Weather events in the U.S.

Temperature across the country much warmer than usual for this time of year, and some areas are experiencing the highs that far exceed the norm. Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economyCategory: Climate Read more [...]
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In Chukotka, abnormal heat, to the Kuril Islands Hurricane

In Moscow, the pressure is stabilized, light snow. Because of the Pacific cyclone came to Chukotka anomalous heat. The average daily temperature is 20 degrees higher than normal. The village Omolon absolute maximum temperature recorded - 4.2 C.The Kurils hurricane hit, in the Primorsky Krai and Sakhalin wind reached 28 meters per second. In the north, Khabarovsk Krai expected strong wind from the blizzard. In Moscow, after a record low atmospheric pressure, the weather begins to stabilize. December 6, will be broken clouds, light snow. Temperature will be -3 ...-5C.Category: Climate Read more [...]
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Chief meteorologist planet tried to reason with humanity

In the midst of the International Conference on Climate Change in the Qatari capital of Doha. In this largest international platform to discuss the future of the Earth's climate is attended by representatives of 194, however, the head of the World Meteorological Organization, Michel Jarraud bitterly noted that the dialogue of more clearly visible desire to protect their economies, not to save the planet for future generations. In his remarks, Mr. Jarraud reminded that October 2012 was the 333 consecutive month, whose temperature is higher than the average of the twentieth century, and that Read more [...]
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U.S. scientists have made a discovery that is important for understanding the mechanisms of formation of weather in the Northern Hemisphere

Discovery is important for understanding the mechanisms of formation of weather in the northern hemisphere, have made American scientists led by oceanographer Dennis Darby of the University "Old Dominion" in Virginia. According to the U.S. National Science Foundation, "they first showed a clear 1500-year cycle" in the so-called "Arctic oscillation" / AO / - index of pressure at sea level in the northern high latitudes.According to the release, the experts analyzed the "20-meter sediment core" raised from the seabed in the so-called Barrow Canyon off the Read more [...]
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In 20 years, half of Earth's civilization will suffer from water shortages

For most of its history thirsty humanity was content that the moisture that falls from the sky ... Who in the world as much water as it was then, when the first amphibian crawled onto land, writes The Christian Science Monitor. "Then why are scientists, economists and engineers have warned that the" global water crisis "threatens the stability and health of billions of people?" - Asks the author William Wheeler.Usable fresh water is only 2.5% of the water on Earth. Of the available fresh water 99% is in underground aquifers - some of them are not restored, and in others, Read more [...]
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2012 was among the ten warmest in history of meteorological observations

The current 2012 is the ninth in the list of the warmest since 1850, when they began to be carried out as documented observation of the climate. BelTA reported by citing the World Meteorological Organization (WMO). WMO noted that the air temperature in the first 10 months of 2012 was high, despite the effect of La Nini - meteorological phenomenon, which involves the cooling of the earth's atmosphere. High temperature with unprecedented melting of Arctic sea ice and a number of extreme weather and climate events, which showed that climate change. "The thickness of the Arctic sea ice reached Read more [...]
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Gulf Stream warming increased the likelihood of snow in the center of the Russian Federation

Rise in average temperature of Atlantic currents - the Gulf Stream and North Atlantic Drift - has led to an increase in the intensity of the movement of air masses from the west to rise and an increase in precipitation in the European part of Russia, reported in an exclusive interview to our edition managing meteorologist Roman Vilfand Russia.According to him, heavy snowfall in the European part of Russia must become the fall, and their probability increases.Transport of air in the winter crowds from west to east flows more than the coming of summer, the number of ongoing concerns greater the Read more [...]
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Winter in European style: heavy rain and snowfall

Winter has come to Europe. In Poland, Belgium and Sweden blizzard seriously complicated the situation on the roads. But in Romania the pressure element broke local nuclear power plant. I had to stop one of the reactors. Heavy rains and squally winds with gusts to 100 kilometers per hour. One of the reactors of the country's only nuclear power plant broke down the elements of such a strike. Second unit is working, but its power is not enough. The result left without electricity about 150 settlements. In the houses of cold, how long will take to repair, is not clear. Some residents Read more [...]
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Kiribati time is running out — the island is sinking

The island nation of Kiribati authorities are alarmed sea level rise has already led to the flooding of more than 30 coral atolls that rose above the water a few meters.Atoll island NikamoroKiribati President Atone Tong said that the government is working on plans for mass resettlement of local residents, and also blamed the international community in the postponement of the decision on the matter. Tong told in an interview to AFP: "Some villages have been forced to move to new habitats, as previous already disappeared under the water. In early November, was the high tide, which Read more [...]
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Extremely warm start of winter in western Russia

Beginning of the calendar winter saw record high temperatures. In some cities of European Russia are covered not only daily, but monthly and even seasonal record heat. That is, more than ever in a calendar winter temperatures did not reach such high values.For example, in Voronezh, a new high for the winter is 12.4, and the former, kept since 1976, stood at 12.2. Equivalent - a triple record winter "heat" is set in Tambov (11.8) and Penza (11.0).Voronezh.A total of carcasses abnormally warm early winter played in more than 20 cities in European Russia, from Kursk (9.7) Read more [...]
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In the coming years will become more severe Siberian winters

