The economy is not considered to climate risks

Increased damage and the number of people affected by natural disasters linked to climate change and the fact that people increasingly populate the dangerous places, I'm sure the head of the "Climate and Energy" WWF Alexei Kokorin.The economic costs of natural disasters and disasters caused by human error, in 2012, will be, according to preliminary estimates, $ 140 billion, the Swiss experts believe. But the number of people killed as a result of a natural disaster strikes is estimated at 11,000 people.What surprises are in store for us nature, "The Voice of Russia," said Read more [...]
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Arctic hurricanes are a force to be reckoned with

18/12/2012 New research shows that Arctic storms should be included in climate models. Although we are more familiar with their tropical "colleagues", arctic storms are polar storms occurring in conjunction with a 9-meter high waves that can sink a small ship. A new study shows that Arctic storms are much more important to the functioning of our climate than previously thought. Geologists have found that polar cyclones have a significant impact on ocean circulation and climate, but are not included in any current climate models. They are important because they affect the "production Read more [...]
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The alarming results of the first half of December in Moscow

Despite the abnormally warm first decade of the month, just a couple of days that followed, these Siberian frosts average temperature went into the negative anomaly.Cost in the capital hit by this Siberian winter, as accumulated during the first eleven days of positive temperature anomaly at once melted. If at the end of the first decade of the month, it was 1.6, then just a couple of days of hard frost was negative (-0.8).Given the severe cold of the coming week, the negative anomaly in temperature can reach 4 degrees. By comparison, if the month is obtained by 1 degree colder than Read more [...]
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Siberian winter in Central Russia and Yakutia? in Siberia

Strong anticyclone, who joined in the Asian high, blocking the usual westerly flow over the mid-latitudes of Eastern Europe and the winds easterly continues to pump Siberian cold in western Russia.Frosty sunset in Krasnoyarsk at £ 30. © Ilya Naymushin | ReutersOn the night of December 17 in all the regions of central ETP temperature reached its lowest level since the beginning of the season? £ 20 in some places? £ 30! In particular, the bitter cold to £ 33 occurred in the Kostroma and Kirov regions, to £ 32 the temperature drops in the Kursk region, to £ 31? Volgograd.Direction Read more [...]
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Video overview of major natural disturbances material channels.

Frosts in southern Siberia slightly weakened, at least, the temperature went from record lows. But the situation is far from being resolved. The average daily temperature is 15-20 degrees below normal. Nights 15-16 December in most parts of the Ural district was about £ 40, places the thermometer fell to £ 46. In southern Siberian region remains strong frost. In Tomsk, Novosibirsk and Kemerovo regions, Krasnoyarsk Territory, the Altai, in the Irkutsk region, Buryatia, the night temperature is kept at a level? 40 ...? 45.Category: Climate Read more [...]
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All week in Moscow will be very cold

East atmospheric process contributes to the spread of the Siberian cold in the western regions. With overcast weather and short daylight continental air continues intensively vyholazhivatsya. So cold in Moscow are real Siberian. Last night the temperature reached its lowest level in a season-20, in the area - 25 degrees during the day will only be -13 ... -15. The weather is very cold. Currently powerful anticyclone activity slowed somewhat: the wind slackened, atmospheric pressure has gone from a record high. But on Tuesday in his portion of the circulation will flow more cold air from Siberia. Read more [...]
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In Sevastopol, the New Year tea rose buds blossomed

Now Sevastopol plus 16 degrees, and in the seaside park blossomed buds of tea rose. But it is known as one of the most capricious and thermophilic horticultural crops. Forecasters promise that winter will be soft and warm, so you can enjoy the lovely blooms will even be in the New Year.
Category: Climate
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Element convinces skeptics reality of climate change

When it comes to global warming, various weather events convince skeptics who doubt the reality of climate change, better than all the scientists. According to a recent survey conducted by the agency Associated Press, in 2012, the number of Americans concerned about climate change, was 80% of the total number of respondents. For comparison, in2009-m when a similar study was carried out for the last time, the number of Americans worried not exceed 73%.Curiously, anxiety and confidence in the reality of climate change most rapidly growing among people who previously considered themselves to skeptics. Read more [...]
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Chinese satellite photographed snowy wilderness

NASA satellite EO-1 managed to make two color image area west of Dunhuang, which is clearly visible difference between the habitual state of the desert and unusual, coming after a winter storm. In the first photo (above) Made on 27 November, but the sand is visible. But on the second, which was received on December 7, after the invasion of the storm, clearly visible white snow.Curiously, the snow is distributed unevenly on the terrain. As explained by scientist Richard Armstrong of the National Data Center for Research of ice and snow, this is largely due to the complexity of the relief Read more [...]
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Arctic storms conduct the delivery of heat to the pole

Small storms in the Arctic orchestrate the pipeline flows in the world's oceans and control the delivery of heat to the North Pole, which indicates that their inclusion in all global climate models, say scientists in a paper published in the journal Nature Geoscience."During the year in the northern half of the Arctic formed hundreds of relatively weak storm, and tens - sufficiently strong vortices. Climate models do not account for them, which leads to incorrect estimates of how much heat is transferred in the direction of the currents of the North Pole. This prevents us from making forecasts Read more [...]
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Permafrost soil — sleep factor of global warming

