Hackers brought down the U.S. zombie apocalypse

Instead of the popular evening TV show American TV viewers KRTV recently reported on a zombie invasion and advised as soon as possible to seek safe shelter. "Special Edition" of apocalyptic news was the work of hackers. KRTV - channel with a relatively small audience, broadcasting in Montana. The incident took place in prime time, so the number of people who received a threatening warning was big enough. Police and television flooded calls from concerned viewers, clarifying how they can best escape from the zombies, writes CNET. Before I had time to guide channel to make a rebuttal Read more [...]
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Bad weather has left without light 577 settlements in Ukraine

More than 570 settlements of Ukraine were left without power on Wednesday night because of bad weather, the press service of Ministry of Emergency Situations. "On the night of 11 and 12 December as a result of adverse weather conditions for operation of protection systems of power lines blackout occurred 577 settlements in the five areas," - said in a statement. Hardest hit Kiev region - here without light left 304 settlements. In the Zhytomyr region deenergized 226 settlements in Vinnytsia - 42, in Kirovograd - two, in Cherkasy - three settlements. On the eve of a heavy snowfall in Read more [...]
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Thousands of squid stranded on the beaches of California

Marine biologists are doing research to find out the reason that prompted thousands of Humboldt squid washed up along the coastline Santa Cruz County Sunday. The beaches are covered with thousands of dead creatures. Thousands of dead squid covered 12 mile stretch of coast from Aptos to Watsonville and have not yet found out what happened to those with sea creatures, and that caused them to commit mass suicide. Authorities and scientists recommend not to touch or eat these squid, as they may contain harmful toxins.Category: Factors and accident Read more [...]
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Crimea goes underground

12/12/2012 Geologists are sounding the alarm, warning that the Crimea is slowly but surely "go" underground. Prone to seismic activity, the peninsula this year experienced a small earthquake, but is increasingly becoming a landslide. The fact that Crimea is located at the peak of the collapses, told experts of the Institute of Telecommunications and Global Information Space of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine. According to forecasts, this peak would occur in 2010-2012. Three times more cases of convergence of the earth for the past 20 years recorded on the southern coast Read more [...]
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In the skies over the Krasnoyarsk on board the Moscow-Khabarovsk died on 5-year old child

On board the Moscow-Khabarovsk morning died on 5-year-old child. The commander of the crew of Boeing 777 landed the plane in an emergency Krasnoyarsk airport. As ITAR-TASS news agency in the West Siberian Investigation Department of the RF IC transport, "during the flight, the child became ill. His health had deteriorated so much that the aircraft commander decided to land at the nearest airport - in Krasnoyarsk. However, despite the measures measure came to the aircraft was pronounced dead boy. " Currently being investigated all the circumstances of the event, the cause of death is Read more [...]
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In the U.S., probably killed Hunter in police

U.S. Special Forces conducted a storming mountain hut in California, where a former policeman was hiding Christopher Dorner, suspected of killing three people and declare a "vendetta" by former colleagues. Inside the home the body was found, which probably, Dorner belongs.On Tuesday local time clashes with the police suspect near Big Bear Lake in San Bernardino County in southern California. It was reported that police were able to get on the trail Dorner after he robbed one of the town houses connected hosts and stole their car. A after chase Dorner barricaded himself in one of the Read more [...]
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Chelyabinsk again complain Tremors

For the last day in the One duty and dispatchers South Ural capital received 66 reports complaining of explosions and vibrations of buildings. Russian Defense Ministry denies that the landfill, where with a few interruptions continues disposal of ammunition, to fluctuations in Chelyabinsk buildings and damaged homes in the surrounding villages. Chelyabinsk shakes again - for the last day duty officer in the city has received more than 60 messages complaining of vibration of buildings, the agency news "Access" referring to the United duty and dispatch service to South Ural capital. "For Read more [...]
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In New Zealand, the mother of eight children died at age 30 from an overdose of Coca-Cola

Pathologist put an end to the case of the death of a 30-year resident of New Zealand, Natasha Harris, formerly suspected of fatal poisoning Coca-Cola. Coroners have ruled that a woman really died of "overdose" carbonated beverage. According to the doctors, the mother of eight children, died of a heart attack, which was caused by the fact that women daily intake of at least 10 liters of Coca-Cola, the max medical caffeine twice. Natasha Harris discovered her boyfriend Christopher Hodgkinson on the floor of a private February 30, 2010. She eagerly grabbed air lips, her boyfriend immediately Read more [...]
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MES: In hazardous areas comprise 60% of the population

12/12/2012 More than 90 million Russians, 60% of the population now live in areas of possible impact of destructive factors in accidents on the critical and potentially dangerous objects. This was said in a Russian Emergencies Ministry. The ministry pointed out that in 2013, increases the risk of emergencies during the spring flood in the Central, North-Western, Volga and Urals federal districts. "In recent years, the number of natural hazards and major technological disasters is growing. Disaster risk arising in the process of global climate change, and economic activity are a significant Read more [...]
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The U.S. believes that North Korea does not fully control its own satellite

