Released secret recordings of gray cardinals global climate

Minister of the Environment of Norway Bard Vergara Solhel made public the contents of crumpled piece of paper. The paper was pulled from the ballot box, but its contents are highly reasonable efforts Norwegians, as a small piece contains a decision on what will be the future of our planet's climate.Polurazborchivym handwriting on paper are preliminary calculations vote on key issues in the climate negotiations in Doha. In an interview with the newspaper "Aftenposten" Solhel minister, who translated the contents of the note to your language using online translator, said that the Read more [...]
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7.5 million Germans can not read and write

Germany - economic "locomotive" of the European Union. Global industrial giant, an effective work force, but according to statistics, in the heart of Europe, millions of adults who can not make their life with dignity, because it is difficult to read and write. Report RT correspondent Peter Oliver. According to the Ministry of Education, about seven and a half million Germans - are functionally illiterate. These people can read or write a single sentence, but something more complex they already can not afford. Tim-Thilo Fellmer not in the school of the skills required for a normal Read more [...]
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The Toulouse subway train mad

The Toulouse metro automated passenger train out of control controllers and drove two stations without stopping. According to the company's high-speed transport network operator Toulouse "Tisseo," resulting in no injuries occurred. "Clearances at the stop is 30 inches to the door wagons coincided precisely with the doors fence on the platform, - quotes the head of" Tisseo "Olivier Pouatras ITAR-TASS. - If the train goes beyond that, it accelerates again without opening the door . This has happened in this case, it is incorrect slowdown. problem is now fixed. This, Read more [...]
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Parents-helicopters prevent their children place in life

According to new research, the students in the life which parents take excessive participation, less satisfied with life and more likely to experience depression. Students whose parents belong to the so-called category of "helicopter parents", less independent and competent. "Parents helicopters" - a category of parents who take too much involved in the lives of their children. They seek to remove any obstacles and difficulties that can occur in the way of children, to fulfill any of their desire to prevent disappointment. However, scientists say that excessive protection of Read more [...]
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Hawaii dissolve from the inside

Someday Koolau mountain ranges and Vayanae located on the island of Oahu, will turn into a flat plain. And it will not be caused by erosion, groundwater, which destroy the mountain inside.That is the conclusion of scientists BYU came from studies that compared the effects of groundwater and flowing water in minerals. In addition, experts have used USGS data on total volume of vanishing every year the mass of the island. Study was facilitated by the fact that all of the Hawaiian Islands are made up of the same type of stones.However, predictions about the fate of Oahu should take Read more [...]
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About 30 accidents that led to blackouts occurred in Russia over 3 days

"For three days in Russia was 26 situations of disconnecting power and heat supply," - he said at a meeting of the government commission on the prevention and elimination of emergency situations, held by Minister of Emergency Situations of Russia Vladimir Puchkov.MOSCOW, Dec 23 - RIA Novosti. About 30 accident in which a disconnection of electricity and heat, was in Russia for three days, but they are quickly eliminated, the chief of the National Center for Crisis Management / National Emergency Management Center / MES Vladimir Stepanov. "For three days in Russia was 26 situations Read more [...]
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In the houses of the taps flowing Samarans oil

Residents of one of the areas of Samaria, probably envied even Arab Sheikh in their homes out of the taps flowing not only water but also oil. Townspeople is, understandably, are not happy. Pay for such they refuse. Management company in response requires tenants to pay off debts and even asked them to court. To understand where the hot water oil, enough to go down to the basement of an ordinary apartment building. Heating scheme is as follows: normal river water warms to their needs Kuibyshev refinery, he sells the excess coolant Ltd. "SUTEK", the organization runs the technical Read more [...]
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One person was killed in a plane crash in Canada

One person was killed and eight injured in a plane crash, bound from the Canadian city of Winnipeg in the remote province of Nunavut in the north of the country, the Sunday TV CBC News. As previously reported, the incident occurred at 18:00 local time on Saturday (0400 Sunday MSK). The plane, which was carrying seven passengers, including a child, and two crew, was landing at the airport in the small settlement Sanikiluak Eskimos, but for unclear reasons interrupted maneuver and crashed outside the runway. According to the President Mark airline Werle (Mark Wehrle), one of the crew was seriously Read more [...]
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The following parts of the world are scheduled for 2021, 2036 and 2060 years

22/12/2012 So, December 21 apocalypse happened. But, according to one hypothesis, by 2021 the world could happen inversion - a change of the magnetic poles. Date of end of the world or other global catastrophe declared a hundred times. Even the first century AD members of the Qumran community, which existed in Palestine at the turn of the era, believed the apocalypse thing very near future. If the predictions of such famous personalities as Martin of Tours, Sandro Botticelli, Johannes Shtoffer, Saint Kallinikos or John Napier were unfounded, the earth would surely have been destroyed, or in Read more [...]
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At the Royal Navy nuclear submarine accident

British strategic nuclear submarine "Vigilant" crashed off the coast of the U.S. state of Florida after training launches ballistic missile from a submerged position, the website of the British newspaper "Daily Express".The accident occurred at the end of October this year, but the incident became known only now, notes izdanie.Po information "Daily Express", on October 23 off the coast of Florida from the submarine was successfully produced a training launch of a ballistic missile "Trident". Then the submarine went to the naval base, "Clyde" in Read more [...]
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Plane on Kamchatka was forced to return because of a cracked glass

