Russia pinned severe frosts

In Russia, in full winter hosts: a record for December of 55 degrees below zero in Oymyakon, solid 50 - to the east of the country, 40 - in the Urals, 30 - in central Russia. Four people have frozen to death in the Altai, a helpless invalid, which is literally thrown out of the bus, so frostbitten hands, that now they will be amputated. In Moscow, the cold also killed a person. This year, in the capital is expected to record the duration of frost, so long they have not kept a half-century. Go outside to the cold even habitual residents of Magadan dare hardly outside the window - a minus Read more [...]
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Storm reversals concrete embankments in Vancouver

Storm surge combined with hurricane winds on Monday morning damaged part of the dam in Stanley Park in Vancouver and in the walking promenade Marine Park in West Vancouver. Suffered greatly as beach area, completely lost their pebbles and partly? infrastructure.Part of the embankments and coastal urban area was flooded. Authorities said they were warned in advance by meteorologists and blocked access to the dam and embankments. Therefore, the victims have been avoided.By Monday evening the storm subsided, the water began to recede. However, people are asked to refrain from Read more [...]
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300 people in Romania are locked in cars due to snow

Heavy snow hit the north-eastern region of Romania, leaving about 300 people were trapped in their cars on the road in the county (counties) Botosani and Neamt. Today transport in the region is difficult, many routes are blocked. However, according to the prefect of Botosani, authorities and emergency services in case of need can reach any settlement. Snowfall led to the temporary disruption to electricity. A number of schools were closed, the authorities have instructed students to stay home in bad weather. According to the forecasts of meteorologists in the near future precipitation in the Read more [...]
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Pupils several Kolyma district sent on forced vacation due to the 50-degree frost

Classes for students of all classes canceled due to severe cold in Susuman Srednekanskaya areas and Kolyma. "Temperature is minus 51, so in order to preventcolds, classes in schools had to be canceled, "- said Tuesday the press service of the regional Emergencies Ministry.The report also notes that the fuel and energy complex and housing and communal services in these areas are operating normally.Category: Element Read more [...]
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In the north of Kamchatka 50-degree cold hit in the coming days — MES

The air temperature in Penzhina area in northern Kamchatka may fall during the day to minus 50 degrees, said on Tuesday the Press Service of the Ministry of Emergency Situations of the region. "Currently in the settlements Penzhinsk district hazard criteria are not met. Lowest temperatures observed in the morning on December 18 in villages and Ayanka Slautnoe - minus 45 degrees. Villages in Manila, Kamensky, Guy, Okla Talovka and the temperature dropped to minus 42.8 degrees, "- said in a statement. Rescuers warn residents about the need to secure during cold weather. To avoid hypothermia Read more [...]
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In Odessa wave of demolitions Beach front cafe and fill beaches

In Odessa, a raging storm. Public users "Odessa as is" Share photos shtormyaschego Sea."Currently, the strong sea waves and wind mad. All washed away, the beaches do not see. All flooded with water "- wrote an eyewitness. As previously soobschlos, southern Ukraine declared a storm warning. According Ukrgidromettsentr, wind speed in the hospitality field can reach 30 m / s. According to forecasters, rain today in Odessa, the entire day will be snowing. Day temperature 2, evening the thermometer will drop to -3. Land at the airport "Odessa" is given to private owners Read more [...]
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Emergency warning announced in Yakutia because of strong storms

Due to weather conditions increase the likelihood of power outages and utility accidents. MOE units operate in a highly available.Emergency warning and announced Anabar Bulun Yakutia because of strong storms with wind gusts up to 30 meters per second, said Monday the regional emergencies department Russia. "In Anabar and Bulun Yakutia expected strong snowstorm in the west, south-west wind 18-23 meters per second, gusts of 25-30 meters per second. Tiksi Bay - at the west, south-west wind gusts up to 31-36 meters per second with a visibility of less than 500 meters, the approximate length of Read more [...]
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Frosty anomalies have covered almost the entire territory of Siberia, it offers new temperature records

Frosty anomalies have covered almost the entire territory of Siberia. The absolute minimum temperature is already covered in the Altai region. In Barnaul, air cooled to 41.2 degrees. In Kemerovo and Novosibirsk regions frost comes up to 44 degrees, in the Tomsk region 45, in Omsk - to minus 43. As Itar-Tass learned at the Russian Hydrometeorological Center, "most of all, we expect new temperature records, because the area 40-degree cold expands." "These anomalies led Arctic anticyclone, which is down from the north to the south of Siberia. And the vacant seat covers more moist Read more [...]
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Moscow was covered with diamond dust

Siberian anticyclone brought to the capital a rare meteorological phenomenon - ice crystals. Even meteorologists are called diamond dust. By jewels it has nothing to do .. Ice needles - atmospheric phenomenon, solid precipitation in the form of tiny ice crystals floating in the air, forming in the cold weather (minimum temperature in Moscow was -15.6, the region of up to 20 degrees Celsius). Ice crystals have spike or star shape. They are hollow (unbranched) crystals or snow stars, the largest of the crystals have a significant rate of incidence. Of these elements are clouds in the upper tier. Read more [...]
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Snowfall paralyzed traffic in the capital of China

12/14/2012 Beijing Weather Service on Friday announced the "blue" level of danger due to heavy snowfall, which does not stop for 12 hours.Snowfall began at about 19:00 on December 13. As of 8:00 am rainfall in the average reached 4.7 mm. Snowfall has complicated the traffic across the capital. The authorities were forced to block several sections of expressways. Moreover, the situation is complicated by the Beijing airport "Beijing Capital", which canceled 51 and delayed 22 domestic flights. Also canceled 4 and 8 international flights delayed. Forecasters predict Read more [...]
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Abnormal frosts have caused the cancellation of more than 20 bus lines from Tomsk

