To the collapse of SSJ 100 led coincidence

To the collapse of the Sukhoi Superjet 100 in Indonesia has led a range of factors. Agrees with this conclusion and the Russian and Indonesian side. In the Ministry of Industry said that you can not lay the blame entirely on either pilots or on the controller. In addition, the role played in this tragedy and objective circumstances. And in Jakarta, and in Moscow one of the main causes of the tragedy in Indonesia in May this year, called the set of crew errors and controllers. "Could not any one, the chief, the only reason - critical. There are a set of non-fatal errors and inaccuracies. Read more [...]
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In search of the British UFO hacker hacked into Pentagon computers, but escaped trial

British prosecutors decided not to bring any charges Gary McKinnon, accused by U.S. law enforcement authorities of hacking into NASA and Pentagon computers, reported BBC News on Friday, December 14. The chances of a guilty verdict "very small", prosecutors said, explaining his decision in McKinnon.Briton Gary McKinnon has admitted that in 2001-2002, broken into a total of 97 computers of various agencies, including NASA and the Pentagon. McKinnon says he was looking for in the computer systems prove the existence of aliens, and did not try to learn from their actions any other benefits, Read more [...]
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Instagram photos will sell users

New user agreement allows service very freely dispose of data subscribers. Social network Instagram today announced that from January 16, 2013 will come into force a new user agreement. One of the points of the agreement provides for the social network every right to sell the rights to use custom images without prior notice or any payment author. The authors do not lose the right of authorship and ownership of them, but to give up the new rules they can only by deleting your account before 16 January 2013. Otherwise, Instagram can use all loaded into the social network of photos (including Read more [...]
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Sicily suffered mild asteroid attack

Fallen meteorite Saturday night found a girl whose attention drew glowing object which left a red mark in the sky. Tracing the route of the outer guest, which fell near her home in the center of Palermo, the girl picked it up from the pool and brought home. A meteorite is a black stone about 15 cm and a weight of 5500 grams. Mysterious find interested parents and then the police. Currently, the celestial body referred to the Institute of Geophysics and Volcanology in Sicily, where it will be thoroughly investigated. According to scientists, this may well be a piece of an asteroid Teutat, December Read more [...]
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In Yashkino photographed asteroid

Resident of the village Yashkino captured glowing falling object. Countrywomen sure it was an asteroid. Heavenly body was seen on December 17 at 9.20. Worker District House of Culture, Olga Tokarev made photographs of the village for their group in social networks, when I saw a rare occurrence. A bright red stripe rushed to the ground at a sharp angle."Tool's got a camera, when she saw something in the sky flies - quoted Olga Tokarev information portal Yashkinskogo area. - Recently read somewhere that will be seen flying near Earth asteroid. I think that's what he was flying." Read more [...]
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Before the end of the world tourists began to take a one way ticket

Tourists around the world began to buy tickets only from one end of the approaching "Doomsday", which, according to some interpretations of the Grand Mayan Calendar, is expected on December 21. In this regard, airlines and tour operators have set up special promotions and discounts, reports "Kommersant FM".Available was a large number of inexpensive and even cheap airline tickets, recorded a low demand for all international destinations - near and far, ascertain market players. And the most popular destinations are now France and Turkey, said the radio station.Recall Read more [...]
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Syria: Rebels could transfer chemical weapons

Syrian authorities are concerned that the rebels could get chemical weapons from several countries, and then blame the government in its use of force, according to a letter from the Permanent Representative of Syria to the UN, Bashar Jaafari, addressed to UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon and the Security Council. "We are genuinely concerned that some of the countries that support terrorism and terrorists, could provide chemical weapons by the armed terrorist groups, arms, only to say that it was used by the Syrian government," - said in the letter.It says that a statement of concern about Read more [...]
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Mi-8 extra sat at a rural school in the Komi

In the Republic of Qom Mi-8 helicopter crash-landed near the village school. As specified in the Main Department of the regional Emergencies Ministry, the incident occurred in the village of Ust-Habariha Tsilem district today in the 09:30 am Moscow time. According to ITAR-TASS, the aircraft are routed "Ust-Tsilma - Medvezhka - Nový Bor - Ermitsy - Habariha - Ust-Tsilma." Head of the settlement Habariha Elena Pozdeeva, commenting on the situation, make it clear that the reason for the refusal of an emergency landing of a helicopter sensors. Finding a breakdown, rotorcraft crew decided Read more [...]
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In Japan, there is land subsidence due to earthquake

18/12/2012 The Ministry of the Environment of Japan said that during the last fiscal year that ended in March of this year, nearly six thousand square kilometers of land across the country have settled more than 2 inches, according to NHK.  This figure is almost a thousand times more than the previous fiscal year, which ended in March last year, and is a record high for the time from the beginning of data collection in 1978.Earth has settled more than 2 inches in about half of the 30 areas tested in 20 prefectures. This level is considered potentially dangerous to the stability of buildings.The Read more [...]
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In China, a man with a knife wound inflicted 22 elementary school students

December 14 will be remembered not only for residents of the U.S., where the primary school Sandy Hook American Adam Lantz shot 26 people. Earlier in the day in the county of Henan province Guanshan there was another tragic event: local resident attacked with a knife and stabbed wounds 22 elementary school students. People in China have called Friday "a day of children's grief." The tragic news caused a heated discussion in the microblog Sina Weibo, the Chinese users have more than 6.7 million comments in a special section devoted to the topic.Alarming reports are coming from Beijing, Read more [...]
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China arrested cultists waiting doomsday December 21

