The total disappearance of coral promised scholars canceled?

Growth in greenhouse gases in the atmosphere leads to an increase in the amount of gas dissolved in the ocean water. This leads to an increase in the number of bicarbonate ions, reducing the number of carbonate ions and increased acidity. Scientists have long known that increasing ocean acidity adversely affect corals and shells of marine animals.A team of scientists led by University of California, Dr. Stephen Comeau decided to explore ways to preserve coral and shells. Corals Porite brought from French Polynesia, the scientists placed in special laboratory pools. In the laboratory, scientists Read more [...]
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Iranian gas production platform sank in the Gulf

Offshore gas production platform sank in the Gulf Iranian experts when trying to install it on the South Pars field in the Persian Gulf, reports on Wednesday AFP referring to the Iranian media. The incident took place on Monday when the technical construction weight of 1.85 tons of rolled over and sank to a depth of 80 meters on a section of the deposit. It is reported that Iran was engaged in the development of the platform Marine Industrial Company (SADRA), which is one of the industrial units of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC). "There is an investigation of the incident," Read more [...]
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In South Korea, for the first time successfully launched a rocket into space

Made with the participation of Russia South Korean rocket KSLV-I successfully put into orbit STSAT-2C. Earlier start the machine twice postponed due to defects in the first and second stage of the rocket. Initially, the launch was scheduled for October 26, 2012, but failed because helium leak resulting from damage to the connection pad and the first stage. November 29 of that year, the launch was canceled 17 minutes before the start of a problem in the second stage. The first launch of KSLV-I took in 2009. The first stage worked fine, but at the end of the flight is not fairing separated, Read more [...]
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Ministry of Economic Development has refused to engage in the embassy for aliens

Ministry of Economic Development responded to a letter from members of the movement raelitov who asked Russia to allocate land for the construction of the building on it to meet the creators of extraterrestrial humans. Response agencies at the disposal "RBC daily». The document says that the ministry is not empowered to decide such questions. "The provision of land for the construction of the land owned by the state or municipal property, is authorized bodies in the manner prescribed in Articles 30-32 of the Land Code of the Russian Federation", - said in a call to the requester. Read more [...]
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Baikal threatens Irkutsk Region and Buryatia

Baikal threatens Irkutsk Region and Buryatia. This was discussed today at the round table in the Ministry of Natural Resources of the Republic. Alarm scientists is imminent rise in water level in the lake. And it is fraught with both economic and environmental, and even loss of life. According to scientists, the expected rise in the water level at Lake Baikal is fraught by a flurry of fatal problems. This is a blow to the fauna of the lake, which is very painful experiences any environmental shift. And the threat of financial problems - as a result of failure of the Irkutsk hydroelectric Read more [...]
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YouTube introduces a fee-per-view video

YouTube video sharing was not enough advertising revenue. Another source of income of the resource could be the monthly fee charged for a subscription to some channels.YouTube administration intends to propose to holders particularly popular channels charge a fee for access to their videos at the rate of 1 to 5 dollars a month. And almost half of the proceeds will be taking YouTube itself. In addition, the fee may be charged for viewing video libraries and live broadcasts. Experts estimate that in 2012 YouTube revenue was about $ 4 billion. In a corporation, Google, which owns the broadcasts, Read more [...]
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15 women were expelled from the house armed robber collective prayer

Armed and masked men who tried to rob a group of women who had a party on Friday night in Lake City, probably got more than he bargained for.The police say that 24-year-old Derek Lee got into the house on Lakeview Avenue, where the owner of the house and her friends had a party of 14. According to the cops on the head with Lee was a dark ski cap, his face hidden bandana. As stated by the woman, he showed them his gun and ordered to give their money and phones.One of the women, who felt that the appearance of the robber - is part of the entertainment program of the party, pushed aside the man's Read more [...]
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Australian teenager survived after spending two months in the forest without food for forty-degree heat

18-year-old Australian Matthew Allen spent nine weeks in the forest, not wanting to go home. Judging by the state in which an adolescent, he had all the time did not eat anything, a little drunk, and was kept in the open air, while Australia is experiencing record heat. The young man disappeared in late November in Westley, a suburb of Sydney. Your mobile phone, bank cards and clothing left behind by Matthew Allen. But neither is connected to his quest police, no trace of teen volunteers to detect and failed. Came across a young man who disappeared two tourists vacationing in the local forest. Read more [...]
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Merkel’s office found a carpet of Goering’s collection

In the office of German Chancellor Angela Merkel found the carpet from the collection of Hermann Goering, writes The Daily Telegraph. According to the publication, the Persian carpet is one of more than 600 works of art that were stolen by the Nazis during World War II and are still in government buildings in Germany. In particular, wall carpet from the collection of Goering hangs in the residence for official guests of the government of Germany near Bonn, said Spiegel. In the office of President of Germany is a secretary from the collection of Nazi art Hans Posse. Total exported Nazi art can Read more [...]
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A three-year British became a member of the smartest people in the world

Living in Barnsley South Yorkshire three British Sherwin Sharabi admitted to the Mensa, combining the most intelligent people in the world, reports Tuesday Press Association.The boy passed the test at the level of intelligence with a score of 136 points. The average for an adult is 100 points, and for the gifted people - 130, according to ITAR-TASS.Sherwin already knows how to count to 200, can call any state on the map and show it to the flag. The child, as told by his mother Amanda Sharabi, began talking at 10 months, and 20 months was already able to communicate complex sentences. "He Read more [...]
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In Zimbabwe, the state treasury is left 217 dollars

