The plane was flying from Antalya tourists back to Moscow

Passenger charter flight airline "UTair", bound from Moscow to Antalya, Turkey, 10 hours spent in "Domodedovo" after the forced return of the aircraft to the airport due to a suspected depressurization of one of the doors, "Interfax" a source in the Moscow aviation hub of air traffic control services."After take-off after about 20 minutes the crew was suspected at not tight shut one of the doors, and it was decided to return to" Domodedovo ". After careful inspection of the aircraft no problems were found," - said istochnik.Mezhdu so as technical Read more [...]
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Leading economic experts predict a war and unrest

In fact, a number of countries are already at war. Leading economists warn that economic factors may worsen the situation and lead to a new world war. Kyle Bass says: Trillions of dollars of debt will be restructured and millions of thrifty and prudent people will lose much of its purchasing power at the wrong time for them. Of course, this will not be the end of the world, but the social system of some countries to change or even collapse. Sad looking pages of economic history, you see that too often become the personification of war and the logical conclusion of a simple economic entropy. Read more [...]
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Devastating scale destruction of sharks in Hong Kong

This image shows a terrifying 18,000 freshly sliced shark fins laid out to dry on the roof of an industrial building in Hong Kong.

Previously, sellers dried shark fins on the sidewalk, but after the ban of the authorities are now doing it on the roof. 18,000 fin …

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Fallen to the ground in the area of Chelyabinsk meteorite weighed about 10 tons, and its energy is several kilotons

Fallen to the ground in the area of Chelyabinsk meteorite weighed about 10 tons, and its energy was a few kilotons. Such data are the Academy of Sciences of Russia. Heavenly body fell into the atmosphere at a speed of 15-20 kilometers per second, collapsed at an altitude of 30-50 km, the movement of the fragments at high speed caused powerful glow and a strong shock wave. The main part of the substance of the falling body was burned, and the fragments that remain stalled and could fall to the ground as meteorites. Assistant professor of physical methods and instruments for monitoring the quality Read more [...]
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Kenyan plane made an emergency landing in the Sudanese capital

Passenger aircraft airline Kenyan Airways, bound for Cairo, 20 minutes after taking off from Khartoum was forced to return to the airport because of engine problems, according to Xinhua news agency on Wednesday citing local media.

At the time of landing on board the Boeing 737 were 56 passengers, none of them was hurt.

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Mobile phones cause mass insanity

Checking one person SMS messages or e-mail via mobile phone causes a chain reaction - much like yawning. Researchers from the University of Michigan for a few months have seen the students in a cafe on campus and noted the frequency with which they use their mobile phones. They found that those students who have spent at the tables for about 20 minutes, about a quarter of the time paid cell. If one of the neighbors took out mobile, spontaneously took up the rest of the gesture - and the use of telephones has increased to 40% of the time in a cafe. The reasons for this behavior is quite simple: Read more [...]
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Damascus confirmed the detention of Turkish pilots

In Damascus, confirm that in Aleppo, Syrian troops detained several Turkish pilots, allegedly prepared the entry to a military airfield The report of the incident was made public yesterday, Syrian pro-government newspaper "Al-Watan", citing sources in the Syrian army. The newspaper reported that in the province of Aleppo, four Turkish military pilots were detained at the airport, near which they were with the "armed group." All of them were detained by airport security. Post predictably caused a great interest in Turkey, but it was immediately denied by the Turkish military. Read more [...]
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Shell drilling platform ran aground off the coast of Alaska

Floating drilling platform Kulluk Anglo-Dutch oil company Royal Dutch Shell ran aground off the coast of Alaska on Monday night after several days of drifting in the ocean, information portal Alaska Dispatch citing company officials and government. Platform ran aground off the island of Kodiak at 21.00 (10.00 MSK) due to gusts of gale force winds, up to 96 kilometers per hour and waves up to 10 meters. According to a U.S. Coast Guard Shane Montoya (Shane Montoya), does not exclude the possibility of fuel leaks. Specialists are ready to "eliminate possible leakage and evacuate the platform," Read more [...]
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Rio: The helicopter crashed into the sea near the beach

Helicopter rescue team crashed into the sea near the famous beach in Rio de Janeiro Copacabana. The helicopter flew to the aid of a drowning man. Video shot on camera Brazilian tourist who was one of hundreds of witnesses dramatic incident. No one was hurt as a result of the helicopter crash. According to BBC, the aircraft owned by the rescuers flew to the aid of a drowning man. However, to help rescuers soon had himself: helicopter banked sharply forward and crashed into the water. Rescuers managed to get out, stay on the water and not to drown a man for whom they were flying start. Read more [...]
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Alaska authorities fear an environmental disaster

Along the coast of the U.S. state of Alaska ran aground drilling platform of Royal Dutch Shell, its staff evacuated. American officials fear an environmental disaster, as the platform is more than 500 000 liters of oil. In the Coast Guard does not exclude the possibility of the spill and promised to take steps to prevent it. While experts can not get close to the ship, stuck in the rocks, as it prevented the huge waves and storm. As reported last week, began drilling platform towed from the Aleutian Islands in Seattle, but the tug engine failure, and the platform began to drift. As a result Read more [...]
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India: the workers ate a tea plantation owner and his wife

