Collapsed at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant

Partial collapse of the turbine hall of the fourth unit of the Chernobyl nuclear power plant will not affect the health of the population, said on Wednesday the Russian Emergencies Ministry."Threats to the lives and health of the population as a result of the partial collapse of the roof panels and one of the computer rooms at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant there," - said in a statement, reports RIA "Novosti".The press service of the CNPP said that the change of the radiation situation at the site of Chernobyl and the Exclusion Zone is also not, no one was hurt. According Read more [...]
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Medical Service helicopter crashed in the U.S., killing three people

Medical Service helicopter crashed in northern U.S. state of Illinois, killing three people, said on Tuesday the Associated Press referring to the Federal Aviation Administration United States. A helicopter belonging to the hospital Rockford Memorial Hospital, fell on agricultural field near the border with the State of Wisconsin. On board the helicopter, which took off on Tuesday night from the city of Rockford, was a pilot and two nurses. They died on the spot. The causes of the helicopter crash have not been established. The Federal Aviation Administration is investigating the incident. Read more [...]
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Residents of Colorado in the United States are allowed to grow marijuana for personal use

Authorities in the U.S. state of Colorado residents were allowed to grow marijuana for personal use. This decision was taken after the November referendum. Several other states supported. In U.S. Colorado authorities allowed residents to grow marijuana for personal use. An amendment to the legislation came into force on Monday, December 10, according to U.S. TV channels. Now, any citizen of the state, which was 21 years old, you can carry an ounce (28.35 grams) of marijuana or six plants. Referendum for the legalization of the drug was held in November in Washington and Colorado. Voters voted Read more [...]
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In Chechnya, left without electricity for more than 52 thousand people

In Nozhai-Yurtregion of Chechnya at 22:05 MSK 10 December 2012. there was a power outage. No light left 52 thousand 470 people. It is reported by a group of information, propaganda and public relations EMERCOM of Russia in Chechnya. The reason it turns off. The report notes that all socially significant objects night stay with people, in particular, hospitals have redundant power supplies and work in the daily routine. At this point in the scene are specialists and regional power of "NurEnergo." Also involved operative group EMERCOM of Russia in the Republic.Category: Factors Read more [...]
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Because of the end of the world in China are bought candles

Sichuan province is experiencing an acute shortage of candles. The thing is that many Chinese take rumors about the "end of the world" literally and decided that on December 21 the sun goes out.
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Dozens of birds rushed to the window and broke the glass building in Ekaterinburg

Horrific scenes picture of Alfred Hitchcock come true for office workers in the street Bazhova in Yekaterinburg. Dozens of birds rushed to the window and broke the glass. Around a dozen dead birds lying under a tree in the yard at Bazhova, 47. What happened to these birds, we are told employees of offices located in the building. People saw a dying bird. - At lunch time, about an hour of the day, the mass suicide of birds. They have a lot of flying around the tree. Were very nervous and occasionally beating out the window. For two hours we had this crashing into the glass - explained Read more [...]
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Russian helicopter made a hard landing in Abkhazia

Russian Mi-8 helicopter made a hard landing Monday in Abkhazia, according to preliminary data, injured four people, told RIA Novosti by telephone source in the power structures of the country.

According to him, the incident occurred in the area of an alpine lake "Ritz".

"Other details are specified," — said the source.

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Istanbul Ataturk monument demolished

10/12/2012 Istanbul authorities decided to remove one of the squares of the city — Kadikoy monument to the founder of the secular Turkish Republic — Mustafa Kemal (Ataturk).

It is reported by the Turkish private broadcaster NTV.

Municipality of Istanbul to completely rebuild the area and removal of the monument is the only part of the ambitious project. At the site of the monument to be erected cultural center.

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In Zambia, the plane crashed with 85 passengers on board

In Zambia, crashed during landing airliner McDonnell Douglas.

This was reported by Agence France-Presse quoted a source at the airport Kenneth Kaunda — Lusaka International Airport, the capital of Zambia. On board were 93 people, including 85 passengers. Survived the crash of at least twenty people.

Category: Factors and accident
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Satellite Yamal did not go into orbit due to a malfunction in the booster Briz-M

Cause abnormal operation booster "Briz-M", who on Sunday was not able to bring in the desired orbit satellite "Yamal-402" will likely become the main engine failure, told "Interfax" on Monday, a source in the space industry. "Preliminary analysis of the telemetry shows that the cause of premature shutdown booster" Briz-M "is most likely, with the abnormal operation of its main engine," - said the source. Booster "Briz-M" is developed and produced by the space center SCRMC. Boosters for "Breeze-M" does KBHM them. Isaev (Korolev, Read more [...]
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In Irkutsk aircraft emergency landing with the head of Buryatia

A new twist in the story of the emergency landing of the plane, which was about to take off Sunday afternoon fromIrkutsk in Phuket. It appears, on board an aircraft, among other passengers, was President Republic of Buryatia Vyacheslav Nagovitsyn with his wife. He, like others, was not able to fly to Thailand in time. Prokruzhiv hour overIrkutsk and work out all of the fuel, the plane landed safely. All on board were 287 passengers, including two children, and 10 crew members. None of the passengers was injured. A few hours later the same day after the inspection of the aircraft still flew Read more [...]
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In Paris will soon be dark