Quaternary loess deposits of sub-Arctic regions of Eastern Siberia occupy over one million square kilometers and contain the mass of 2 to 5% of carbon. This is 10 times higher than its concentration in the soil, undisturbed permafrost conditions. Unfortunately, researchers in estimated volumes of fixed carbon in permafrost ever managed this vast region side.A new study by researchers at the University of Stockholm seems to be more representative. They concluded that the content of fixed carbon in permafrost could amount to about 1.9 trillion tons. This figure is based on the results Read more [...]
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Giant trees dying because of climate change

As the observations of experts, has recently risen dramatically deaths of giant trees and trees with an impressive age. This fact can not be taken calmly, as together with the tree-giant killed an entire mini-ecosystem, as in the crowns of trees and their roots live several species of birds, many insects and other living organisms.This problem applies to almost all existing types of forests in the world, say the Australian University of James Cook and his colleagues in Washington, USA. Their research, they started with a forest in Sweden and for the beginning of his observations have forests Read more [...]
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Siberian frost anomaly rapidly deepening and expanding

In Omsk, the average temperature dropped to 16 degrees. Night frosts "gone too far" before? 32, was released only in the afternoon before? 27. A similar passage on Tuesday fell on the region's capital - Novosibirsk. In Tomsk and Barnaul temperature broke the 35-degree mark. Authorities canceled most flights coaches. In the oil-producing areas of the Khanty-Manskiyskogo County hit 40 degrees of frost, which is fraught with problems manmade.Meanwhile, meteorologists predict the further spread of the 40-degree cold. 12-14 December, the temperature up? 40 expected in Tomsk, Novosibirsk, Read more [...]
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How permafrost warming help?

In areas where there is no permafrost, soil carbon is not stored for too long: it "introduces a" soil bacteria. But when the permafrost melts, much of it accumulated carbon in the atmosphere may be geologically almost simultaneously.Last authoritative assessment of the carbon associated with soil in permafrost regions, was made in 2009, and a figure of 1.6 trillion tons. However, this work was not complete - so it was based only on 45 of the study analyzed the soil and almost did not include the main global permafrost region - North Asian Russia.Melting permafrost is not just land Read more [...]
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Map of global water risks

In 2012, the United States was struck by a severe drought, which has become a serious problem. According to official data, in July, 53 percent of the country had to deal with the "degree of drought in medium to extreme." More than a thousand counties were declared federal disaster areas. "Aqueduct", a new map of the World Resources Institute (WRI), offers a new tool for monitoring water problems. "We see that the water and the lack thereof is one of the greatest challenges of the 21st century. We can see how this understanding comes to the business communities around Read more [...]
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Bangladesh: Approaching Storm

Bangladeshis can teach us how a crowded planet can adapt to the rising level of the oceans. For them the future is now. It may seem that we - just seven billion grains of sand on the Earth's surface, but when you arrive in Bangladesh, you may feel as if half of humanity crammed into the territory, which is comparable with the Moscow region. The state capital, Dhaka, so overrun by people that every park and every sidewalk busy homeless. Walking here on a misty morning, you need to shape the course of makeshift beds and sleeping children. A little later, sweltering streets and alleys Read more [...]
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The Kyoto Protocol on climate protection extended to 2020

At the UN conference in Qatar adopted another step to protect the climate - Kyoto Protocol extended for eight years. Countries agreed on a new agreement to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.After much debate at the UN conference on climate change, the participants in Doha on Saturday, December 8, decided to extend the period of the Kyoto Protocol for the reduction and stabilization of greenhouse gas emissions by 2020. This issue alone put to the vote of the Chairman of the Conference of Qatar Abdullah Bin Hamad Al Attiyah. As the agency AFP, discussion of the problem at first was at a standstill, Read more [...]
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State of Arctic sea ice in November: an analysis of facts, analysis

The average area of Arctic sea ice in November was 9.93 million square kilometers, 1.38 million square kilometers below the norm and is the third lowest value in November in the history of satellite observations.© Alistair Scrutton | ReutersBy the end of the month the central part of the Arctic Ocean is almost completely frozen. However, the Barents and Kara seas are virtually free of ice. Less than ordinary ice observed in Baffin Bay and Hudson Bay. The exception is the Bering Sea, which as in previous years, froze more than the norm. Recall sea ice in the Bering Sea was a record Read more [...]
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In Europe, the coming cold snap called the Beast from the East

UK Weather Service expects the Eastern atmospheric process that will bring the cold breath of the continent: the icy wind, heavy snow and treacherous ice.British meteorologists scare their citizens' Beast from the East "- Siberian winds that bring snow, ice and frost.Bison during a snowfall near Geneva. © Denis Balibouse | ReutersStrictly speaking, the process is not an Eastern, and most of the north-eastern (northeastly), Causing cold air from Scandinavia, passing over the relatively warm North Sea, will moisturize, become unstable and bring snow to the British Isles.Forecast Read more [...]
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Melting ice in the Arctic has become a self-sustaining

In 2012, scientists in the Arctic have recorded a series of records of climate-related warming. In particular, according to the annual report on the state of the Arctic region, which is preparing for the National Oceanic Research USA, this year recorded a minimum area of sea ice and snow cover in the tundra marked by a maximum spread of different vegetation.Scientists believe that a series of such records in the Arctic, which occurred in 2012, may indicate that the Arctic will not be able to return to their previous state. According to co-editor of the report Martin Jeffries, a massive reduction Read more [...]
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