Workers of one of the tea plantations in the Indian state of Assam are accused of cannibalism. Police said that mutinous laborers killed and eaten employer. According to France-Presse, the rebels surrounded and set fire to the bungalow plantation owner. As a result, he and his wife were killed. After that they ate. The investigation revealed that in eating the employer attended at least five people. All involved in the murder of 15. Nine of them are in custody. Among the causes of revolt called the eviction of workers from the rooms and the detention of several activists by the police. In Read more [...]
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The Yak-42 made an emergency landing in Kazan

The Yak-42, en route flight Moscow (Vnukovo) - Makhachkala, on Monday evening, landed at the international airport "Kazan", said the agency "Interfax-Volga" Head of the Press Service of the Ministry of Emergency Situations in Tatarstan Andrey Rodygin Tuesday. According to him, in flight, the aircraft appeared in the left engine vibration, the commander of the crew decided to land in Kazan. Notice of the request for an emergency landing was received at 19:36 MSK. "On board were eight crew members, passengers were not" - said A.Rodygin. Spent Fuel, at 20:35 MSK the Read more [...]
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The plane returned to the Domodedovo due to engine problems

Passenger "Boeing", departing from "Domodedovo" in Vienna, had to return to the departure airport, "Interfax" a source in the traffic services Moscow airports. "Airplane" Boeing 737-800 "departed from" Domodedovo "in Vienna in the morning, but after taking off his alarm went off about the problems in the right engine and the aircraft commander decided to return to the airport of departure," - he said. According to the source, the plane landed safely in "Domodedovo" 20 minutes after takeoff. All on board were 140 passengers, Read more [...]
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The plane made an emergency landing at London airport

Easyjet Airlines passenger plane made an emergency landing Tuesday at London airport "Luton" due to a technical malfunction, the communique says the airline. "Easyjet has confirmed that EZY6908 flight from Geneva to Edinburgh was forced to land in" Luton "due to a technical fault," - the document says. The company was assured that it was a precautionary measure: the pilot, having received information about problems with the aircraft, he decided not to risk the lives of passengers and landed in London. The fact that it was out of order on board, not reported. Read more [...]
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The tragedy marred New Year celebrations

Last working day of 2012 will be remembered not Muscovites holiday bustle, and the plane crash that killed five people. RT correspondent Maria Finoshina constantly tried to reconstruct the course of events.
Category: Factors and accident

In New Zealand, drowning sound of The Lord of the Rings

Sound designer Michael Hopkins (Michael Hopkins), who worked on the films of Peter Jackson's "Lord of the Rings" and "King Kong", was drowned in the river in New Zealand. It is reported by The New Zealand Herald. The accident occurred the afternoon of 30 December.Hopkins participated in the campaign in inflatable rafts on a river in the Tararua Forest Park. Due to heavy rains the water level in the river has increased significantly, and the sound wave knocked off the raft suddenly descended from the water flow. His body was found several hours later in a river.Two other Read more [...]
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Meteorite fall in the Urals — eyewitness videos

The total number of injured, according to the latest MOE sought medical treatment 474 people, including 14 people were hospitalized, damaged buildings in six cities, broken glass in ten schools and three hospitals in Chelyabinsk and Kopeisk. Meteor rain held in 18 districts of Bashkortostan, people complain about its devastating consequences. In the MOE to be reported from different areas of that somewhere there was a fire damaged the building. To survey the territory of a meteorite sent 20,000 rescuers and three aircraft.Category: Factors and accident Read more [...]
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Christmas tree garland killed the baby in the Komi

Because of an electric shock from the Christmas tree lights for the village Vylgort Syktyvda district of Komi died polutorogodovaly child, the press service of the regional Interior Ministry.Message with a first aid station that was killed by electrocution polutorogodovaly boy came to the police the afternoon of 30 December.The doctor said a duty officer that the child was killed by electric shock from the Christmas tree garland."According to preliminary reports, the boy was at home and by the negligence of adults injured incompatible with life, touching the bare wire garland wrapped in duct Read more [...]
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In eastern India train crashed into a herd of elephants

Authority of the Indian state of Orissa in the east reported that five elephants died due to the fact that in the herd, which passes the railway, the train crashed. The train was also damaged, and it took several hours to clear the road. Representatives of Forestry insist that warned railroad that in this area migrate elephants. In India, dozens of elephants are killed every year, despite the speed limit for trains and other attempts to solve the problem.Category: Factors and accident Read more [...]
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Plane flying from Krasnodar to Moscow, he returned to the departure airport after hitting bird in the engine

A320 airliner, en route flight "Krasnodar - Moscow" has made an emergency landing at the airport of departure presumably because of falling bird in the engine, said on Monday night the agency "Interfax-South" a source in the emergency Kuban."Sundays at 12:08 MSK A320, flying along the route" Krasnodar - Moscow ", took off from Krasnodar, and a few minutes later readings showed that one of the drivers could get a bird has become more frequent since the vibration of the engine. Aircraft commander took decision to return to the airport of departure, "- said Read more [...]
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