The last time the absolute monarch of the lights of Paris, "the darkness was such a pitch that the city guard after each night consisted of 15 murders, which was impossible to open," wrote the French historian Andrew Hussey (Andrew Hussey). Now, more than 700 years after King Philip the Fair bankrupt and his loyal great chamberlain Enguerrand de Marigny banned night lighting in an attempt to save money to pay the debt, socialist president Francois Hollande and his Sancho Panza - Energy Minister Delphine Batho (Delphine Batho ) - back to the medieval strategy, which once helped France Read more [...]
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Every cloud has a silver lining: End of the World has given a second chance to the economy of El Salvador

Poverty, crime and the violence going wild - this was the view of the average tourist on El Salvador, a small country in Central America. However, this attitude changed dramatically after the fever gripped the world due to the alleged end of the world. Travelers from around the world travel to the ruins of the Mayan civilization, some of which are located exactly in El Salvador. Report RT correspondent Maria Starostin. End of the world may be on hand ... including single country. Date, which was expressed by the ancient Maya, a chance to small Central American countries El Salvador to Read more [...]
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The U.S. military announced orbital data Yamal-402 and Breeze-M

Three objects launched from Baikonur on Sunday night, are in elliptical orbits with an apogee (farthest point from the Earth's orbit) of 18 to 35 thousand kilometers and a perigee (closest point to the Earth's orbit) from 500 to 3 thousand miles, according to the published on a dedicated website U.S. Strategic Command. Carrier rocket "Proton-M" with the upper stage "Briz-M" and the communications satellite "Yamal-402" was launched on Saturday night from the Baikonur Cosmodrome. Rocket worked normally, but the satellite separated from the upper stage for 4 Read more [...]
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The popular Mexican-American singer Jenny Rivera was killed in a plane crash

In Mexico, found the wreckage, which was singer Jenny Rivera. In addition to her killing four passengers and two pilots. This was announced by the Minister of Transport of Mexico Luis Esparza.Learjet 25 aircraft owned by the American company Starwood Management, disappeared from radar screens shortly after it took off from the northeastern city of Monterrey and headed for the city of Toluca, located close to the capital, Mexico City.Causes of the accident are still unknown.43-year-old Jenny Rivera - popular in Latin America and the U.S. singer, who during his career has sold more than 22 million Read more [...]
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Photos in Guatemala virus consumes coffee. Destroyed much of the crop

Guatemala on the verge of severe economic crisis due to a virus that hit most of the coffee plantations. President Otto Perez Molina has declared a state of emergency, according to The Huffington Post. The disease has become resistant species of fungus, because of which the bean plants suffer from the so-called "rust." Exports of coffee is the main source of income of a small country, so the loss of at least 70% of the infected crop threatens to become serious. "This year, we planted 667,000 acres (270,000 hectares), - the president of the National Coffee Association of Guatemala Read more [...]
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The fate of the Internet will be decided in Dubai

Up until December 14, in Dubai's World Conference on International Telecommunications (WTSA), where representatives of 178 countries are going to change the principles of the Internet.The brain and the heart of the World Network are currently in the ocean. Technical regulation of the Internet is officially a non-governmental and non-profit organization ICAN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names), which, however, established by none other than the U.S. government. More precisely - National U.S. administration Telecommunications and Information (NTIA). It turns out that the Internet is Read more [...]
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The second wave of alcohol poisonings began in the Czech Republic on Christmas Eve

On the eve of the Christmas holidays the number of victims of alcohol poisoning in the Czech Republic increased to 38 people, the Institute for Clinical and Experimental Medicine in Prague, died 61-year-old, the Czech news agency CTK reported with reference to the press-secretary of the Czech Police Stepanka Zatloukalovu.Local experts say that on the eve of the Christmas holidays in the Czech Republic the second wave of methyl alcohol poisoning, RIA "Novosti". "The man was hospitalized with severe poisoning in a hospital in Benesov. But then, his condition improved and the patient Read more [...]
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At the National Airport Minsk emergency landing Air France Airbus with 90 passengers on board

At the National Airport "Minsk" day Dec. 9 crash landed aircraft. This information was confirmed TUT.BY the press center of the airport. As reported TUT.BY head of the press service of the airport Julia Fedotova, to 9.12 at the National Airport "Minsk" aircraft made an emergency landing by Air France, carrying out flight "Paris - Moscow-Sheremetyevo". On board the Airbus A-319 were 90 passengers.The reason was the depressurization of the cabin. The crew decided to emergency landing. Currently, the aircraft is parked in the airport, all passengers on board. The Read more [...]
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In Tver and Moscow seek missing private helicopter

In Tver and Moscow seek missing private helicopter carrying three people. From the emergency department of the Moscow region of Russia, ITAR-TASS reported that the previous day, at 23:40 MSK was informed of the loss of communication with the crew of the helicopter "Robinson" P-44 taking off from the village Ploski Konakovo district of Tver. He belongs to a private person, and on board were three."According to preliminary information, the helicopter took off at 17:30 MSK and had to land in the village Ozeretskoe Dmitrov district, Moscow region," - said in a suburban MOE, adding Read more [...]
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