Thin Ice in California almost led to tragedy

In California, people gathered on the ice, which would go and have a good time. However, all nearly ended in tragedy. Fell through the ice first one man and then another and another and another … trying to save him.
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Off the coast of Australia, a shark attacked a surfer

He sailed just thirty meters from the beach when he noticed a predator. The man tried to escape. But not in time. The shark quickly turned around athlete and bit him twice. Surfer kept his head and repeatedly struck her board.
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Putin and Medvedev defended 15 polyethylene bronepapok

The Federal Security Service of the Russian Federation has announced a tender for the electronic delivery of 15 armored folders. According to the specifications published on the website of public procurement, "the third level folder bulletproof protective structure" should be performed in a black case.Each of the 15 case studies will consist of three equal area of protection armor plates made of high-strength modular polyethylene Dyneema UD. Panel, in turn, must be sewn up in a protective case, "made of high-strength, wear-resistant material with a water repellent."Bronepapka Read more [...]
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Former federal managers and Wall Street are hiding in holes

In my work, the lead vocal broadcasts me out a person claims that there have "inside information" about what is going on and they say, what happens, does not promise anything good. The most reliable sources require anonymity. As a result, I found myself in a position where I try figure out whether to write and send a broadcast some very controversial information.In the use of unnamed sources present a risk. Simply put, they can make mistakes and be carriers of misinformation or just be abnormal in their pursuit of the 15-minute glory. Requires a certain level of courage to to broadcast Read more [...]
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Vnukovo crashed Tu-204

Airlines passenger jet crashed Red Wings at the capital airport Vnukovo day on December 29. It is currently known about the three victims - two pilots and passenger of who died in the hospital. - The Tu-204 made a hard landing and skidded off the runway - told Life News law enforcement source. In place of the state of emergency went all online services - rescue officers, crews Disaster Medicine Centre, the police investigators. It later emerged that the plane return as overseas empty. Life News sources clarified that the ship was returning from the Czech town of Pardubice, which drove Read more [...]
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NASA will live record approach to Earth asteroid

Aeronautics and Space Administration USA (NASA) will lead to Live report a record close Earth approaches Asteroid a diameter of 45 meters, which will take place today at 14:25 on the East coast of the USA (23:25 MSK).As reported by the management, scientists and comment on images asteroid, which will be received in "real time" with the observatory telescope in Australia and in the Marshall Space Center in Huntsville (Alabama), ITAR-TASS reported.An invitation to all who wish to follow along with professional astronomers for the event, NASA reminded that the asteroid poses no threat Read more [...]
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Effects of electromagnetic fields on human health

Almost all the appliances that produce electromagnetic fields. Electromagnetic fields are invisible, but all around us - at home, at work, in traffic.The technological boom of the last two decades has led to the fact that today we live in a continuous electromagnetic field.What is the effect of electromagnetic fields on human health?At a certain intensity of the field of industrial frequency of 50 Hz (which, for example, generate a refrigerator with the «No frost» or working microwave) the impact on the human instrument is similar to the impact of a weak carcinogen. "It is well established Read more [...]
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As a result of a meteorite in the Chelyabinsk region suffered more than 100 people

As a result of a meteorite in Chelyabinsk sought medical treatment of more than 100 people, according to the Russian Interior Ministry.According to preliminary data, personal injury, no one: mainly in victims recorded cuts from glass knocked out, bruises and other minor injuries. According to the Russian Emergencies Ministry, suffered less - about 50 people.The blast wave caused by a meteorite, destroyed part of the warehouse at the Chelyabinsk Zinc Plant, located in the area, and also knocked out windows in some houses of Chelyabinsk.Category: Factors and accident Read more [...]
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Mexican traffickers subjugation of America

Turnover of the global narcotics is estimated at about $ 450 billion a year, which is 50 billion more weapons market. For stereotypes about Mexican drug dealers are actually hiding businessmen in suits who have completed the world's best universities, and high-flying lawyers who use the trails open by globalization. An excerpt from the book "Drug trafficking: the irresistible rise of the Mexican Mafia."It is useless to look for their names to the list of American companies in the Dow Jones, the French CAC 40 and the Hong Kong Hang Seng. However, on their financial weight, turnover, Read more [...]
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Interior Ministry in the Urals found 3 of the fall of meteorites

In three places the Chelyabinsk region were found fragments of a meteorite. This was stated by the police. The authorities continue to work to eliminate the consequences of the incident. "At this point in the operative staff has been informed about the discovery of three seats falling debris celestial body", - said the press service of the Interior Ministry. Reported more than 550 injured, 112 people were hospitalized, injured more than 70 children. There are several seriously injured.It also added that the two fragments were found in the area Chebarkulsky Chelyabinsk region, another Read more [...]
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On the North Sea makes the corpses of giant fish

British marine scientists are sounding the alarm: the increasing number of species of fish, the sun throws the land. A few days ago a resident of Norfolk found on the shore of the massive ocean dwellers.Sunfish or Mola mole lives in the waters of the Atlantic, Pacific and Indian Oceans, but recently the representatives of this species have been seen in the North Sea. Temperature and flow of the sea have a negative impact on the vast ocean dwellers, leading to the death of fish. Thus, the massive animal found on the shores of Lincolnshire, Kent and Norfolk. The British noticed in the coastal Read more [...]
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The police brought raped a resident of India to suicide

