UAV operator in Afghanistan Brandon Bryant: I gave the order and I killed the child …

UAV operator in Afghanistan Brandon Bryant - 27-year-old boy from Montana, is the operator of combat drone "Predator "in the U.S. Army. He killed on the orders, but when the order came to shoot a child and he did it, he was no longer able to carry out such orders and resigned from the army.Brandon Bryant: "In the six years of my service in the U.S. Air Force I killed men and women, and children ... I saw people die on the monitor control drone. Last drone while driving, which was over Afghanistan, I have ordered to kill the child and I have done it, and seen through the monitor, Read more [...]
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In Iceland, the earthquake occurred in 1500 in one month

17/12/2012 A total of 1,500 seismic events were registered in Iceland last month. According to the Icelandic Meteorological Administration, the highest seismic activity (a total of 750 earthquakes), was observed in Eyjafjordur, where also there was a great earthquake, a magnitude of 3.8, according In late November, a small glacial flood because of explosions were reported on Mount Grimsvotn in the Vatnajökull glacier. GPS data show that the ice level decreased, which is a strong indication that the flood began. Breakthrough glaciers do not necessarily indicate a coming Read more [...]
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Eyewitnesses: the ship, stuck in the Gulf of Mexico, the people run wild and fight for food

Disturbing reports come from the ocean cruise liner Carnival Triumph Gulf of Mexico, which has turned into a floating prison for 4,200 people. Recall, on Sunday there was a fire on the ship, and then drives out of order, but because of a power failure has ceased to operate and on-board life support system. None of the passengers and crew members was injured, but for the fourth day, they are in terrible conditions that are worsened by the hour. In this case back to the U.S. to be towed only on Thursday.Passenger liner which strong currents too far afield from the shore, were able to contact Read more [...]
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Britain may abandon paper money and go to plastic banknotes

17/12/2012 Britain may refuse paper money, which was used in 300 years, and go to the plastic in the next three years. Money from the plastic more durable, waterproof, and they are more difficult to forge, said British authorities.The Bank of England has announced a tender for the creation of banknotes from plastic, planned to spend £ 1 billionPlastic banknotes were first introduced in Australia in 1988. Since then, the number of crimes involving counterfeit money, has declined sharply. In addition, plastic banknotes last longer. For comparison, the plastic banknote denomination 5 Australian Read more [...]
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In St. Petersburg, took extra plane to Omsk

Reporting an emergency landing came to the police of the northern capital in the evening of 16 December. According to a source publication "Rosbalt-Petersburg", in 23 hours and 47 minutes to the duty of the doctors asked the service "03." Doctors have told that to them from the phone set to LLC "Northern Capital Gateway", called a man, who identified himself as Polyakov, and said that the aircraft AN-148 makes emergency landing at the airport "Pulkovo".After checking it was found that during takeoff flight № 481 Moscow-Omsk not cleaned right landing gear. Read more [...]
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America struck by an epidemic of mental illness

Teach your children not to laugh schizophrenic, be considerate themselves, if not out of mercy to the sick, or at least out of a sense of self-preservation.The killer, who shot children in the U.S., was autistic. People suffering from various mental illnesses in the United States is increasing.Evelyn wrote Azayev: My 18-year-old son in the summer of volunteers in the children's camp near Toronto. Calls, says that like everything, "just some kids all depressed." He said he would come - will tell. Narrated by my hair stood on end. - To view all children as children - said Ruslan. Read more [...]
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Three-year Briton was smarter than Einstein and Copernicus

In a city girl living in Britain, its level IQ is 162. Alice Amos only three years, and her IQ exceeds IQ great physicist Albert Einstein and the astronomer Nicolaus Copernicus, whose IQ is 160.In his three-year girl is fluent in English and Russian. His spare time girls spend reading Aesop. She also engaged in singing, dancing, painting, arts and crafts and reading.Your parents are proud of Chad and try to provide the necessary conditions for the development of talent daughter.Category: Factors and accident Read more [...]
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The Large Hadron Collider halted until 2015

The Large Hadron Collider halted for a long vacation for modernization - proton collisions in the accelerator will not resume in the next 20 months.The Large Hadron Collider halted for a long vacation for modernization - proton collisions in the accelerator will not resume in the next 20 months, after which the LHC will operate at the total energy, almost double the current."Operation completed in 2012. Meet again briefly in 2013 during a session of the proton-nucleus collisions. Proton-proton collisions at high energies will resume in 2015," - said in a statement on the online status Read more [...]
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Italians mass confession before December 21

16/12/2012 Italian priests say: never have they seen such a stream wanting to confess. Even in large cities, such as Milan, on the weekends to churches queues. Meanwhile, tour operators in Italy recorded an unprecedented demand for travel to the south of the Apennines to the "heel" of the peninsula. Italians want to break free and Trulli - entered in the UNESCO heritage buildings tapered XVI century. However, the Italian scientists lay period were the end of the world. As the director of the Astronomical Observatory of the National Institute of Astrophysics Massimo Della Valle, the Read more [...]
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In the U.S. and Nigeria gasoline is cheaper than in Russia oil

Authoritative news agency Bloomberg updated its annual index of gasoline prices in the world. Based on them were top 10 countries with the most expensive and the cheapest gasoline. The most expensive gasoline is still sold in Turkey. Here, for a liter of fuel for drivers have to lay 2.6 dollar. The average Indian or Pakistani to buy a liter of gasoline in this country would have had to work all day.Cheaper to fill up today in Venezuela, where a liter of petrol asking mere pennies - only $ 0.02. The ten countries with the cheapest fuel and entered the U.S. with the price of a liter at $ 0.87. Read more [...]
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Massacre on the Pacific resort: injured children and the elderly

