Earth melts under sooty

The past year was among the ten warmest on Earth for more than 130 years of instrumental observations and became the hottest in history for the United States except Hawaii and Alaska. To such conclusion experts NASA and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) USA.According to estimates of NASA, in 2012 in ninth place in the ranking of the warmest with an average global temperature of about 14,6 ° C, which is higher than the norm, which was set at the middle of the last century. In this case, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration of the United States has put 2012 Read more [...]
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Environmental scientists sounding the alarm — Climate crushes all bounds.

Scientists are in a panic. Climate crushes all bounds. Indeed, by using the supercomputer models show that if as a result of global warming, the average temperature on Earth will increase by no more than 2 degrees, humanity can live in peace. He will not get any natural disasters - flooding of coastal cities, catastrophic floods and droughts. However, for this we will have to "tighten belts": keep the carbon dioxide concentration in the atmosphere at 450 parts per million (it now has close to 400 millionth shares). But things are moving differently. And most importantly - changes Read more [...]
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The past year was among the ten warmest in history of meteorological observations

The past year was among the ten warmest calendar years in the history of weather observations, ongoing since 1880. This was said in a Tuesday report from the Institute for Space Studies Goddard at the United States National Aeronautics and Space Administration / NASA /. According to experts, the average global temperature last year was 14.6 degrees Celsius, 0.6 degrees above the indicator in the middle of the last century, taken by NASA as the basic starting point. Thus, in 2012 took the ninth place in the ranking of the warmest years on record. First place still holds in 2010, the average temperature Read more [...]
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To Earth approaching global anomaly

Abnormal cold, the recent increase, is not evidence of infidelity theory Global Warming. Frosts are just a harbinger of future climate change. Snowfalls in the Middle East, as well as freeze in California that occurred this winter, it is quite likely in the face of rising temperatures. "With global warming, the regions of the Earth, which have cold winters, yet will continue to face the cold weather," - says climatologist Michael Mann of the University of Pennsylvania. However, "a change of climate abnormal weather will occur more often, whereas the usual weather will rarity. " Anomalous Read more [...]
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Broke off the glacier sizes are comparable to Mathettenom

Scientists were lucky to remove the video as broken off a glacier the size of Manhattan. Apocalyptic footage, and what sound during all of this, is mesmerizing power and scope of what is happening. At the end of the video shows the extent of reduction of the ice shell in recent years …
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Benefits of emission reductions will be felt in the next century

Stop climate change is already too late, but some of its most dangerous consequences can be prevented.Can we call our generation altruists? Are we worried about what will happen to our grandchildren and their children? Or do we agree with the character of Groucho Marx who once said, "Why should I care about future generations? What did they do to me? "According to lead author of the new study Nigel Arnell of the University of Reading (UK), an unpleasant truth is that even the most radical efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 2030 will give a negligible effect. By 2050, Read more [...]
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Climate change may lead to high waves in some places

Will other maritime waterways and coastal erosion pattern. The height of the waves rise near the eastern coast of Australia and Indonesia and near Antarctica, but the decrease in some other areas, according to an international team of scientists.Waves in the mediation of continuous exchange of heat, power, water, steam and gases between the atmosphere and ocean. They always change the height, frequency and direction of the wind and other factors, which, in turn, depend on the climate.Australia's Gold Coast. In a hundred years there will be a big wave. (Photo by Chris Smith.)Researchers Read more [...]
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On the growing instability of the global climate

In Britain, will remember how in 2012, weather stability derailed, and the country is visited by drought, flooding, drought again. British showers were so powerful that quite resembled the Deluge. And so in every corner of the world began to happen a lot more abnormal natural disasters. Recently they have started to become particularly predictable.In the new winter season, China had to fight with the coldest winter in almost 30 years. Brazil is dominated by the terrible heat wave. Eastern Russia so hard frost in late 2012 that the cold in Yakutsk recently stopped working traffic light. Cold Read more [...]
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Extremely high temperatures will become more frequent in the United States in the near future, scientists warn

Global warming is already having a major impact in the U.S., and in the coming years, it will take a more far-reaching. These findings are contained in a report released Friday, the preliminary report of the U.S. government over climate change. In preparation for this major document of over one thousand pages of over 300 leading U.S. expert climatologists. Now, this document will be open for public comment and the final version of it will appear in March 2014. Scientists warn about several serious consequences associated with warming. First of all, it is that the extremely high temperatures Read more [...]
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2012 in Russia was a record number of severe weather events.