Truckers were forced to cancel 22 flights on Friday from Tomsk because of bad weather, according to the website of city bus station. Thus, of the long-distance canceled flights to Novosibirsk to 9:10 (06:10 MSK) and 12:10 (09:10 MSK), to Novokuznetsk at 10:20 (07:20 MSK), to Semipalatinsk at 13:40 (10 40 MSK) to Pavlodar to 17:45 (14:45 MSK), to Gorno-Altai at 18:45 (15:45 MSK) to Barnaul at 20:10 (17:10 MSK), up by 21 Belokurikha 00 (18:00 MSK) to Novosibirsk airport "Tolmachevo" at 21:45 (18:45 MSK), to Novokuznetsk at 21:50 (18:50 MSK). Of intra canceled flights to Teguldeta, Kargaska, Read more [...]
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On the track Don a traffic jam of heavy trucks

On the federal highway M4 "Don", 16 kilometers from the provincial town, because of snowfall formed many kilometers cork from heavy trucks. "Waggons trying to pull apart a special technique, loaded trains can not overcome the rise", - said the duty officer of the city administration Mines. According to the operative duty Novocherkassk, jam stretched nearly to the Rostov to a distance of 50 kilometers. "The mash was on the track of" Don "and in Novocherkassk, but now the car drove off, some do not take the risk and to turn from the M4 at night in Novocherkassk" Read more [...]
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Winter storm in the Black Earth and in the Rostov region

Southern cyclone, moving from the Black Sea to the north, brought a lot of trouble the southerners Chernozem, Rostov Region and Eastern Ukraine. There were snow with blizzards, sometimes made little glaze effects. The greatest amount of precipitation in the form of snow fell in the Belgorod (up to 26 mm) and Orel (26 mm) regions. In the Rostov region weather led to considerable difficulty vehicular movement, especially on the federal highway M4. Cyclone leaves the region, precipitation stops, but choppy wind yet remain. And, due to the increasing influence of anticyclone to the east, to begin Read more [...]
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Heavy snow, cover Europe, led to traffic jams in many countries

In Europe, the snow covered several countries. In Romania, the military and rescue workers could hardly make their way to stranded motorists on highways. Buran has swept cars first long dig. Freezing the occupants to evacuate special items heating. Across the country, canceled classes in schools. Disrupted the movement of trains, and the airport in Bucharest canceled or delayed most flights. Without the help of heavy machinery can not do in Serbia. There's snow literally cut off from the outside world the inhabitants of several villages. In many of these residents remained without Read more [...]
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Record low temperatures in the UK

Record low temperatures show the thermometer in the UK. Up to £ 10 got cold in Scotland, in the county of Buckinghamshire in central England - to £ 9. Thick fog covered most of the country.By the morning of December 12 London Heathrow Airport canceled more than 60 flights - in Warsaw, Nice, Stockholm, Aberdeen, and several cities in Germany, many planes delayed the arrival and departure. Another one of the six airports in the British capital, London City Airport, canceled at least six morning flights to European cities, including a flight to Edinburgh. Also delayed the arrival of aircraft Read more [...]
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Turkish Riviera quarter annual rate per night

Famous for its long sandy beaches of the Mediterranean coast of Anatolia is a gem of a resort in Turkey. Summer under the influence of stable anti-cyclone is formed in dry and hot weather, with average daytime temperatures around +30. However, in winter over the warm Mediterranean Sea there is an active cyclogenesis, amplified difficult mountainous terrain. This period is called the "rainy season", which brings about 80% of average annual rainfall (1057 mm).© S. Kuelcue | Shutterstock.comThe initiator of the current wet anomaly was extensive deep high trough stretching Read more [...]
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Kiev snowfall made history

Eleven days in Kiev on December fell nearly two monthly rainfall, and yesterday's daily amount (41 mm) was close to the historical record - 43 mm of snow, recorded in 1930, told the director of the Ukrainian Hydrometeorological Nicholas Kulbida. In addition, he said, cutting off the record for snow build-up, kept since 1881.Snow maze. © Anatolii Stepanov | ReutersIt is important to note the anomalous high snowdrifts Kiev that morning, December 12 reached 45 cm is - nine times more than normal and close to the absolute maximum in December (55 cm).Snow-covered park. © Anatolii Read more [...]
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European part of Russia covers the icy air avalanche

Such a frightening comparison invented meteorologists for cyclone because of which immediately in 2 dozen areas hit frosts, and from day to day will only grow stronger. Although truly extreme temperatures these days recorded in Oymyakon. Even for the cold pole values -50 - infrequent phenomenon. Unusual weather and the Kuzbass, there even had to cancel buses: they just do not start -40. And in the Komi Republic in the 30-degree frosts led to nearly a whole village was left without heat. Because of the accident at the heating mains, 100 homes started literally burst battery. Emergency work Read more [...]
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American house collapsed while he was being interviewed, talking about saving a tornado

A resident of Birmingham, Alabama, was confident that all the horrible past, when he told a local television station. CBS42 about how he and his family fled from the tornado. Bad weather hit the south of the U.S. before. Praise God interrupted suspicious crack, and in front of the head of the family roof collapsed house, which served him yesterday "fortress.". "I saw a cloud of dust with fragments of furniture and other objects, and he was heading straight towards our house. We locked ourselves in the bathroom began to pray. All happened so fast, we were terribly frightened, Read more [...]
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Austria. Consequences snowfall

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