In southern Kazakhstan crashed military transport aircraft

Crashed in the south of Kazakhstan, the AN-72 flying from Astana. On board was the Acting Director of the National Security Committee Frontier Kurbanbek Stambekov country, one of his deputies, and officers of all parts of the regional government "Ontustik." Just in a plane crash at 20 kilometers from the airport in Shymkent (former Shymkent), killed 27 people, including members of the crew. It was a business flight. The plane flew from Astana at 16 am local time, and at 18 hours, 55 minutes, disappeared from radar screens. It is known that the weather conditions were good, the Read more [...]
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In Kaliningrad there were massive power outages

From seven in the morning in Zelenograd district of technological disturbances began at transformer substations. As a result, remained without electricity Zelenogradsk 8160 residents. The press secretary of "Yantarenergo" Lydia Pimenov.According to her, 81 came down transformer substation. At present, most of them restored. "Specialists eliminate consequences of EPO in six substations, without light are about four thousand people," - explained Pimenov.According to preliminary information, the blackout was an active snow melt and improper maintenance of transformer substations. Read more [...]
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33-ton shark aquarium crashed in a shopping center in Shanghai, 15 people injured

In the Chinese city of Shanghai on the first floor of the shopping center suddenly burst huge aquarium displacement 33 tonnes, where sharks, turtles and various fish species. Streams of water, glass thickness of 25 centimeters and sea creatures attacked the unsuspecting buyers. Injured 15 people. According to one witness, the sound was such as if a bomb went off. According to media reports, one man broke his leg and received several lacerations, other victims escaped with scratches, cuts and bruises, reports The Inquisitr. Police spokesman told The Austrian Times, that the people injured Read more [...]
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California squid committed mass suicide on Christmas

As long as people are preparing tables for the New Year and Christmas, California squid starving. According to biologists, this is most likely the reason why the sea creatures at once decided to run aground in the Monterey Bay. On the shore beach scattered thousands of corpses unique creatures, reports National Geographic. Scientists can not say exactly what caused the mass suicide of Humboldt squid on the California coast. Once the mussels have started themselves thrown on the sand. In the Monterey Bay area quarantined - now you can not swim, and collect squid for culinary purposes is Read more [...]
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Pilot airliner landing in Myanmar highway mixed with WFP

At least two people have been victims of Incidents that occurred in Myanmar, where the pilot probably took highway for the runway because of heavy fog, said the airline owns the plane Air Bagan.Airliner with 65 passengers on board landed on the road three meters from Heho airport and caught fire, reports BBC.According to official sources, one of those killed was a passenger plane, and the second - a motorcyclist shot down the plane.11 passengers, four of whom are foreign nationals, suffered during an emergency landing.The other passengers, most of whom are foreign tourists, already flying in the Read more [...]
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What do they glow in Australia?

NASA calls not to worry about the huge spots of light in night shots of Australia from space. The presence of the bright spots of light ("ghost towns") at night to unpopulated areas of the country worried many. These light spots in the desert regions of the country look so large that they create glare substantially larger than that noted in the continent's largest cities in Australia - Sydney, Melbourne, Perth.On Thursday, 20 December, NASA opubikovalo new picture of one of the most significant generators of "mystical flame" on the continent - in the region of Western Read more [...]
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Young Ulan udenets died after injection into the clinic

In Ulan-Ude in the treatment room of one of the clinics, died a young man. In day care 28-year Men get shots from pneumonia, after the fourth injection he had not returned home. -Bell rings and they say, sorry it happened, your husband is dead. You know, as if the thing some broke. I of this case will not leave, I will refer to all the higher authorities, because they have taken away my beloved, dear one - told law wife died Sayan Fomkinova. Has the cause of death of a shot now sets examination. The family turned to the investigating authorities, a statement to which you want to understand Read more [...]
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2,2 thousand people were left without electricity in the Kaliningrad region

About 2.2 thousand people were left without electricity on Tuesday in six locations Pravdinsky District of the Kaliningrad region, said Tuesday the Emergencies Ministry. "At 12.15 MSK, Pravdinsk near Kaliningrad power failure occurred six municipalities with a population of about 2200 people. Under got off seven socially important facilities," - said in a statement. Emergency and recovery operation. The air temperature in the Kaliningrad region is now 2-5 degrees plus.Category: Factors and accident Read more [...]
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In New York, killed two firefighters arrived on call

A resident of New York shot two arrived on-call firefighters and injured two others, according to local newspaper The Rochester Democrat and Chronicle. The incident occurred in the small town of Webster in Monroe County early in the morning on December 24.According to police, firefighters arrived on the call around 6:00 - burning house, located on the shore of Lake Ontario. When the fire went out of the car, opened fire on them. Circumstances of the incident are not clear to the end - in particular, it is unknown how many people were fired - one or a few.As noted by The Daily Mail, the location Read more [...]
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The victims of the plane crash in the jungles of Myanmar were two men wounded 11 more

At least two people were killed in the plane crash in the jungles of Myanmar, 11 injured, said on Tuesday the Associated Press referring to the deputy minister of foreign affairs, Ye Htut (Ye Htut).Passenger jet F-100, carrying the 71 people, was forced to land near the airport in Myanmar in bad weather conditions, the two pilots were injured, according to regional news portal Mizzima referring to the owner of the aircraft-carrier Air-Bagan.According to preliminary data, the plane landed on a road in the forest belt and hit a rock on fire. Died on the spot underage passenger, besides the aircraft Read more [...]
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Two people were killed in light aircraft crash in Turkey

Light aircraft crashed on Monday in southern Turkey, killing two people, according to local newspaper "Hurriyet".