The past 2012 was a record number of hazards in Russia over the last 14 years - cases of heavy snow and rain, gale force winds, extreme heat or cold, According to the press service of Hydromet.According to meteorologists, in 2012, in Russia there were 469 cases of severe weather systems and meteorological phenomena, inflicting substantial damage. The number of registered hazards compared with 2011 increased by almost 1.5 times."The high frequency of heavy precipitation events has been, strong wind ... but on the parameters (not all of these cases) reached the criteria of hazards, but largely Read more [...]
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In Australia, the heat melts the asphalt

Fire covered two Australian states - New South Wales and Victoria. While fire bypasses major cities - Sydney and Melnburn, but that could change for the worse. Firefighters still can not stop the spread of fire. The air temperature in the shade in some areas exceeds 40 degrees. Rain in the south-east Australia was not long ago. "In the coming days, the temperature can be much higher. And the wind is unpredictable, we are preparing for the worst," - said the fire inspector Mark Williams. Police closed access to the forest, not only for reasons of security of the users of natural Read more [...]
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Meteorologists recorded a record high in the Arctic temperature anomaly

Meteorologists recorded a record high in the Arctic temperature anomaly - the first time in the waters of the Arctic Ocean were recorded average temperature deviation from the norm by 7 degrees, the director of the Russian Hydrometeorological Center Roman Vilfand. "In 2012 there were recorded very unusual records. For the first time in the waters of the Arctic (positive) annual mean temperature anomaly reached 7 degrees. This is a fantastic value. Even when the average daily temperature is different from the normal 7 degrees - this is a significant event, but the deviation of mean annual Read more [...]
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Australia is coming to a new wave of heat

Fire in south-eastern Australia are trying to take control of areas of forest fires, before the country, according to weather forecasters, the weekend will return an unprecedented hot and dry weather. According to BBC, on Wednesday, the temperature has dropped a bit, but in the state of New South Wales, more than 120 fires raging: fire covered more than 300 hectares of forest. In addition, the fire destroyed thousands of homes in New South Wales and Victoria, as well as in the island state of Tasmania. Recall the fire started after a period of unusual heat. Australia's Bureau of Meteorology Read more [...]
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Rising sea levels could lead to cooling and storms

The models describing the future warming and sea level rise is not considered the impact of melting ice on the water temperature and, consequently, the world. And it is in vain, says U.S. climate scientist James Hansen.Catastrophic sea level rise, which we expect by the end of the century, can give a side effect, so far eluded scientists. Melting icebergs cool the sea around Greenland and Antarctica, so that the average surface temperature of the planet will drop a degree or two.This conclusion is not in the published paper comes climatologist James Hansen of NASA's Space Research Institute Read more [...]
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Australian heat is not enough temperature scale

Much of central and southern Australia, is now under the influence of an intense heat wave, which led to a number of new high temperature. Coloring anomalies meteorologists had to introduce a new - brown - color.Anomaly in the mean maximum temperature for the period from 1 to 7 January compared to the norm (1961-1990). © Bureau of Meteorology | for the first time in the history of the meteorologists have to specify in the forecasts temperature above 50, it is required to change the color temperature scale, the addition of the extreme brown.Wozniacki of Denmark holds Read more [...]
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Freeze is Europe in the era of global warming?

This winter has seen all Europe: the prickly Russian frosts and heavy snowfalls. The feeling is that the climate is becoming more severe and begins to come true story disaster film "The Day After Tomorrow." As if the Gulf Stream is cooled, turn your water back, Europe freezes, followed by the rest of the world. Is such a scenario is possible in the near future? And if so, why is this happening in the era of global warming?Today, we've collected a climatologist, Doctor of Geography, Chair of Meteorology and Climatology, Faculty of Geography, Moscow State University, Professor Read more [...]
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Because of the unusual cold weather in China, even frozen waterfall

In China - record cold. Although by our standards minus 18 is not the limit, the local climate is a rarity. Experts say that this was not the last 30 years. Because of the cold snap froze even mountain waterfalls. Now the once turbulent flows more like stalactites. Visitors to the park now have a rare opportunity to walk on the water and leave it dry.Category: Climate Read more [...]
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Syria has fallen short of war and cold

Day in Damascus, but warmer than 10, in the mountains the temperature is less than 0. For a heat-loving population - is a serious cold. Given the strong wind and high humidity locals feel much colder.Of Mediterranean cyclone is accompanied by intense rainfall, strong winds and significant cooling. Even in coastal areas the snow fell, freezing nights observed.In time of war, famine and devastation weather is no longer the background. In the long term precipitation stops, but cooling will increase. Cold nights forecast to £ 5 in the mountains - to £ 18 degrees.Category: Climate Read more [...]
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In China, the anomalous cold frozen sea

The temperature in China has fallen to its lowest level in three decades. In the coastal waters in the ice cold 1,000 ships.Frost bound the sea coast of Shandong province in the east. Severe frost and snow, broken transportation throughout the country. Canceled more than 140 flights from the airport in the capital of the central province of Hunan.Shandong Province is located on the east coast of China in the lower reaches of the Yellow River. The territory of the province includes the peninsula and inland part. Shandong peninsula washed by the Bohai and Yellow Seas and in front of Liaodong Read more [...]
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Climate warming threatens French wine

Throughout the world, no one is not particularly surprising or shoreline retreat, no destructive tornadoes, which, according to scientists, are the visible manifestations of global warming that affects our daily lives. The French also have a look at how all of this can radically change lives.When it comes to the fault of the subtropical regions of the south-east of France, Hervé Letelo (Herve Lethielleux) co-owner of a wine boutique «L'Etiquette» in the heart of Paris, said: "After 20 years, the British will do Grenache from Chateauneuf-du-Pape."This can be explained by the fact Read more [...]
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