Passenger Yak-40K, going from village Ossora in Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky, had to return to the departure airport, "Interfax" on Saturday, a source in the emergency Kamchatka. "After the departure from the airport at 06:40 MSK Ossora aircraft commander told dispatchers that the windshield in the pilot study went crack. However, he decided to return to the airport of departure in Ossory," - said istochnik.Po him, On board were 20 people, no one was hurt. He added that the aircraft is owned airline "Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky airline." Pilots managed to safely land the Read more [...]
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UN helicopter was shot down by the Russians in South Sudan

"The helicopter, in all probability, was shot down on takeoff. Four Russians, were part of the crew died in the crash," - the embassy said.According to the embassy, a helicopter with a Russian crew was probably shot down during takeoff from the village Pibor, Jonglei State, located in east of the capital Juba. According to preliminary data, the downed Mi-8 belongs to "Nizhnevartovskavia." "The helicopter, in all probability, was shot down on takeoff. Four Russians, were part of the crew died in the crash," - the embassy said. Interviewee of the agency said that the Read more [...]
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Medvedev congratulated all that end of the world has not come

21/12/2012 Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev said that the promised today "end of the world" did not come, although there were people who feared. On Friday, during a meeting of the Russian government with the employers general director of "" Sergei Gabestro on behalf of the organization "Business Russia" congratulated Medvedev on the coming New Year and Christmas. "I congratulate you on the fact that for three hours, and the end of the world has not come," - Medvedev joked. Gabestro said he had no doubt that the "end of the world" Read more [...]
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On the eve of the end of the world hundreds of Argentines looted supermarkets

In Argentina, in the city of Bariloche before the end of the world December 20 mob robbers robbed two large supermarkets. Of the stores carried food, clothing, household appliances and many other items. The police could not handle the crowd flown. When the situation is completely out of control, the president of Argentina, Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner sent in Bariloche federal security forces.Category: Factors and accident Read more [...]
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In America, schools are closed because of fears the onset of the end of the world

In the U.S. state of Michigan Christmas school holidays began earlier time because of fears the onset of the "end of the world." According to local media, December 20, for this reason, did not go to school thousands of children.According to local authorities, "rumors about the end of the world distract students and disrupt the educational process." In this regard, it was decided to close the school is not 24 December, and a few days earlier.On December 21, 2012 comes to an end one of the cycles of the Mayan calendar. Many people around the world to believe that the Mayan Read more [...]
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AirBaltic Airlines plane made an emergency landing in Riga

The aircraft of the Latvian national airline airBaltic, en route from Riga to London, on Friday just after takeoff made an emergency landing at Riga airport, told reporters the airline. Plane made an emergency landing due to technical problems encountered. "During the climb was pronounced error in the technique, and repair it was decided at the airport" Riga ", so the plane and returned", - told reporters the Agency's Director of Civil Aviation Gorodtsov Maris. Passengers were sent to London on another flight.Category: Factors and accident Read more [...]
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Blue and green lights in the sky Maryland caused panic and power cuts

About 50,000 people around the district Anne Arundel (Anne Arundel) were without power Thursday night after the unexplained blue and green lights that filled the horizon around 9 pm, according to local newspaper Anne Arundel County is in the state of Maryland, Washington County abroad and in the suburbs of Baltimore. Strange lights seen in other communities, including the Severn, Odenton, Crofton and Bowie. Residents of these areas were placed in the Twitter Feed strange lights. But the power company representative said that, it's probably the lights from the transformer, Read more [...]
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In Chechnya, almost 40,000 people were left without electricity

38,000 people were left without electricity today in Nozhai-Yurt district of Chechnya because of a power outage. Socially important facilities in the villages do not have de-energized, According to "Interfax" EMERCOM in the region. Cause of accident is under investigation. At the scene are specialists of Southern Electric Networks "NurEnergo." Also involved operative group EMERCOM of Russia for the country.Category: Factors and accident Read more [...]
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Air Berlin plane made an emergency landing in Thailand

On Friday night at the airport in Phuket in the south-western part of Thailand due to failure of one engine plane made an emergency landing Airbus A330 of German airline Air Berlin, there were no injuries, according to AFP.As a result of landing gear from one of the liner flat tire, reports AFP referring to the director of the airport Prathuanga Sornkhoma. According to him, the aircraft Airbus A330, carrying out flight Phuket - Abu Dhabi (UAE), on board there were 249 passengers an hour after takeoff, said the ground of failure of the left engine and requested permission for an emergency landing Read more [...]
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Sweden’s largest nuclear reactor stopped after hitting the sea water

One of Sweden's largest reactor nuclear power plant (NPP) "Ringhals" located near the city of Gothenburg on the west coast of the country, was stopped on Thursday after being hit by the sea water, reported on Friday night at AFP referring to plant operator company Vattenfall AB. As the agency representatives of the local authorities on nuclear safety supervision, salt water intrusion in the fourth power station serious security threats not caused. When do you plan to resume operation of the reactor, the report did not specify. In June this year after the discovery near the same plant Read more [...]
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