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Chelyabinsk meteorite may be a missile or a UFO?

If official media fed viewers video shot many years ago where everyone knows burning a hole in Turkmenistan and call it - a place of Chelyabinsk meteorite fall, we, as an informal media, consider it our duty to publish the questions that concern people are brainwashed TV. And, it was - what sank near Chelyabinsk? When looking through the video filmed eyewitnesses, and then read the official statements, there is an overwhelming response between what you see and what you are trying to present as the only true opinion. Let's start with the fact that the appearance of the meteorite, and suddenly Read more [...]
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Happy New 2013 Year to you — friends!

On behalf of the administration of our website, I want to congratulate you friends a Happy New 2013 Year! And let this new year to you and your loved ones pass by all the hardships and troubles. Health, welfare and more simple human happiness to you friends!The Chronicles of Life and Land in the new year will be the pulse of the our home - the Earth and quickly inform you about all the events taking place in it. We do not know what it will be, but we hope that the pulse of the Earth will not be interrupted and will be more interesting, and not the tragic events.Congratulations to you and want Read more [...]
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It urged the UN prepares to Sunny supershtormu

The agenda of the United Nations, dedicated to key issues and risks for the planeta new paragraph - space weather. Under the following designated space weather phenomena - Solar storms, flash, geomagnetic storms and coronal mass ejections."This is a significant international community," says Lika Gahathakurta representative of NASA headquarters in Washington. "By adding space weather in the regular agenda of the United Nations recognizes that solar activity is a significant problem no less threatening than the orbital debris and asteroids flying close."Space weather, is the Read more [...]
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The aliens among us — said Medvedev. Joke or a fact?

We already wrote about the statement of the Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev aliens, as it turned out this commentary, Russian Prime Minister did give no idea about what is video shooting. This is the answer he gave himself Marianne Maksimovskaya, REN TV journalist, but secretly took it to his I-Pad journalists are "Rain" Mikhail Zygar, Maksimovskaya forewarned about the issue after the formal interview has five channels on the traditional interview in the "Ostankino". Pubes: About aliens went on the air. Zygar: About it too, but it's our little secret with Marianne Maksimovskaya Read more [...]
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Mysteries of the Moon — the facts, anomalies, secret satellite

Last night two moons "Grail" at the speed 6000km h with an interval of 20 seconds, hit the moon. The impact site was near the North Pole in the lunar crater Goldschmidt. And on September 11, has launched a NASA secret mini-shuttle, the aims and objectives of which are not known.What is the purpose of NASA sends two braidsnomic unit at high speed into a single point of the lunar surface? The official version - the mechanical properties and chemical composition of the lunar regolith.Two satellites "Grail" were relatively small (with washing machine), but with the weight and Read more [...]
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NASA released the video Why does the world not lost yesterday, which were published December 22, 2012

As it turns out NASA has prepared a film that was to be published on 22 December 2012, the day after do not attack the Apocalypse predicted by the Mayan civilization, but no clear reason NASA put this video today - 10 days before the expected end of the world ...Do not quite understand the reason why the film, which was to discredit and ridicule the unfulfilled prophecy, and was to be released on December 22, was suddenly released by NASA - today, December 13, 2012. If NASA is so sure, that the prophecy - the error and nothing catastrophic terrestrial civilization December 21 does not expect, Read more [...]
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There is a spontaneous magnetization of magnetic metals

Earlier, when I suddenly found that metal objects in my home, I proposed magnetized site users "The Earth Chronicles" an experiment to study the effect. The results of these studies may be a statement of fact universal magnetization items. The study of the existing theories of magnetism and the Earth's geomagnetic field did not give answers to the possible causes of the spontaneous magnetization of magnetic metals. But, as the issue took me much, I continued to study magnetic objects. Obtained the following result - as a result of magnetization was "to create a" Read more [...]
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Sunstroke in 2013 plunge modern civilization to the stone age

Monitoring of solar activity over the past two years, leading to the conclusion that the official information provided by the public and replicable official or officially controlled media - does not correspond to reality. And the reality is that - in 2013, we expect the peak of solar activity, with all the negative consequences of this fact, which will lead to the collapse of civilization. I write this article prompted the last official statement of experts of the Institute of Applied Geophysics. Fedorov that Sun has fallen into "hibernation" and Solar activity is estimated very Read more [...]
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Plasmoids — a special form of life. Part-3

More than 100 years ago, a brilliant scientist KE Tsiolkovsky proposed a hypothesis about the origin of life on Earth from the Sun's plasma formations. And now, this assumption seems more convincing by modern scientific research. Universe at 99% of the plasma, the main component of the stars - too plasma. Solar wind magnetic field can transport the plasma, which in the process of transportation often comes into contact with the dust cosmic clouds. From this mixture of dust and plasma can form structures called "plasma crystals." An international team of experts in Read more [...]
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Plasmoids — a special form of life. Part-2

Therefore, scientists have suggested the existence of a new kind of energy, which is formed when destructing substances. In particular, experts from Novosibirsk AN Dmitriev and VK Zhuravlev found that our solar system also includes the plasma and the objects to be detected in the near future with the help of new technologies. Modern science of space even with classification of life forms, these include: -plasmoids formed by the magnetic forces that are associated with moving electric charges, in groups. Found in stellar atmospheres. -lavoby, silicon structures, which are the habitat Read more [...]
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Plasmoids — a special form of life. Part-4

Expert in the field of geophysics and one of the most respected scientists on the study of plasma Bocconi Leo says that such plasma formations can take many forms, and can travel at speeds of up to 1500 km / h Notable attraction of these "creatures" to places where there are large fires or large industrial complexes, they often follow the aircraft. Meetings of plasmoids in the anomalous zones and "places of power" is not so rare, and they were seen on the dolmens and in areas of high radioactivity. Ilya Ivanov, researcher of anomalous phenomena suggests that escapes Read more [...]
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Plasmoids — a special form of life. Part-1

People used to think that living things are more sophisticated and complex organization of the structure, rather than inanimate objects. However, scientists who study the principles of synergetics believe started from the "non-biological material" of education is not inferior to the complexity of its structure known life forms. Existing laws allow non-biological systems to create order out of chaos, that is unknown to science is a process of self-organization of matter from elementary particles, in other words, new forms of life. There are four states, which may be material: Read more [...]
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