Draconian wasps

Entomologist Gene Humphrey with a colleague goes in search of his father - a scientist, who disappeared on an expedition into the jungle. Military base, a group of angry partisans and local shaman is not the main dangers that await the girls on the way. Worst of all is the giant swarm of killer wasps generated by genetic mutation ...Category: Cinema Read more [...]
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Metropolis - the city of the future, is divided into two parts. Underground dwellings are working above them shop with machines. In the upper town has offices, wealthy neighborhoods and gardens entertainment. All power belongs to the city magnate Johann Fendersonu. His son - Freder realize the injustice that prevails in the metropolis. Descending into the machine area, Freder is horrified: he sees the terrible Moloch, devouring people. Unable to come to terms with what he saw, he begins to fight against evil.Category: Cinema Read more [...]
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Capricorn one

The whole world is watching the preparations for the first flight to Mars. Suddenly astronauts pulled out of the spacecraft and taken to an abandoned base in the desert, where NASA Administrator informs them that the problems with life-support systems. But as the scheduled flight is extremely important for the future development of space research programs, he tells them to take part in a simulated landing on Mars. If they refuse, then hit their family. Flight supposedly going well until one of the employees of NASA finds no inconsistency in the readings. He puts it to his friend the reporter Read more [...]
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The man from the first century

A rocket factory in Strakonice preparing for a test flight cargo spaceship. Everything is ready for the start ... In the pre-bustle, it turns out that the captain unhappy with his command chair, his upholstery. And so, working-obivschik Joseph sent aboard to correct your marriage. Meanwhile, at the Baikonur ... band in readiness for the podium bosses with astronauts, a gala time in the midst of ... Joseph also smeared glue on the chair, drinking beer, when suddenly ... foot slips and he comes on the "Start" button on the remote control. B-broads and the ship is sent along with Joseph Read more [...]
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Striped flight, Wedding in the Robin, Chasing Two Hares

Soviet cinemaCategory: Cinema Read more [...]


Category: Cinema

On the verge of

Billionaire Charles Morse sent his young wife, supermodel Mickey, to Alaska for photography. Trendy professional photographer Robert Green convinced them that this is where there is a place that is ideal for filming. Finding they fly much further than expected. Their small plane crashed in a collision with birds and falls into the lake. The pilot was killed, and the rest were saved ... But how to survive away from civilization? To survive in a forest full of wild animals, they have to rely on each other. To saving is long ... But Charles begins to suspect his wife in connection with Robert. Read more [...]
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Ra-short film.

Category: Cinema


Writer Paul Sheldon remembers heavy snow, for which he crashed his car somewhere in the mountains. He also does not remember how he was found and rescued from certain death a woman. All he remembers is just the way he woke up in the house of Annie Wilkes - ardent fans of his novels. Not wanting to part with his favorite author, she breaks his leg - to anywhere it does not run away and forcing Paul to create a new book, making it so your own "manual" writer. Cursing his school teachers, who taught him to write, he is trying to reclaim their freedom by running away from home Annie. Read more [...]
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Five scientists led by Dr. Noah Faulkner commence serious experiment: during the year, without any contact with the outside world, they have to exist in "biodome" - a research laboratory, designed to protect people from harmful environmental and human activities. It was there by mistake get two friends Bud and Doyle McIntosh Johnson, which have no relation to the problems of the environment ...Category: Cinema Read more [...]

Museum visitor

Environmental disaster accomplished. This is the last act, and the logical conclusion of the centuries-old relationship between man and nature, built on the insatiable consumerism and thoughtless extravagance. The hero of the film — one of the few survivors, and keep human character and way of thinking …

Category: Cinema

Sports Lottery-82

One of the tickets "Sports Lottery" falls big win. However, the ticket is lost. In search of his characters fall into many interesting alterations, over which the viewer fun never ends …

Category: Cinema
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Paper novel

The company posted a full version of the Disney animated short "The Paper Affair" (the original title - «Paperman») Cartoon, duration of which is about six minutes, was shown in theaters before feature films "Ralph» («Wreck-It Ralph»), which was published in the fall of 2013 rolled. "Paper novel" was created using a new technology that allows to combine hand-drawn 2D-elements with three-dimensional computer graphics. Now "The Paper Affair" is a contender for "Oscar" in the category "Best animated short film." Its competitors are Read more [...]
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With a brilliant surgeon Rafał Vilchurom a tragedy that changed his life. Leaving his wife and daughter on the same day he is on the street with no money and documents. He has to go through several years of wandering and misery. Yet fate turns to face him. Finding refuge in a family of millers, he saves his sick son and became a member of the family. Rumors of a "witch doctor" broadcast to the whole area ... and soon he meets a beautiful girl, and, like a wife ...Category: Cinema Read more [...]
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The secret of the Bororo tribe

The diaries of the deceased scholar and traveler discovered records of medicines prepared from plants Amazon Indians Bororo. This medicine can cure the most severe disease in a short time. To find him rushing aliens who need deliverance of their planet from diseases brought from Earth. But there are forces that oppose these noble goals. Fantastic film about the miracles of love and aliens.Category: Cinema Read more [...]
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Death among the icebergs

Captain Nolan never really thought about what it does irreparable harm to wildlife. He's just doing his job perfectly. He did what he does best - he killed. Out to sea and killing whales. Once he pulled out of the water, the female kitihu. She died, and with it died and had not managed to be born baby. The tragedy occurred in front of a male whale. And the "orcs" Monogamous by nature, as well as swans, as well as many creatures ... From this moment the whale began to take revenge people. People close to Nolan, but the Captain Nolan the whale had a special account. When Read more [...]
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In the ocean, the Japanese ships begin to disappear. Of them are only broken radio message reporting a pillar of flame bursting from the ocean. Soon, the cause of these incidents becomes patent. More precisely, out on their feet. This 50-meter-long ancient lizard, awakened in the ocean tests of U.S. nuclear weapons. He begins to destroy everything in its path and is now at risk, not only in Japan but also around the world ...Category: Cinema Read more [...]
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Legend of the dinosaur

Summer of 1977. In a crevice at the foot of Mount Fuji found fossilized dinosaur eggs. Millions of years they lay motionless, but natural disasters have awakened from their slumber. And so it began ... people disappear, the roads are decapitated animals. Begin to come to life more and more creatures. Who or what can stop the bloody orgy?Category: Cinema Read more [...]
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All not what it seems

The plot - the true story of a young hacker Karl Koch, whose strange death in 1989 and has not been disclosed. Remove the "subjective" hand-held camera, the film is a typically postmodern elegance combined the hallucinatory worlds of computer freaks, conspiracy theories of Robert Anton Wilson, author of the trilogy "The Illuminati", the mystical secrets of the number 23, the political chronicle of the end of the Cold War - and a lonely soul Karl Koch moving inexorably to its disintegration.Category: Cinema Read more [...]
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