Raging planet 2012

Disasters in 2012Category: Element Read more [...]
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Nature in 2012 showed its fury

In Russia, one of the biggest disasters was the flooding in the Kuban: 171 people died, Krymsk was almost washed away, the lyrics take the city by surprise. A few weeks ago, Hurricane "Sandy" was walking around New York, destroyed several states, 113 victims across America. Night, rainfall and flow crushing force. This summer, the Kuban learned: ninth wave is in the mountains. Flood victims 171 people. Wave surging on Krymsk reached 7 meters. And most importantly, it all happened quickly. "She just came in 10 minutes," - says an eyewitness. "Over there two people Read more [...]
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Cuba dominates unusual cold front

Some areas of the Cuban island at the mercy of uncharacteristic for this time of the year and given the planet cold air masses. In Cuba, the temperature dropped to a record +4 ° C, while the average annual temperature is generally in the range +22 .. +28 ° C, and on the east coast can be raised even higher. As reported by the weather bureau, the cold, dry air arrived in Cuba from the Atlantic. By 20 meteorological stations of the country thermal sensors recorded the temperature below 10 ° C. The most noticeable cooling observed in the central and western regions, where the air is not heated Read more [...]
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Christmas did not save the U.S.

The bad weather, which in the past Christmas fell on the north-eastern and central U.S. states have killed at least 16 people. Local media reported that the majority of them were killed in major accident, but also because of falling trees. Snowstorms sometimes led to a power failure, and more than 200 thousand Americans were without electricity. Because of the rampant disaster canceled more than a thousand flights. The most difficult was the situation at the airports, Indiana, Maine, Michigan, New Hampshire, New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania and Vermont.Category: Element Read more [...]
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U.S. buried in snow

Sixteen people were killed in a snow storm that struck the northeastern U.S. after she spoiled Christmas Midwesterners. Canceled hundreds of flights, 200,000 people are still without electricity.The U.S. continues to rage snow storm, according to Reuters. The bad weather began Thursday and was reported to forecasters, while elements will continue to spoil the lives of Americans.In the town of Little Rock, Arkansas for Christmas snow fell for the first time 83 years.In the New England states (Vermont, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Maine, New Hampshire and Rhode Island), a heavy snowfall. Read more [...]
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In China, the frozen waterfalls and geysers Park Huhushuy in Hebei Province

Due to the cold snap that came to a large part of China's territory, geysers and waterfalls picturesque park "Huhushuy" in Pingshan County, Hebei Province / Northern China / become unusual ice sculptures.
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U.S. winter weather bedevils

The United States have fallen snow storm. In two days, American meteorologists have recorded a total of 34 tornadoes, killing six people, hundreds of thousands of people were left without electricity. Airlines canceled domestic flights on motorways recorded a surge in the number of accidents. During the day - 34 tornado. In Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, Christmas is ruined. There is such a buzz, if the plane flies right over your head. Arkansas, where the snow - a rarity, swept up as accustomed to storms Illinois. Drifts there reach a height half. From riots verse 25 people Read more [...]
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Snow in the Kyiv subway

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More than one thousand flights canceled in the U.S. because of snow and storms

Snow and storms have caused the cancellation Wednesday of about 1.5 thousand flights in airports north-eastern and central United States. Another 170 flights canceled on Thursday, the company said, leading graphics performance monitoring air traffic in the country. The most difficult was the situation in the "air gates" Indiana, Maine, Michigan, New Hampshire, New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania and Vermont. According to the U.S. National Weather Service, a powerful cold front reached the east coast of the country. Here come the heavy rains and snow. In the states of New York and New Jersey Read more [...]
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Ice storms and tornadoes struck the southern U.S., leaving without electricity more than 100 thousand

Bad weather covered in Christmas southern United States. Snowstorms left without power more than 100 thousand people in the states of Texas, Arkansas, Oklahoma, Mississippi, Louisiana and Alabama. Across the country, hundreds of flights canceled. Above the city Mobile / Alabama / tornado swept through. Tornado blew roofs of several houses, felled trees, snapped power lines. Three less powerful tornado recorded in Texas. Bad weather has caused several major accidents. Thus, in the state of Oklahoma accident involving 21 cars, including three trucks. Injured several people. According to weather Read more [...]
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Snow storm in the Midwest

On Thursday the first big snow storm of the season moves on the U.S. Midwest. At least three people have become its victims, the traffic on the roads is very difficult, complicated work of the airport in anticipation of the Christmas boom flights. From Kansas to Wisconsin rampant heavy snowfall combined with strong winds.In Arkansas storms have havoc, damage houses and topple trees. In the port city of Mobile (Ala.), a powerful storm tore roofs and overturned numerous trucks.Storm warning announced in several areas of Mississippi, Louisiana and Alabama. The city airport Read more [...]
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The train derailed in the mountains of Switzerland because of the avalanche