North Korea on Wednesday descended into Earth orbit around the Earth is not completely controlled by North Korean experts say U.S. experts. "There is some evidence that they (the Koreans - IF) can not fully control (satellite - IF)," - said the TV channel CNN CNN on condition of anonymity, the source of the official U.S. circles. The satellite, the Americans describe as "the most basic communication satellite with disabilities." According to the relevant services of the United States, has yet to receive a satellite signal from a control center, which should come immediately Read more [...]
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Chapter Rosaviatsia reported futility GLONASS

Chapter Rosaviation Alexander Neradko in a letter to the Russian government announced that is installed on the Russian aircraft equipment GLONASS is absolutely useless. This is reported by "Izvestia", in possession of a copy of the letter.According A.Neradko, GLONASS satellite navigation does not interact with on-board navigation system, as most of the aircraft for which the system is installed, do not have a digital flight control and navigation system.According to plans of the Ministry of Transport to 2018. GLONASS gradually be equipped with all the civil court of Russia. To date, Read more [...]
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NATO aircraft crashed in southern Afghanistan

Airplanes NATO fell near Godard Nava Baran district of southern Afghanistan's Helmand province, said Wednesday the agency Pajhwok Afghan News, citing a source in the Afghan security forces.The type of aircraft and the causes of its collapse has not been established. According to the press service of the International Security Assistance Force in Afghanistan (ISAF), we can talk about unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), RIA "Novosti"."I can only confirm the incident involving an unidentified aircraft until the ISAF, which fell in Helmand - but until then, until you have completed Read more [...]
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U.S. launched the third time in orbit mysterious drone on a secret mission

12/12/2012 In the United States continue to put secret experiments with an unmanned spacecraft X-37B. Spaceplane was the third time sent into orbit - as before, the U.S. Air Force did not disclose the purpose of the mission.Launch X-37B took place on Tuesday, December 11, from the spaceport at Cape Canaveral in Florida, said NEWSru Israel. Capsule with minishattlom shuttle flew the rocket "Atlas-5", ITAR-TASS reported.As was the case with previous launches military drone X-37B, the purpose of this mission was not disclosed. Experts believe that the spaceplane could be developed Read more [...]
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Skydiver fell from a height of four kilometers and survived

Amateur parachuting from California Gerardo Flores was almost killed when his parachute instead of 2 km was opened at a height of 4. It spun and shmyaknulo the ground, but he survived, escaped with fractures. The cause of the accident was defective parachute. Lucky but …
Category: Factors and accident
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U.S. launched a new secret space drone

U.S. held on Tuesday successfully launched a rocket Atlas-5 with a new experimental kosmoplanom X-37B, start was from the spaceport at Cape Canaveral in Florida, representatives of United Launch Alliance.It noted that the rocket Atlas-5 with the machine on board off the ground at 13.03 on East Coast time (22.03 Moscow time). Unmanned spaceplane, enclosed in a special capsule on top of the rocket, was separated from her in a few minutes after the launch, ITAR-TASS reported.This is the third launch in the program development and testing of the X-37B. For the first time the device was launched in Read more [...]
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Novgorod mayor refused to talk about the end of the world and a possible evacuation

Mayor Novgorod Yuri Bobryshev declined to residents of the city that will make power in the event of major disasters. In public hearings, the city budget for 2013 and the planning period of 2014-2015, as well as the socio-economic development of the regional center, gradochalniku asked about the "end of the world." - Now the burning question - the end of the world. I am interested in a situation that may arise from radiation, chemical disasters, when it will be necessary to take specific measures to evacuate people, - said inhabitant of Novgorod, magazine writes, "Direct Speech"According Read more [...]
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Two military aircraft collided in Algeria, both pilots killed

Algerian Air Force Two planes collided on Monday night during a training flight, killing both pilots, reports AFP referring to the statement of the Algerian Ministry of Defence. According to the War Department, avikatastrofa occurred near the city of Tlemcen in the north-west of the country. On the type of aircraft is not reported. A special commission investigating the circumstances of the incident.Category: Factors and accident Read more [...]
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Shale fever poison U.S.

The United States started talking loudly about the "shale revolution" of the largest importers are going to become an exporter of gas. Drive it abroad. One by one, Americans now drill wells. Convincing everyone that the case is easy, not expensive and safe.
Category: Factors and accident

Villagers in the area Tcheremkhovo keep bears at bay

Just on the outskirts with a gun. Seasons Village in Tcheremkhovo area actually under siege. The point bears that roam its surroundings and even attack people. 14-year-old Angela together c dog Jack returns home from the store. The road goes through the woods. The village is divided into two halves, and the distance between them a mile. Scared schoolgirl - in these parts bears roam. - I am told that a man was walking near the woods, and he attacked the bear. Last month, far from this place a man was killed. He went to the lake, 40 kilometers from the village of Seasons. A few days later Read more [...]
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Russians will feed only good news

12/11/2012 Deputy of the party "Fair Russia" Oleg Mikheev developed the bill, which must by law protect Russians from traumatic psyche information.Law with the working title "Protection of the public from information" requires management channels and journalists to give negative information more than 30% of the total air time. By "negative information" means video suicides, acts of pedophilia and physiological details from the crash and terrorist attacks, as well as shooting animal abuse.As he explains Mikheev, his proposed bill does not impose censorship, but Read more [...]
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