Soybean harvest perishes under the snow in the Jewish Autonomous

Who came to the region cyclone hid soybean harvest deep snow just after protracted autumn rains. Difficult weather conditions do not allow us to complete the harvest. According to the website of the regional government, the emergency situation in the two districts of the Jewish Autonomous Region - Lenin and October. In some fields, the thickness of the snow cover is 20 cm Total "Shelter" over 25 thousand hectares.The regional administration plans to soon turn to the government requesting support for farmers.Category: Element Read more [...]
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Kamchatka shocked and covered with wet snow

Kamchatka is in the grip of a strong cyclone. In the night of 20 November, more than two thousand people were left without electricity here. There has been a power outage in three locations Elizovo district territory. Because of wet snow on the wires of electricity lost 28 houses in the villages of the Forest, Green and Northern Koryak. To date, no light left eight houses in the village of Northern Koryak. There are continuing reconstruction work. The situation is under control of the Ministry of Emergency Situations, the ITAR-TASS news agency. The bad weather was on the eve of the reason Read more [...]
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Storm struck the Kamchatka

Over the edge of a raging volcano powerful cyclonic vortex gradually separate into two independent of the pressure of the nucleus. Hurricane force winds were able to fix fearless meteorologists in settlements Marsh (119 km / h), Cape Lopatka (115 km / h), a little "weaker" - in Bolsheretsk (94 km / h) and Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky (76 km / h) . Beaufort scale, this corresponds to the maximum possible 12-point storm, in which the height of sea waves can reach 11 m, likely devastating destruction. In the capital region dropped 33 mm of precipitation, which is 1/3 of the monthly norm. Read more [...]
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Aviakollaps in Poland: heavy fog paralyzed airports

In Poland, the second day of canceled domestic and international flights. In several regions of the country - heavy fog. Visibility is almost zero. In Krakow airport canceled more than half the flights. To somehow relieve the waiting areas, where there are hundreds of passengers and flights redirected to other air harbor country. According to weather forecasts, the fog can last for days.Category: Element Read more [...]
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Strong storm left 6,000 homes without electricity in Australia

A powerful storm front hit Queensland in Australia, where until recently the crowds gathered to observe a solar eclipse. Gale added lightning and threw a few lines of power transmission lines.

Weather Service issued a warning of deteriorating weather conditions.

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Of the mountain resorts of France was the 19th-century

In the south-west of France due to the threat of avalanches around 600 people were evacuated Sunday from a ski resort Bareges (Bareges), reported Agence France-Presse. The population of one of the oldest ski resorts in Europe Barèges (Hautes-Pyrenees department) is about 230 people, but in the tourist season there may be more than two thousand varieties of winter sports. Weather Service warned of descent from the mountains avalanches due to heavy snowfall in the region. Once in a nearby village as a result of an avalanche was damaged about a dozen vehicles, police, military and firefighters Read more [...]
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In Italy, waiting for the cold, snow and food shortages

In the 11 regions of Italy declared a state of emergency warning due to forecasts of a significant cold weather and snow, which will affect the north and center of the Apennines. Special order of the Ministry of Interior in Piedmont, Val d'Aosta, Liguria, Lombardy, Veneto, Friuli-Venezia Giulia, Trento-Alto Adige, Tuscany, Emilia Romagna, Marche and Umbria prohibited the movement of trucks. Consumer associations fear that without new supplies in supermarkets may form deficiency of essential goods. Car drivers instructed to move only with special chains, which are placed on the wheel, in Read more [...]
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Storm Nemo left without light 700 thousand homes in the U.S.

Storm "Nemo" that hit on Saturday night in the north-east coast of the U.S., left without electricity for about 700 thousand homes, cutting off many villages of transport, according to U.S. television.The snow cover which fell less than a day, in some places reached one meter, according to the National Weather Service. Snowfall was so strong that snow removal equipment are often stuck on clearing trails and streets. Snowmobiling in many states were the only transport on the Sabbath, on which you can move, passes RIA "Novosti".In the states of New York, Rhode Island, Massachusetts, Read more [...]
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Snow storm in the U.S. took the lives of nine people

U.S. utilities and rescuers set to work to deal with a snow storm, "Interfax". Precipitation is less: in Rhode Island, Connecticut and Massachusetts vehicular traffic resumed. Disaster victims are nine: seven in the U.S. and two - in Canada. Most of the victims were killed in the accident. Nearly half a million homes and businesses remain without electricity, canceled two thousand flights. Authorities five northeastern states have emergency mode and banned residents driving.Category: Element Read more [...]
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Snow element ‘closed’ people in five U.S. states home

Leaders of New York, Massachusetts, Connecticut, New Hampshire, Rhode Island and Maine declared a state of emergency regime in the severe winter storm that struck the northeastern United States. In these states, temporary ban on driving cars, people are advised not to leave their homes. In total, over the last two days, for safety reasons was canceled about 5,000 flights in the U.S.. Air service to New York and Boston suspended completely. According to weather forecasts, in the north-eastern part of the U.S. is expected to wind up to 120 km / h and rainfall up to 90 cm The biggest danger Read more [...]
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In the five states in the U.S. due to heavy snowfall of emergency

Snowfall that hit on Friday morning, in the north-eastern United States, increasing by the hour. Following the Connecticut, Rhode Island and Massachusetts state of emergency declared governor of New York and New Hampshire, Andrew Cuomo, and Maggie Hassan. In the state of Connecticut because of bad weather left without electricity over 26 thousand customers. On Long Island, which is located near the Atlantic Ocean in the state of New York, the element left without electricity for almost 4 thousand people. Also reports of power outages and come from other states of the region, but there are not Read more [...]
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In Provo. Anhui suffered from heavy snowfall of more than 300 thousand people

