experts, a prehistoric dwelling was built about 10,000 years ago. True, to have survived a large oval pit about 7 feet long, and arrowheads and traces of lesions in it. According to experts, this home was built by the first settlers in Scotland, who began to explore these territories soon after this ended the last ice age, and local lands are in principle suitable for the local residence. Experts say that the spent carbon dating findings made in the house Read more [...]
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Argentine scientists have discovered in Antarctica, ancient remains of the largest penguin in the world

Argentine scientists have discovered in Antarctica, ancient remains of the largest penguin in the world, the growth of which reached two meters in height. Experts have established the age of the animal, which is about 34 million years. According to paleontologist Museum of La Plata Carolina Acosta, "calculations indicate that it is a penguin, the largest known so far, both in terms of growth and weight." The scientist noted that the biggest of the now living on the planet these kinds of animals - is emperor penguin, whose growth may reach 1.2 meters. A giant penguin has large muscular, Read more [...]
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Restored center of the Mayan civilization

Mexican archaeologists presented a newly rebuilt city of the Maya civilization. It is called Tsibanche. Scientists believe it was the center of one of the highly developed cultures of Mesoamerica. The history of the city is covered with many mysteries that still did not solve. Although for two thousand years it flourished, about the year 1000 AD the inhabitants inexplicably left off. Today, visitors can see here the burial chamber and the wall paintings, which date back to Caan - one of the most powerful ruling dynasties of ancient civilization. [Sandra Balansario archeologist] "The Read more [...]
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4000 years preserved skeleton chest artifact incredible value

If you found this in your own garden, you would have to think twice before you throw it away. Inconspicuous amber beads found in the Dartmoor National Park, 4,000 years, and they are valued at a premium. Archaeologists have discovered a prehistoric burial, where the breast bone rested peacefully amazing in its historical significance artifact. Amber beads have announced the discovery, which occurs only once in a century. Skeleton itself is very well preserved, and, besides jewelry, historians have found the bones, teeth and the remains of textiles. Expert on Bronze Age Dr. Ben Roberts of the Read more [...]
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