According to a railway company BLS Stephanie Hofer (Stephanie Hofer), a train crashed into a huge mass of snow that came down on the tracks in the region because of the steady warm weather. According to Agence France-Presse, at the time of the accident on the train were only four people.MOSCOW, Dec 23 - RIA Novosti. The train derailed on Sunday in the Swiss canton of Valais, located on the south-west of the country, due to avalanches, there were no injuries, according to Agence France Presse. According to a railway company BLS Stephanie Hofer (Stephanie Hofer), a train crashed into a huge mass Read more [...]
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Blizzard struck the Canadian provinces of Ontario and Quebec

Severe ice storm struck the Canadian provinces of Ontario and Quebec, leaving about 120 thousand light buildings.In the metropolitan area the thickness of the snow cover is 44 cm, and to the north of Quebec City - 63 cm According to meteorologists, the top record in Ottawa in 1977, when the thickness of the snow cover reached 30.4 cm, transfers ITAR-TASS.As the representative of Mayor Marian Wilkinson, all snow removal equipment - 400 machines - displayed on city streets. In the capital, on Sunday night - from 01.00 to 07.00 am local time (10.00-16.00 Moscow time) - a ban on the parking of cars Read more [...]
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In Poland, the victims of cold steel 49 people

In Poland since the beginning of December 49 people have died from the cold, reports Agence France-Presse, with reference to the local police. As winter temperatures in some areas dropped to -10 degrees.Most often the victims found themselves homeless frost. Police began in this regard to inform the public about where and if you want to get warm and get a hot meal.This year, the first wave of cold weather came to Poland in October. Then from hypothermia killed 15 people in November - five more. Over the last winter frost victims there were about 200 people.In Russia, due to severe frosts this Read more [...]
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Snow has fallen on the world doomsday

Snow Apocalypse: China, Turkey, Bulgaria, the U.S. and Canada residents rescues their cars under huge drifts and languishing at airports. While the inhabitants of the earth are wondering whether they could survive the "end of the world", several countries have been at the mercy of the snow apocalypse. For example, in the east of Bulgaria in connection with heavy snowfall and squally wind regime introduced emergency. The power supply disrupted in 260 settlements, and rescuers evacuate people from dangerous areas in 12 provinces in the north-east and east of the country, said the ITAR-TASS Read more [...]
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Winter storm in the South East Europe

Whenever Asian anticyclone extends its crest in Eastern Europe and in conflict with it enters southern cyclone, southern Ukraine and Russia rude winter storm. The clash of cold continental air from the warm southern sea leads to strong winds, precipitation of complicated and severe storms at sea.Area of bad weather, the length of 500 km, it combines all the colors of bad weather, from thunderstorms to blizzards. In Novorossiysk enacted storm boron. At a temperature of? 6 Sea strongly soars, wind storm rips off waves of droplets that quickly freezes on ships and buildings in Tsemesskaya Read more [...]
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As a result of the dust storm in the U.S. state of Texas killed one person, injured another 17 injured

On Wednesday afternoon on the western part of the U.S. state of Texas dust storm struck, causing numerous accidents. As a result, one person was killed, and another 17 were injured suffered varying degrees of severity. The functioning of the interval interstate highway number 27, passing just north of Lubbock, was suspended. According to local media, the climate in the area is hot and dry, in connection with the occurrence of strong winds lead to a raising of the air dust.A spokesperson for the Department of Public Safety, Texas, John Gonzales, during dust storm wind speed was 88 kilometers Read more [...]
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Hundreds of thousands of people were left without electricity in the U.S.

Life of several U.S. states broke snowfall. Hundreds of thousands of people were left without electricity, the roads do not pass. The situation is similar in the south of Europe, and in the UK - a great flood. Many kilometers of traffic jams, working only on the actual weather airports and 400,000 people without electricity - emergency services of several U.S. states to such a heavy snowfall were not ready. Reports of traffic jams come from Iowa, Nebraska and Wisconsin. The situation is worst in Milwaukee, where the international airport terminal passengers expect the second day of departure. Read more [...]
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In Texas, there was a dust storm

In the U.S. state of Texas an unexpected dust storm. In the automobile accident involving her, one person was killed, and another 17 suffered minor injuries. Specialists believe the root cause of the storm in a drought, do not let the staff the past few months in the summer and fall.During the storm wind speed was 88 km / h, he was able to raise in the air a lot of sand, which reduced visibility to a minimum. Because these conditions are extremely dangerous for the road, it was a formal decision to close the motorway section linking Abernathy and New Deal. As on it with zero visibility when Read more [...]
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Coast of Ukraine will bryzgovoe global ice

Mediterranean cyclone, which, unlike its predecessors will not go to the north and will move to the East through Turkey, collide with a crest of a powerful Asian anticyclone. This "rivalry" implies to the Crimea and Ukraine throughout Southern storm storm, with a winter set of adverse weather. In this case, the weather will remain cold, with night temperatures? ... 11 × 16, in the north of the Left Bank to £ 23, in the afternoon? 7 ... No. 12.The main feature is a wind storm and bryzgovoe icing on the Black and Azov Seas. Wind picked up15-22 m / s, gusts? 25-30 m / s. At the Read more [...]
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