A young man with a knife attacked passersby on one of the resorts in the island of Guam in the Pacific. This island is a U.S. territory. The attack resulted in three deaths and 11 injured.The tragedy occurred at night outside the hotel. In the shop next to the car and hit him came from an angry man. The young man somehow attacked passers-by with a knife.Most of the victims - are residents of Japan who like to relax on the island. The victims were the driver with a knife, children and adults between the ages of eight months to 82 years.Category: Factors and accident Read more [...]
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The height of the ISS orbit raised by 2.5 km

The average altitude of the International Space Station (ISS) has been increased by almost 2.5 kilometers, to create optimal conditions for the docking of manned spacecraft "Soyuz TMA-07M," the representative said Sunday near Moscow Mission Control Center (MCC-TsNIImash).Earlier it was planned that the correction will take place on Thursday, but the maneuver was unexpectedly postponed at the request of the American side in less than an hour before the start of the operation, because at the right time is one of the structural elements of solar panels had not taken the required position.ISS Read more [...]
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Bishkek left without Kazakh gas in 20-degree cold

16/12/2012 Kyrgyz capital Bishkek left without gas in the 20-degree cold because supply constraints JSC "KazTransGas". Because of failures in electric several areas of the city off from the power supply. Now, according to the JSC "Kyrgyzgaz", Bishkek TPP runs on oil. Its reserves are sufficient to continue providing citizens with heat and hot water. Natural gas supply stopped for Bishkek TPP, in the areas of private building capital and its suburbs, gas consumption in the industrial plants in the north of the country. Air temperature dropped in Bishkek to abnormal temperature Read more [...]
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Sandy Hook: She took a shot at himself and saved children

As described in the Sunday family teacher Victoria Soto (Vicki Soto), it eclipsed students from the shooter maniac who opened fire in a school in Connecticut.For his courageous act Soto paid with his life. But the only way the 27-year-old girl could have been saved from their first-graders angry killer Adam Lanza (Adam Lanza) and be a hero."Family members reported that she, trying to protect children, closed them in the toilet, - says the correspondent of the newspaper" Daily News "cousin Vicky Uiltsi Jim (Jim Wiltsie). - It is screened students from the killer. "According Read more [...]
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Governor killed in a helicopter crash in Nigeria

Six people, among whom was the governor of Nigeria's Kaduna State, Patrick Ibrahim Jacob, died in a helicopter crash. On board the helicopter navy were several senior officials in Nigeria. At the scene rescuers are still working. According to President Goodluck Jonathan, he was shocked by the news. In Nigeria, because of the low level of aviation security quite a number of such incidents. In July, a passenger plane crashed in Lagos, in a plane crash killed 150 people.Category: Factors and accident Read more [...]
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Thai Marines fought off the attack of Islamists to their base

Thai marines repelled February 13 night attack Islamists to their base in the southern part of the country, reports the Associated Press. As a result of the battle, which lasted more than an hour, at least 16 attackers were killed, dozens were injured. Defenders of the base of more than a hundred people were injured, but no one died.According to the command of the armed forces of Thailand, made a raid on the base at least 30 people. They were all dressed in uniforms and body armor, and well armed: on the battlefield were grenades and assault rifles with laser sights.Repulse the attack relatively Read more [...]
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China arrested four residents of the rumors about the end of the world

16/12/2012 China arrested four residents of the rumors about the end of the world. They will be held in police custody 10 days, local media reported. Two men were arrested in the most populous city in China - Chongqing. Over the loudspeaker, they told passersby about the future December 21, 2012 end of the world. Two more were detained because they were distributing leaflets about the event. Chinese police urges citizens not to succumb to rumors and not to distribute them, thus violating the public order. Fuss about the possible end of the world provokes Chinese people on a fairly original Read more [...]
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Fainting Secretary: Clinton concussion

16/12/2012 U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton fainted from weakness and a concussion. At the moment she is at home under the supervision of doctors, said the U.S. State Department. Assistant Foreign Minister Philippe USA Raines told reporters that next week his boss at work does not appear, recovering from an injury. The reason for which Clinton lost consciousness, the State Department called dehydration due to gastroenteritis. Due to health problems it has canceled its participation in the meeting of the "Group of Friends of Syria" on December 12.Unofficially, it is reported Read more [...]
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Life in the city increases the risk of schizophrenia

12/15/2012 Scientists believe that high levels of schizophrenia in urban areas due to the fact that people are more likely to suffer from unequal living conditions. The study was conducted at Cambridge University with the participation of 427 people diagnosed with schizophrenia at the age of 18-64 years old from East London.The researchers assessed the social environment of each patient. They identified three factors that determine the risk of developing schizophrenia: poverty (unemployment, low income, poor education, and criminal history), the high density of population in the community Read more [...]
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Information about calories on the packaging is deceiving customers

Information about calories indicated on food packages are not true, according to U.S. scientists. Nutritional scoring system invented in the century before. Modern experts emphasize: chewing, digesting and different cooking techniques are fundamentally changing calorie intake. "If we give the consumer the information well to match the reality", - the representative of the Ministry of Agriculture David Baer. American scientist and his colleagues concluded that the information on calories often not correct. To nutritious food is influenced by many factors - the method of preparation Read more [...]
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