Aircraft emergency landing in Yakut airport due to engine failure

By Air "Polar Airlines" flying from Yakutsk to Ust-Kuyga. On board were 49 passengers and five crew members and cargo.The AN-26 on Tuesday made an emergency landing at the airport Yakut Magan, presumably because of the failure of one engine, told RIA Novosti the airline "Polar Airlines." By Air "Polar Airlines" flying from Yakutsk to Ust-Kuyga. On board were 49 passengers and five crew members and cargo. "During the forced landing, no injuries. Presumably, the plane landed because of the failure of one engine," - said the source. Passengers are taken to Read more [...]
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U.S. residents have been falling satellite Kosmos-1484

Dozens of residents of the U.S. East Coast on Monday night saw flying through the sky Fireball - car, which was probably the Soviet satellite "Kosmos-1484" - such data are presented on the website of the American Meteor Society.Satellite "Kosmos-1484" (another name for the device - "Resource-FP") weighing 2.5 tons was launched in 1983. According to calculations by the U.S. military, he had to enter the atmosphere on Monday, January 28, at 02.27 GMT plus or minus 17 minutes (06.27 MSK). The trajectory of the unit at the time was run on the U.S. East Coast and Canada.American Read more [...]
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U.S. Air Force fighter jet F-16 sank in the Adriatic Sea off the coast of Italy

U.S. Air Force fighter jet F-16 stopped to get in touch and apparently sank Adritaticheskom Sea off the coast of northern Italy. This was on Monday night reported the Italian news agency ANSA.The plane took off from the base of "Air" in the squadron. The last time the pilot contacted the manager about 8:00 pm local time and reported a malfunction on board, said the Agence France-Presse. After that, contact was lost with the fighter.The search for F-16 into the sea near the town in the province of Ravenna Cervia keep other aircraft with the "Air" and the coast guard.At Read more [...]
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In the South China hit by two buildings

In Guangzhou, the capital of Guangdong Province / South China /, today afternoon hit by two buildings of the six stores.

According to local authorities, the incident did not result in casualties.

About 16:40 in the center of Guangzhou's Liwan district, there was a subsidence of the soil on a road junction, which led to the collapse of buildings with shops.

Causes of the incident are being investigated.

Category: Factors and accident
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In 2015, Russian passport will replace the electronic card

Ministry of Economic Development prepared a bill to replace a 2015 internal Russian passports with electronic cards. According to the text of the draft law, published by the Office, an electronic card key is recognized identification document citizen."E-Card is a material medium with the personal data of the owner, including biometric personal data recorded on it in a visual (graphical) and electronic form and the identity of the personality of its owner," - the document says.To go to e-cards are encouraged to establish a 10-year transition period. Russian passport in its current form Read more [...]
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In Kamchatka, three tourists were gone snowmobiling near volcano Avachinsky

In Kamchatka, three tourists were gone snowmobiling in the natural park "Volcanoes of Kamchatka" in the area of the volcano Avachinsky / 27 km from Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky /. Organized their search. This was reported today by the press service of the main emergency department in the Kamchatka region. The disappearance snegohodchikov rescuers said today they knew. He told me that three tourists went to the Natural Park on January 26. They had to go back to Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky this morning, but it did not. Communications have not disappeared. Do they have a tent and navigators Read more [...]
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U.S. airliner forced villages because of the burning smell in the cockpit

A Boeing 767 of American Airlines American Airlines, flight en route Miami - Sao Paulo, made an unscheduled landing at the airport in San Juan, Puerto Rico, reported on Tuesday night by the Associated Press referring to the airline representative Matt Miller (Matt Miller). According to him, the cause was a burning smell in the cockpit. According to the agency, none of the 198 passengers and 13 crew members was injured. They are expected to continue their way to Brazil on Tuesday morning. What exactly could be the source of the smell, as to the result. Bad smell in the cockpit or cabin aircraft Read more [...]
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Inches from death

Visualization is no such thing as — "Born in the shirt." In this case, Chinese shirt and extremely lucky guy.
Category: Factors and accident
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Power supply disrupted in 60 localities of the Rostov region

Sixty communities in four districts of the Rostov region were without electricity due to failure of power lines, remained without electricity for more than 34 thousand people, said Monday Russian Emergencies Ministry. "As of 18.00 MSK 28 January 2013 disrupted power supply to 60 villages in four districts of the Rostov region with a population of 34,247 people in six socially significant objects," - said in a statement. Due to bad weather were damaged ten transmission towers. Ice and strong winds of up to 15 meters per second on the night of 27 to 28 January have produced technological Read more [...]
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Megacities heated air within a thousand kilometers

As an example of these changes lead researchers, two phenomena - increasing average annual temperatures in the provincial areas of the U.S. by 1 degree at a distance of several thousand kilometers, and their decrease by 1 degree in Europe.Large cities have giant "stove", able to increase the average temperature of one degree Celsius in the remote rural areas, even at a distance of several thousand miles away, indicating that the underestimation of the role of cities in climate change, climate scientists say in a paper published in the journal Nature Climate Change. "We found that Read more [...]
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Shale revolution could accelerate climate change

