In the South Urals can live in any climate scenario

South Ural scientists to forecast the development of the natural complexes of the Chelyabinsk region and came to the conclusion that it will be possible to live here under any scenario.As the correspondent of "New Region", the press service of the CSPU, geographer Vladimir Derjaguin reconstructed the evolution of the lake geosystems Southern Urals during the late-and post-glacial. Based on these findings the researcher concluded about how the nature of the region, as well as to predict how landscapes may change in the future. "The work on the subject is complicated inability to Read more [...]
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Global warming Russian territory may change

According to the First Deputy Managing Director of the Russian Geographical Society Dmitry Polikanov, the most ambitious project of the organization this year will be another volunteer expedition to the Siberian Tuva. In the near future there will be built a railway section to another large Siberian region - the Krasnoyarsk Territory. However, as the expert said in an interview, in addition to the project in terms of geography and the study of other objects.- What is currently being large international projects the Russian Geographical Society?- We now have a number of projects that we are Read more [...]
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Another scandal surrounding climate change

In the United States grows scandal involving the falsification of the temperature of the past. In the frame-up charged by none other than the NASA Institute for Space Studies. Authoritative institution with an extensive database of observations of temperature, time and again provided its archives for research organizations use to support the conduct of research in the field of climate change. However, the recent finding that the same historical data provided to customers in 2008 and 2012, several of them. Journalists accuse NASA of the pages of various online publications claim that the Space Read more [...]
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Spring is canceled: Russian winter has not yet said its last word

Usually the beginning of February in Europe come spring. But in the last two years instead of the sun's heat and spring comfort Europeans pursue intense snowfalls and abnormal cold. Since the end of January in Europe have established a very warm weather. Temperature established several records, the air smelled of spring.Snowdrops in the UK. © Olivia Harris | ReutersBut here is the large-scale atmospheric waves once again change the vector of European weather. Air flows are deployed in the north-west. Entrained to the continent series profiling Cyclone is precipitation and colder.After Read more [...]
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Scientists have confirmed that the Arctic sea ice is melting at an alarming rate

The planet is warming. Brings new evidence, foreshadowing a new future for the Arctic - the ice-free. Arctic ice is rapidly losing, with such a high rate that the region will soon be ice-free in summer, confirmed by scientists in a new report this week.Alarming rate of melting measured by CryoSat-2 satellite of the European Space Agency, which uses a new technology to measure the thickness of sea ice, in addition to fixing the area covered regions. While the thickness of the ice is more difficult to observe with the naked eye, reducing its volume is a precursor to a more rapid and alarming loss Read more [...]
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Winter rain poured Korea

While many countries in the middle of winter filled up with snow, to the Republic of Korea, hit by heavy rains.In the coastal areas of the country declared a storm preduprezhdenie.Po to chairman hydrometeoservice Korea southwest wind brought a large amount of precipitation. As a result, on Friday fell to 40 mm of rain in the central regions and up to 60 mm in the southern parts of the country. The strongest winds and downpours with thunderstorms are expected in the island Chedzhuro in Gyeongsangbuk-do: here, according to weather forecasters, will drop more than 80 mm of rain.Category: Climate Read more [...]
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New York warms Siberia

According to new research, the heat that is generated in cities such as New York, Paris and Tokyo, may lead to warming winters in remote rural areas of Alaska, Canada and Siberia.According to a rather unusual combination of circumstances is the urban heat from buildings and cars, may have contributed to some reduction in average autumn temperatures in much of the western United States, Eastern Europe and the Mediterranean, as the authors of the study, which was published Jan. 27 in the journal Nature Climate Change.Meteorologists have long been well known that in the cities warmer than rural areas: Read more [...]
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Spring is canceled: Russian forecasters sound alarm

Because of the climate anomalies we can lose the spring and fall. For several years, experts observe that the long winter is rapidly transformed into an unusually hot summer, and then followed by a short and almost imperceptible fall, which again gives way to winter. And if the loss of the fall is somehow possible to reconcile, the disappearance of the most romantic season can not disappoint.Category: Climate Read more [...]
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Reduction of the ozone layer has changed circulation currents in the oceans

Antarctic waters play a key role in the cycle of heat and CO2 between the atmosphere and ocean, and the appearance of anomalies in the "conveyor belt" currents can accelerate climate change in the next 40-60 years, the scientists conclude. The thinning of the ozone layer in the atmosphere was one of the most important factors influencing climate change on our planet, as its reduction led to significant changes in the circulation of the world ocean waters in the Southern Hemisphere, say climate scientists in a paper published in the journal Science. "Our work may seem purely academic Read more [...]
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Tropical forests are managed by the winds

Russian experts believe that conventional climate models do not account for in vain role of forests in the atmospheric circulation.Where does the wind? Someone will say it's about the difference in temperature: hot air rises, cold sinks. The textbooks and write.And what if the winds, command of atmospheric circulation are primarily condensation? And it happens mostly in tropical forests: the moisture evaporates, seeps through the trees. Physics and foresters who defend this controversial idea, argue that if we cut down forests, we lose the wind and rain, that they generate.Blinck."Height Read more [...]
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The present global climate change took place long before the emergence of civilization

The present global climate change took place long before the emergence of civilization - 900 thousand years ago, during the Pleistocene, found paleoclimatologists from Cambridge, New methods of studying the climate history of the Earth.Paleoclimatology group of Cambridge has announced that they have managed to achieve a breakthrough in the correct interpretation of observational data describing the dynamics of the Antarctic ice sheet thickness and the temperature of the ocean in the last 1.5 million years. Research published on Friday night in the Science, derive many years of discussion about Read more [...]
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In Athens, the snow fell

In Greece winter came. In many areas of Attica and even snowed all morning lying in Athens. Temperature for dinner did not rise above 5 degrees Celsius. On all TV channels of the country have shown a huge beloryzhego dog: he sadly looked at reality. By local standards - is Siberia!Due to "the terrible snow" were blocked some roads and schools are closed. On the highway Athens - Thermopylae overturned trailer truck and paralyzed traffic for 2 hours. ...In northern Greece, where we live, do not wear hats in the winter, and the gloves and even more so. On other parts of Greece, and Read more [...]
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Unusual in the middle of winter rains hit almost the entire territory of the Republic of Korea

Unusual in the middle of winter rains hit today almost the entire territory of the Republic of Korea from the south to the northern border, according to the State Hydrometeorological Service. On the southern island resort of Jeju / Jeju Island / and in the areas adjacent to Mount Jirisan in Gyeongnam Province, expected loss of more than 80 mm of rain, which will be accompanied by high winds and thunderstorms. "South-westerly winds have brought a lot of moisture, resulting in the southern parts of the country will fall from 20 to 60 mm of rain, and in the central areas in and around the capital Read more [...]
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Swings from -36 to +11 in Montreal

After freezing cold, suddenly warmer! Segodyan there 11 -14 and again tomorrow!

Category: Climate

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