The newspaper said the plane agricultural aircraft crashed in a wooded area in the province of Antalya.

As a result of the collapse of the pilot of the plane died Karaoglu Yusuf (Yusuf Karaoglu) and is on the board of a German citizen, Mark Paris (Mark Paris).

Category: Factors and accident
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Himalayan hydropower threatened endemics

The Himalayas, the largest mountain system of the Earth, may soon set a new record - the density of dams in the world.In north India, Nepal and Bhutan works built and designed over a thousand dams. They not only become a source of "clean" energy, but also help control flooding, and improve access to drinking water. And threaten native wildlife.Bhagirathi, the sacred river of Hinduism, one of the sources of the Ganges, disappears in the Tehri dam. (Photo by Richard Grove / / hydroelectricity accounts for about one-fifth of India's Read more [...]
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The accident at the CHP in Tuva: evacuated nearly 3,200 people

By Monday morning the number of evacuees due to accidents in CHP villagers Khovu Aqsa in Tuva has reached 3198 people - virtually the entire population is caught up in emergencies. With the majority of people - 2870 people - temporarily moved in with relatives and friends, even 328 - housed in temporary accommodation. As reported in Kyzyl in the press service of the Tuva government after pipe breaks interrupted the supply of heating to 103 houses and 12 public facilities, the area was organized 18 temporary accommodation with hot meals. In the Khovu-Aqsa, with a population of 3.7 thousand Read more [...]
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Public Chamber proposes to replace the word swear to promise in the text of the oath

Public Chamber (OP) proposed the Defense Ministry, the State Duma and the presidential administration to replace the text of the oath the word "swear" to "promise", the newspaper "Izvestia" on Monday. "Given the religious beliefs and national features much of the military to consider replacing the oath in the words" I swear "to" I promise ", - quotes the edition available at their disposal the treatment. Official recommendations were sent to the OP on Friday, December 21, the newspaper said. Chairman of the Public Chamber of national security, Read more [...]
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More than 2.5 thousand people were left without electricity in the Altai Mountains

More than 2,500 people were left without electricity in Ongudai district of the Altai Republic, said Emergency Situations Ministry."At 11.40 (MSK), December 24 Ongudaisky district of the Altai Republic, there was a power failure in the five villages, home to 2.599 thousand people," - said in a statement. On the causes of time off and complete restoration work is not reported.Category: Factors and accident Read more [...]
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Shortages of heat and light for the day touched almost 25,000 Russians

Accidents on the heating system and power projects for the last day raised nearly 25 thousand Russians, the consequences of emergency virtually eliminated, told RIA Novosti on Monday, a representative of the National Center for Crisis Management (National Emergency Management Center) Emergency Ministry. "In the heat of day the offense occurred in the Maritime Territory (10 houses, 242 people), Chelyabinsk region (135 houses, 14 thousand, 57 socially important facilities) and Kaluga (42 houses, 980 people, two socio- significant object), "- said the source. According to him, the electricity Read more [...]
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Prerequisite accident CHP in Tuva could be earthquake

Prerequisite accident CHP in the district center of Tuva could be two strong earthquakes that occurred in the country last winter, and continuing throughout the year aftershocks, according to the regional government.Prerequisite accident CHP in the district center of Tuva could be two strong earthquakes that occurred in the country last winter, and continuing throughout the year aftershocks, according to the regional government. The first failure in the boiler room in the village Khovu Aqsa Chedi-Khol district of Tuva with a population of 3.7 thousand people took place on 20 December. The accident Read more [...]
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The State Duma declared illegal DVRs

The State Duma adopted amendments, under which fall under the ban of the device, mounted on the windshield (navigators, video recorders). The law says that the "additional items or cover reusable, limiting visibility from the driver's seat" will rely fine of 500 rubles. along with the confiscation of the device."3.2. Driving, the windshield and front side windows is installed additional items or cover reusable, limiting visibility from the driver's seat - punishable by an administrative fine of five hundred rubles with confiscation of the subject of an administrative offense Read more [...]
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On the day of doom tourists damaged Mayan temple

On the day of the end of the world, which, according to some interpretations of the Mayan calendar, was to come December 21, the tourists in Guatemala damaged ancient Mayan temple. This was one of the Dec. 23 settlement Tikal rangers said the agency Agence France-Presse. According to Osvaldo Gomez (Osvaldo Gomez), December 21 many tourists got on one of the stone pyramids at Tikal mound while doing it is strictly forbidden. Superintendent did not specify what kind of injuries were caused pyramid, but added that it is impossible to restore the damaged areas.December 21 Tikal settlement visited Read more [...]
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Via the usual herbs can listen to the radio

This strange effect was observed in contact with masts SW radios. Just bring a bunch of grass and touch the antenna. The field strength near the mast is so large that the point of contact with the grass ignited arc, and the stem holding the hand of his burns, even through gloves. Because of the intensity modulation of the arc varies in time with the radio signal, which produces a distinctive sound.Category: Factors and accident Read more [...]
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