Monday evening on most wire. Anhui / East China / heavy snow fell. According to preliminary statistics of the provincial Department of Civil Affairs, as of 15:00 today, weather-affected 309 thousand residents of five cities including Hefei, Wuhu and Anqing. 90 buildings collapsed and another 114 buildings were damaged. Under the influence of the cold air in the evening on February 18 in the vast area prov. Anhui fallen snow. In areas south of the Huaihe River in 12 hours rainfall reached at least 6 mm, places - more than 10 cm from a heavy snowfall was suspended traffic on several highways. Read more [...]
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Thousands of flights canceled in the U.S. because of a snow storm

About 1.5 thousand flights were canceled due to a snow storm "Nemo" raging in the north-eastern United States, according to Associated Press. Bad weather forced the local airports to adjust staffing.Under attack snowy elements were New York, Boston and Chicago. Forecasters reported that snow level may exceed 30 cm, and in some areas - up to 50 cm snowfall will be accompanied by wind gusts up to 65 km / h and a significant drop in air temperature.Waiting for the weather, local residents are stocking everything you need - drinking water, flashlights, candles and batteries.Earlier it was Read more [...]
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In southern Italy the snow fell

The peninsula was once again at the mercy of the cold and rainy cyclone. This time the disaster were the southern regions of the country. Snow covered peak of Mount Vesuvius at Naples, as well as the beaches on Lipaskih Islands, off the south-east of Sicily. About snowfall in the coming hours as reported in the central areas. Forecasters promise to preserve the cold, rainy and windy weather throughout Italy until the end of next week, ITAR-TASS reported. Representatives of associations of agricultural producers "Koldiretti" warn of the damage the sector because of the weather. According Read more [...]
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Blizzard paralyzed the northern and eastern Slovakia

Heavy snowfall on Thursday led to chaos on the roads of Slovakia, and left without electricity for about 80 thousand homes in the northern and eastern parts of the country, reports local SMI.V particular, more than 40 cm of snow broke on motorways and railways in Prešov Košice and territories, located about 500 km from the capital.Local authorities have imposed a state of emergency in the affected areas of snowfall. Military instructed to help clean up the fire roads of snow and fallen derevev.Po reportedly meteorologists snowfall probably will stop on Friday night.Category: Element Read more [...]
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Hundreds of residents of the coastal area of Massachusetts from their homes

Massachusetts authorities ordered an emergency evacuation of residents of Hall, located on a peninsula in the eastern part of the state, which may soon be flooded during the powerful blizzard.According to the Agency for Emergency Situations of Massachusetts, the most dangerous is located on the coast of the eastern part of the state - from the town of Hull Sanduich and in the eastern part of the island of Nantucket. Meanwhile, in Milford, Conn., snow level reached a record high in the region of 38 inches (95 cm). And in Portland, Maine, recorded local record of 29.3 inches of snow (about 73 cm) Read more [...]
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NASA satellites photographed the dust storm over Oman

February 4, 2013 NASA satellite "Aqua" and "Terra" made morning and afternoon shots dust storm that swept over the coast of Oman and was published in the Arabian Sea. For three hours separating the two images, the dust plumes are longer and moved to the South.February 4, 2013, morning. © NASAWhere did the dust storm arose, say these images can not. In any case, much of the Omani territory is covered with sand, in addition, a large "sand sea" is located in parts of Saudi Arabia, Yemen and the United Arab Emirates.February 4, 2013, a day. © NASADust Read more [...]
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NASA satellite photographed the dust storm over Afghanistan

January 23, 2013 NASA satellite "Aqua" managed to take a picture of a dust storm that swept over Afghanistan and headed toward neighboring Turkmenistan.Apparently, the dust storm formed in the "sea of sand" in the north of Afghanistan, to the south of the Amu Darya River, which flows through part of the Afghan border, and separating it from the government of Uzbekistan and parts of Turkmenistan.Dust storm photo posted on the official website of NASA - "Earth Observatory". We have previously published images from this resource: in particular, a huge dust storm picture Read more [...]
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Twenty people were injured in avalanche in Afghanistan

In Afghanistan, due to heavy snowfall, which began last Thursday, hundreds of settlements and dozens of counties were in the snowdrift. The main countries Salang Pass is closed to traffic.Twenty people were injured by avalanches in the county Javan northern Afghan province of Badakhshan on the border with Tajikistan, Pazhvak news agency reported. On Tuesday night the avalanche struck the town Sholir, destroying about 20 houses. All the victims were recovered from under the snow and rubble of buildings, they are given first aid. The representative of the Afghan administration in the aftermath Read more [...]
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Moscow comes after a record snowfall

February 4 set a new daily maximum precipitation for the day, equal to 18 mm, half the February norm. First meteorological record in 2013. Stations in the Moscow snow gains ranged from 18 to 24 cm This is a record of the XXI century, say meteorologists. In Moscow, formed a "black ice, frost, icicles and snow on roofs rebound," - said the weather bureau in Moscow and the Moscow region. Despite the great performance to beat the absolute record snowfall Moscow still could not. The biggest daily total precipitation is 36 mm (1966) and a maximum height of 72 cm of snow, said portal "Gismeteo." Record Read more [...]
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