Oil companies, earning on shale revolution, burn as many unwanted gas that it would be sufficient to provide energy for all the homes in Chicago and Washington. Over the last year the amount of unwanted gas, which is burned in North Dakota, the state that has become home to shale revolution, grew by 50%, writes the Financial Times. On this path, and other states, as in Texas in 2012 was granted permission in 1963 to burn against 306 in 2010. This rapid growth has made the United States one of the leaders of the world's gas flaring. According to the World Bank, the volume has tripled in five Read more [...]
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In Nizhny Tagil tank raced on the track across the path of stunned motorists

On the outskirts of Nizhny Tagil, Sverdlovsk region at high speed without any warning signs way before riding on the highway cars unexpectedly crossed the tank. According Tagil City, caterpillar machine of flying is not equipped with a traffic light intersection, and took the "just out of nowhere." Plowing the snow banks on the side of the tank sped down the road just a few meters from the car. Video filmed the incident, installed in this machine. Fortunately, the driver, apparently, just a minute to check out the combat vehicle on the road side and noticed the tank pulled. At Read more [...]
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The plane with two people aboard crashed into the Hudson River in the U.S.

Doctors reported that the victims were not injured, but were taken from hypothermia. Now their condition is stable satisfactory. On the causes of the crash are not reported.Lightweight single-engine aircraft Piper PA-32, which was carrying two people crashed into the Hudson River near the city of Yonkers (Yonkers) in the north-eastern United States on Sunday, the victims in the hospital, reported Monday by the Associated Press, citing local police. According to police, the crash occurred around 17:30 local time (02.30 MSK on Monday), six kilometers from the George Washington Bridge. A man and Read more [...]
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Satellite Kosmos-1484 could fall in eastern Canada

According to calculations by the U.S. military, the satellite entered the atmosphere on Monday, January 28, at 02.27 GMT (06.27 MSK, plus or minus 17 minutes).Soviet satellite "Kosmos-1484" could fall on Monday night in eastern Canada, according to the U.S. Strategic Command. According to calculations by the U.S. military, the satellite entered the atmosphere on Monday, January 28, at 02.27 GMT (06.27 MSK, plus or minus 17 minutes). The entry point was the coordinates 55 degrees north latitude and 283.1 degrees east longitude. This place is located in the eastern part of Canada in the Read more [...]
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American blew the trunk of his Honda, opening it with the remote

A resident of Massachusetts felt like an actress who starred in the Hollywood blockbuster, although plans for the day were just shopping at a nearby store. Plastic pipe and lock the trunk Honda were explosive combination.Last Sunday, a resident of Stoneham, Massachusetts did not do anything dangerous and risky - just tried the remote to open the trunk of his Honda, parked among the other cars at the local supermarket. Fortunately, the girl in this moment are at a distance from his car, as the trunk after you click does not open, and exploded. Force of the explosion was such that the lid came Read more [...]
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In the Okhotsk Sea intruder stopped just shooting to kill

In the Sea of Okhotsk, Russian border guards had opened fire from the air to failure to detain intruder. Trawler flying the flag of Sierra Leone has been found in Russian waters patrol boat. Not responding to requests, the offender at high speed started to go towards the Russian border. In the area of the chase plane flew the Russian FSB. Three times he fired warning fire, then was given permission to open fire. The bullets hit the screw trawler. Only then he stopped. No injuries were reported. As it turned out, the ship was equipped for the transportation of crab and other seafood. While Read more [...]
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The aircraft with the players Odessa Chernomorets was struck by lightning.

In the Yak-42, carrying the team football club "Chernomorets" (Odessa), on a flight to Turkey was struck by lightning.According to the press service of the FC, because of snowfall, which struck on Saturday at Odessa, a charter flight to Antalya was delayed for five hours."There were no surprises during the flight. Already near Antalya plane hit the storm front, and one of the lightning got into the right wing of an airliner. Fortunately, nothing happened. Planting took place in a normal mode, "- said in a statement.In Turkey these days is the second collection of "Chernomorets". Read more [...]
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A giant pillar of fire struck and frightened Chinese

Residents of one of the areas in the north of China have witnessed a rise in the sky a giant pillar of fire more than thirty feet in height. The flames broke out after an explosion at a local pipeline. In fact, to put out the fire took about five hours, so much time burnable gas. Causes of the incident are not yet known.Category: Factors and accident Read more [...]
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Business on the blood: Secrets M4 highway Don

Highway M-4 "Don". One of the most expensive and dangerous to the lives of motorists routes. Around M-4 feed corrupt officials and their business-friendly road builders, skolachivaya state due to the quality of the road itself. Due to the low quality of many areas of "Don" here, as in war, kill hundreds of thousands of people.Category: Factors and accident Read more [...]
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Injured dolphin dies in poisoned waters of the New York Canal

In the eyes of the people of New York real drama unfolded. Injured dolphin can not get out of the polluted city canal. Wounded animal spotted in Govanus channel, which is considered the most polluted waterway of the Big Apple, another on Friday morning. According to witnesses, injured dolphin from its dorsal fin is bleeding. Amber Marlowe, eyewitness: "He is struggling because of all the effort and does not look healthy. I saw his mangled dorsal fin. " The situation with the unfortunate dolphin put the city government to a standstill, says USA Today. As long as the animal can Read more [...]
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