Financial assets in Zimbabwe, where he soon be held a constitutional referendum and presidential elections, estimated at only 217 dollars, reports Tuesday Agency France-Presse, with reference to the country's finance minister Tenda Biti. "After last week, we paid salaries, the state treasury is left 217 dollars", - said Tuesday Biti. He acknowledged that the country has no choice but to apply for financial assistance from the international community, RIA "Novosti". Meanwhile, the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission said that the organization of the referendum and elections Read more [...]
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In Australia, the fishermen attacked a five-meter shark

Fishermen from Melbourne became the heroes of Australian news after shot on the camera giant white shark, also known as "man-eater", while any other in their place at the sight of this dangerous predator would be immediately backpedaled. Brothers Andrew and Ben Donegan and their friend Joel Ryan met face to face with a five-meter white shark while fishing in the port of Cape Nelson, near the city of Portland to the south-west of Melbourne. Recorded video, the fishermen decided not to risk, given that the shark jaws vgryzlas motor boats. Fearing that the engine will stop working, Read more [...]
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As winter in Siberia?

The native peoples of North East Asia detect genetic adaptation to cold. Tourists do not like Siberia, yet people are living there for thousands of years. How do they do it?A new study by the indigenous peoples of Siberia showed how natural selection helped to adapt to the northern cold. It was also found that different populations did it my way.A gentleman with a tube of Buryatia (photo Alexander Newby).Siberia occupies about 10% of the Earth's land, but it is considered his home only about 0.5% of the world population. This is not surprising: the average January temperature is -25 Read more [...]
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In the Arctic seas thawed new cool place

But start there fishing only after serious research, which Russia does not have the money. The warming of the Arctic Ocean in the central part of the ice-water area of vacant area of 2.8 million square meters. km. Scientists believe that there may be a lot of valuable fish species. But to begin fishing in those areas can not, without serious research. With funding for marine research expeditions in Russia decreased by 40%.Flounder and capelin are moving north- Halibut, capelin and cod in recent years was as up to 82 degrees north latitude, - says Evgeny Shamrai deputy. Director of Science Read more [...]
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The U.S. recorded severe cases of poisoning meat

In the five states in the U.S. 16 people became ill with salmonellosis. Source of infection - the ground beef contaminated with Salmonella.Some of poisoning were hospitalized in serious condition. The majority of poisoning cases reported in Michigan and in Iowa. Earlier it was reported that a study of samples of meat from across the United States found that 96% of pork sold in this country are infected not very well known but dangerous to humans by the bacterium Yersinia enterocolitica, and Yersinia. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the bacterium infects Read more [...]
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Weather satellites can skip the next hurricane Sandy

The ability of meteorologists to predict the approach of various storms depends on weather satellites, several times a day fly around the Earth. However, warns General Accounting Administration, USA, confusion reigning among military and meteorologists, could adversely affect the performance of various natural weather phenomena. Since the seventies of the last century, America led a polar orbit weather satellites are two types: one is under the control of public weather services, others belong to the military. In 1994, the U.S. government decided to merge in order to save the satellites under Read more [...]
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A passenger plane crashed near Alma-Ata

The plane № 760 Kokchetav-Alma-Ata, while landing in bad weather at the time of the missed collided with the ground. On board were five crew members and 15 passengers, according to preliminary data, all of them were killed.A passenger plane crashed near the city of Almaty in Kazakhstan on board were five crew members and 15 passengers, according to preliminary data, no survivors, told RIA Novosti on airline "Scat". According to the company, the plane was Flight № 760 Kokchetav-Alma-Ata. "When landing in bad weather at the time of the missed approach the aircraft collided with Read more [...]
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In Greece, the forests are cut down for firewood

Residents cut down trees to heat their homes, because of their inability to pay bills for electricity and gas.

At the same time, environmentalists are sounding the alarm: the level of hazardous substances in the atmosphere due to the mass transfer for fuel rose significantly.

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What threatens humanity changing the Earth’s poles

The consequences would be disastrous. A flood of solar radiation, which is due to the magnetic field can not reach the atmosphere, it will heat the upper layers and cause global climate change. Now an external "magnetic shield" protects all life of the planet from solar radiation. Without it, the solar wind plasma from solar flares will reach the upper atmosphere, heating it and causing catastrophic climate change. In other words, in the time of the change of the poles of a sharp weakening of the magnetic field: this will lead to a dramatic surge in the level of solar radiation. Cosmic Read more [...]
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Airliner with a failed autopilot back in Domodedovo

Passenger Boeing-737-500 airline UTair, departing from "Domodedovo" in Surgut, had to return to the airport due to a problem with the electrics, "Interfax" a source in the Moscow aviation hub of air traffic control services."After take-off at 23:06 MSK medium, when the plane had to overcome the 130-kilometer mark from the airport" Domodedovo ", the machine refused to autopilot. Then flight crew smelled smoke in the cockpit. And aircraft commander decided to return to the departure airport "- said istochnik.Nesmotrya on the problem, the pilots managed to safely Read more [...]
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