China has arrested followers of the sect "God Almighty." Its adherents - 101 people - preached the imminent end of the world, arguing that will save only those who come into their ranks.However, they referred to "the Mayan calendar prediction", in which, allegedly, December 21, the Sun will go on for three days.Law enforcement agencies charged with sectarian "spreading rumors and disturbing public order under the guise of religious beliefs."Sectarians engaged in propaganda of his views on the country. So, 37 followers of this religious movement have been identified Read more [...]
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In the U.S., demand for firearms sales reached astronomical levels

The owners of gun shops in the U.S. claim that the demand for firearms is growing, explaining, including the recent mass shooting of elementary school students in Connecticut, wrote on Tuesday, the newspaper USA Today. Twenty Adam Lanza gave last Friday massacre at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown in Connecticut, killing 27 people, 20 of them - children aged from five to ten years. The motives of the crime are still unclear. The country declared a four-day mourning. As Durkheymer Carl (Karl Durkheimer), store owner Northwest Armory in Portland (Oregon), arms sales reached "astronomical" Read more [...]
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In the U.S. hacker sentenced to 10 years for breaking into computers of celebrities

Court of Los Angeles was sentenced to 10 years in prison hacker compromised computers celebrities USA, BBC reports. 35-year-old Christopher Chaney (Christopher Chaney) pleaded guilty and apologized to his victims. "If I was forbidden to use a computer for the rest of life, I would have taken it for granted," - said Cheney. Christopher Chaney was arrested in October 2011. He managed to gain unauthorized access to the e-mails of more than 50 celebrities, including actress Scarlett Johansson, singer Christina Aguilera and actress Mila Kunis. Detention before a hacker managed to send out Read more [...]
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In the Altai region of about 8500 people were left without electricity in 40-degree frosts

In the Altai region today was a power failure in five major areas, home to 8.4 thousand people, Itar-Tass learned at the regional Emergency Ministry. Power supply interrupted Rodinsky, Trinity, zoning, and Alei Tabunskom areas. In the area off are 23 socially important facilities. The area energoavarii repairing works are difficult 40-degree cold.Category: Factors and accident Read more [...]
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In Peru, looking for the missing aircraft An-26 with four crew members

Transport aircraft An-26 with four crew members on board went missing Monday in Peru, conducted his search, reported the Peruvian management of airports and commercial aviation (CORPAC). "Amazon Sky owned company aircraft AN-26 with registration number OB-1887 took off from the international airport Jorge Chavez in Lima and by noon Monday was supposed to land at the airfield near the village of Malvinas Kamisea in the region of Cuzco, where the pipeline. Before abyss from radar screens pilot asked for permission to lower due to unfavorable weather conditions, "- said the head of CORPAC Read more [...]
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Physicists have developed a method for estimating the damage from the mobile to the Human Brain

American physicists have developed a method of measuring the level of microwave radiation in the brain cells, without interfering in the internal tissues of the body to help doctors figure out how mobile phones affect the health of the human nervous system, according to an article published in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. Mobile phones are a source of relatively weak microwave radiation. Many people are concerned that the continued use of a mobile phone can have a negative impact on their health. In 2011, WHO published a study which stated that 30 minutes on the Read more [...]
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In Primorye, 35,000 people were left without electricity due to the accident

The accident broke the power supply to eight settlements Khasan district of Primorye, according EMERCOM in Primorye

According to authorities, the de-energized villages live about 35 thousand people, there are 48 social objects.

Emergency and recovery operation. While not reported, when the power supply is restored.

Category: Factors and accident
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U.S. scientists: DPRK satellite not valid

U.S. researchers said they could not fix the signal from the satellite, which orbited the DPRK last week. A number of countries have recognized that North Korea failed to launch a satellite, which, according to the North Korean side, broadcasting patriotic songs. However, representatives of the U.S. Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics could not fix the signals of songs, according to Agence France Presse. According to the researchers, the satellite does not work. North Korea's launch of a long-range ballistic missile with a satellite from the Baikonur "Shohei" in the western Read more [...]
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Eerie footage meteorite impact shook the residents of the Urals

The blast wave from the fall of the meteorite fragments in Chelyabinsk knocked windows, including, in one of the office buildings, as a result a lot of people got cuts and sprayed blood on the floor and walls. Svetlana Popova, says - "The moment it happened, I was near the window, it was shattered by the blast, I had covered his head, his face now a couple of scratches, and a little cutting of the hand. Colleague less fortunate - had deep scratches, had to sew " In her words, "trash" in an office building in the city center were scattered doors, windows. From wounds and Read more [...]
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In Pennsylvania, unexpectedly shut down nuclear reactor

Power Company reports that trying to figure out why a nuclear reactor nuclear power plant in Pennsylvania suddenly disconnected. Representatives of PPL Corp reported that unit number 2 on NPP Susquehanna, located near Berwick suddenly disconnected. The company, which owns the plant said that the state of the reactor is safe and stable. Disconnection occurred during a routine test valve on the primary system power unit.Category: Factors and accident Read more [...]
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