At a press conference at Interfax said the head of the laboratory of the Institute of Physics climate system monitoring of climatic and ecological systems SB RAS Ivan Ippolitov. Tomsk scientists forecast is based on observations carried out in 1975. "In the coming years, the inhabitants of Western Siberia have to wait for more severe winters. For example, the average temperature in February, rose in the 80's to -16 degrees, the falls, reaches - 20 degrees and will be even lower. Authorities need to prepare carefully infrastructure Tomsk region" - said Ivan Ippolitov. Lowering winter Read more [...]
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Chapter Antistikhia MES of the growth disasters

Head for "Antistikhia" Russian Emergency Situations Ministry said Vladislav Bolov the growth of natural disasters on the planet, as well as the possibility of using the climate weapon. Vladislav Bolov: again I say, the fact is that on this background, there is an increase of dangerous stress, weather phenomena, because the natural phenomenon - that is all that is happening on our planet, and, as they say in space, which surrounds it. It is a hydro-meteorological processes and phenomena. But I can not say that this is a global climate change. Because scientists are professionally Read more [...]
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In Qatar, the fate of the Kyoto Protocol

In Doha, Qatar, talks about the future of the Kyoto Protocol - an international agreement adopted in addition to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change. The document commits developed countries and countries with economies in transition to reduce or stabilize greenhouse gas emissions. Says Marlene Moses, head of the Association of small island states (AOSIS): "We all face a truly artificial disaster of epic proportions. The Kyoto Protocol should not become an exercise in creative accounting or public relations. Commitments must be met and result in the reduction of emissions Read more [...]
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A surprising number: abundant snow on the background of relatively high pressure

A week ago, there was no hint of the fact that the nature of the Central Region of Russia come to its senses and dressed in winter clothes in her allotted time for this climate. However, the snowfall last two days in a flash to catch up, and said territory formed a steady snow. Over the past three days, the atmosphere is clearly overdone, "such snowfall long local places do not remember!" After starting Wednesday, precipitation are incessantly. Typically, such a long rainfall associated with the passage of deep cyclones whose central pressure is reduced very significantly (960 hPa, Read more [...]
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North Pole could disappear by 2016

Climate scientists say that the North Pole in 3-4 years has completely melted, with disastrous calamities in the ecosystem and the climate of the Northern Hemisphere can be reversed. American Center for Snow and ice collect data on the state of the ice cover in the Arctic. This organization is funded by NASA. That happens at the North Pole of the planet can be seen on satellite imagery. Julien Struve (geographer center) claims that have never seen such rapid changes in the study region. In her words can be understood that at this time before the ocean is completely covered with ice. Now, in Read more [...]
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The melting of the polar regions has raised the sea level by 1.1 cm

Climate scientists have combined the data to reduce the size and volume of the polar regions, climate satellites collected since 1992, and found that they increased the melting of sea level by 1.1 inches, RIA Novosti reported with reference to the article published in the journal Science."Now we look at a simple and clear picture. In 1990 happened not so much interesting. Around 1999, the ice caps start to lose more weight, and it seems, from the time they only accelerated melting", - one of the authors of Benjamin Smith (Benjamin Smith) from the University of Washington in Seattle (USA).Group Read more [...]
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Melting ice in the Arctic is now three times faster than in the 1990s

Melting ice in the Arctic over the past 20 years has increased and is now three times faster than in the 1990s. This conclusion is contained in a report prepared by a group of scientists from 26 research laboratories in different countries, which used data from NASA satellites and the European Space Agency, and the results of the ice air reconnaissance. Journal "Science", published on Thursday a report on the study, notes that this is the most accurate to date assessment of the state of the ice cover in the Arctic. As a result of melting ice in the Arctic and on the Danish island of Read more [...]
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In Moscow and Moscow region, November 30, 2012 is freezing rain.

Moscow, 30 November 2012. In Moscow began freezing rain. Morning mist descend on the city, the day warms up to 5-plus, and the wind died down.Add that today snowfall has caused serious traffic congestion, complicated the airports. The last time the "freezing rain" was in Moscow at the end of October this year. Then in the capital were no serious incidents. Recall that on the night of December 26, 2010 "freezing rain" was held in the Moscow region. In Moscow, as a result of the elements fell 12,000 trees and 371 injured car. Was disrupted airports. Particularly difficult Read more [...]
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Europe 2050: How to prepare for climate change

In the south - the lack of water in the north - storms and floods, heat everywhere. What to do? Rebuild the city stank and save money for a rainy day.Europe is running a race with the climate. To reach a global agreement on reducing greenhouse gas emissions was little hope, and in 2100, the temperature is likely to rise by 3 or 4 ° C relative to pre-industrial levels. Need to have time to prepare.A new report from the European Environment Agency, told about how the climate has changed and what happens next. For the first time we have a fairly clear idea about"Height =" Read more [...]
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World on the verge of a tipping point, or again on the permafrost

The permafrost is melting faster than expected, and where it will lead, no one knows, because the carbon stored there can come in the form of carbon dioxide, and may in the form of methane - a potent greenhouse gas.Permafrost, which covers almost a quarter of the Northern Hemisphere and stores huge amounts of carbon, can melt faster than we think. The United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) released a report which stated that the forecast by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change on the growth temperature to 2014 may not be true, because the IPCC did not take into account the possible Read more [...]
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