Young resident of Punjab was the victim of gang rape. She contacted the police to apprehend criminals. The guards told her to take a statement and to marry the rapist. Desperate girl committed suicide. Three young Indians raped a 13-year resident of the Punjab during Diwali - the Hindu festival of lights, which symbolizes the victory of good over evil. This year it fell on November 13. The girl remembered their abusers, and soon after the crime to the police. Rape victim was from the caste of "untouchables", which occupies the lowest position in the traditional scheme of Read more [...]
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NASA management has decided to destroy the satellite Landsat 5

NASA management has decided to destroy the satellite Landsat 5, which has been in orbit since 1984. He completed his mission to photograph the Earth in infrared radiation. Landsat 5 will leave orbit within the next four months. The first maneuvers conclusion Landsat 5 from orbit will begin in January 2013, according to U.S. Geological Survey Office and NASA. For 26 years the satellite orbited the Earth 150 thousand times. Camera mounted on the satellite did 2500000 sensing data in the infrared and conventional radiation. «Landsat 5 recorded any change on the Earth's surface, the scale Read more [...]
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In the skies over the Urals and explosions were heard from the sky rained burning objects. Meteorite fell on Chelyabinsk

In Sverdlovsk, Chelyabinsk and Tyumen regions tens of people have seen strange luminous bodies. According to them, there was a flash followed by a very strong sound of the explosion and the blast knocked out windows in buildings. At present the evacuation of people from buildings, as well as children from schools. The city lost all cellular connection. MOE has confirmed that this was a large space object - a large meteorite, which upon entering the atmosphere, it split into two parts. There are victims mainly from cuts glass, hospitals delivered more than 20 children. Meanwhile, reports of Read more [...]
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Fell as the Tu-204 in Vnukovo

The collapse of the Tu-204 Red Wings Airlines was at 16:35. The plane skidded off the runway and broke into three pieces, one of which was at the Kiev highway. On board the plane were only members of the crew, only eight people. Four of them, the commander, co-pilot, flight engineer and a flight attendant were killed and techniques and three flight attendants were hospitalized in serious condition.Category: Factors and accident Read more [...]
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Britain is preparing for the apocalypse, and the invasion of zombies

In the case of an apocalypse caused by the onset of the armies of the undead, officials will coordinate the military, and the development of plans to combat the invasion of zombies will be engaged in the cabinet, said the representative of the United Kingdom Ministry of Defence. The Ministry of Defence does not intend to attack zombies or struggle with the consequences, because this role to the Cabinet of Ministers, which coordinates emergency planning. Details about the amazing willingness of the British authorities came in response to a citizen. The Ministry of Defence said: "In the event Read more [...]
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Scientists have suspected mutation genes nyutaunskogo arrow

DNA of American shooter Adam Lanza, a bloody massacre at the school in Connecticut, examined for mutations in genes television reported ABC.U.S. researchers examined the DNA of Adam Lanza to determine whether there was a mutation in his genes, which could provoke a massacre at the school in Connecticut, which he had made in mid-December, RIA "Novosti".Research will be undertaken by geneticists at the University of Connecticut, with the assistance of forensic commission staff. Scientists will study the molecular structure of Lanza for abnormalities and mutations of DNA in cells, which Read more [...]
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Private investigator announced the death of Whitney Houston murder

Whitney Houston was killed: this, as reported by portal Radar News, said private investigator Paul Hyubl (Paul Huebl). According Hyubla, who conducted an independent investigation into her death, for this crime can be influential drug dealers who owed money Houston. The results of their research detective gave the FBI.The investigation used Hyubl network of informants among the buyers and sellers of drugs. He found that on the eve of the death of Houston taken cocaine, and then she complained of threats from dealers who owed half a million dollars. Detective also claims that the damage found Read more [...]
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British scientists have not been able to doburitsya ancient lake in Antarctica

The British stopped the drilling in Antarctica due to a broken boiler.British scientists have been forced to suspend its research mission to study Antarctic subglacial Lake Ellsworth because experiencing technical difficulties, the "Bi-bi-si."Lake Ellsworth is a three-kilometer layer of ice in western Antarctica. Scientists plan to drill a hole through the ice surface and lower back probe to take samples. However, they were able to relate well at home sideline, intended for pumping excess water.A group of British scientists have not yet disclose the date of the resumption of drilling Read more [...]
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Israeli minister learned about the preparation of the American invasion of Syria

Minister for Strategic Affairs Moshe Yaalon in an interview with Israeli Army Radio said that the U.S. is preparing for military intervention in the Syrian conflict, said "Arutz Sheva". The minister said that the final decision on early intervention will be taken if the Syrian government will decide to use chemical weapons against his own citizens.Ya'alon said that Washington, despite the outward calm, very concerned about the developments in the neighboring country of Israel and the possible consequences of the civil war to the region. The minister also said that the U.S. government Read more [...]
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